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19 May 2014



Scifiology is for me and will always be a fan based community. When I first started this site it was more a project to see what I could do with a website. It was never created to compete with any site or to make a profit of any kind. It just was developed to see what can be done. I picked a subject that I really liked and developed it. That was in the beginning.

Now years later I find myself really enjoying doing this but know that I may not be the greatest writer of articles that there ever was . But there is passion for the genre of Sci Fi , Fantasy , and Horror. And hopefully that makes up for some short comings I may have. The genre itself  has a certain honesty and imagination that no other genre really can say they have. You can protest a wrong in way of stories or escape into the realms of fantasy to get away. You can float novel ideas that someday may become science facts.  You can explore the human mind for all its worth . Tackle the questions of good and evil . Use monsters as metaphors for disasters and much more. It really is like no other genre. So you can see why its easy to get hooked.

The project like I said before that started as a see if I can do it one that took on a life of its own as I was building it. I finally realize that it would be so awesome if I can get like minded people to join up in a community and let them express themselves. This has been a slow process  and my hopes that anyone that joins , joins with the idea that this is for people who just really love to be in a community that love this genre.  Who may have things to add from other areas that I do not cover or in truth maybe ignorant of. For this I set up groups and forums that any member can create and make it where they can express their love of this great subject. I only ask to keep it legit and pretty much clean. I want to keep it where as many can enjoy it as possible with anyone getting offended.

 I also hope that any member joining knows that this site is not a corporate site or had a lot of money behind it. On the contrary this site is pretty low budget using open source material for most everything except the community area. That one I had to pay license but its not a a huge hit. It however is worth it. Other free ones looked really cheesy and did not offer the dynamic personality that this one does. It will give you a sort of Facebook feel . So I hope.

So what is Scifiology ?  Basically it is what it is and nothing more. Or should I say it is what is and hopefully I made it so that you can make it more. 


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