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Here is some thoughts .  Some of which really are just fleeting thoughts and pondering like about Paul McGann others are observations. First of all . Love that 50th anniversary special but was wondering now that Steven Moffat sort of rewrote the history of the time war and the events of the 8th Doctor would we see a more vintage looking Doctor then we have before ? . One confusing question there is was John Hurt now the 9th Doctor making Christopher Eccleston the 10th or was this like an 8.5 ? Also I know Moffat does not like the idea would you want to see Paul McGann back in the role of the Doctor ? I also wondered about that also. Moffat explained that he does not want to make another Doctor series because it would be to confusing to have two shows running at the same time which on the surface is understandable. But I wonder why can't they like I said do a webisode or a mini series specifically about the 8th doctor to fill in some games. Also  something is some of his interviews makes it sound like the American attempt to revive the series was more a stain on the franchise then a blessing which is hogwash . I could be wrong or misinterpreted the tone or the remarks but I don't think so. The jab at you see how americans make movies in the special I am pretty sure was a direct attack on the Fox remake.  My opinion of the movie. I like it.  It may have not been the best attempt but by far it was no where the worst we seen an episode of the Doctor. Just wondering if in the back of the mind there is that playing in some creators head. Love to hear an opinion on that.