Disney is going to remake a film that I liked but many did not . The 1979 Sci Fi epic the Blackhole . And it is being made by those that are bringing to the big Screen Tron Legacy . This was one attempt by Disney to make a real honest to goodness Sci Fi that was more for adults then the kiddies.

Source Reuters New

"Tron: Legacy" team mount a "Black Hole" remake (Full Article)

By Borys Kit

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Disney is preparing another expedition into "The Black Hole."

Joseph Kosinski and Sean Bailey, the director and producer of Disney's new "Tron: Legacy," and screenwriter Travis Beacham are teaming up for what is being labeled a reinvention of the 1979 sci-fi film, which at the time was the most expensive movie Disney had ever produced.

The original followed a group of space explorers aboard the USS Palomino who come across a lost ship, the USS Cygnus, hovering outside a black hole. Inside the Cygnus, the explorers meet a scientist, commanding an army of faceless robots, who explains that his crew deserted him as he planned to go through the black hole. The explorers soon discover that the robots are the remnants of the former crew and that the scientist has no intention of letting them leave

The 1979 trailer for Blackhole