Sci Fi Wire reported that Johnny Depp will be playing Barnabas for the old horror soap opera that  began  airing on ABC from June 27, 1966 to April 2, 1971 called Dark Shadows. And directing it will be Tim Burton. I could not think of two so suited for doing this remake of this soap cult classic.

I remember watching that shows repeats at 4 o'clock just before the 4:30 movie on channel 7 in NY in the 70's . Yea I am aging myself a little there. But I was a kid and usually the 4:30 movie had all those cheesy Japanese monster movies and those classic Universal monster movies that made doing homework at the time a little less painful. But somehow I got hooked on a soap. Well if it had to be one it was at least a one about Vampires and other creatures of the night and underworld. For more info on Dark Shadows I suggest Wikipedia (of course in these matters of film bios and such it is usually accurate and you get more info then any other media ) , Dark shawdows journal online , and Dark Shadows.com.

Sci Fi Wire Article:

Confirmed: Johnny Depp's Dark Shadows to begin next year

Forget Team Edward and Team Jacob. We've heard that director Tim Burton and star Johnny Depp are making a feature film version of the classic 1960s gothic TV soap opera Dark Shadows, and producer Graham King now confirms that the film will shoot in the fall, with Depp to play broody vampire Barnabas Collins.