Shatner while talking with Jimmy Kimmel , revealed that he had lunch with JJ Abrams and was hinting though not to sure that there may be a part in the upcoming sequel of Star Trek .

If it does it would be a fitting passing the torch from old to new just like Nemoys revised role as the older Spock. But I warn you it is a long way from a done deal and rumors can spiral out of control. Here is an excerpt from report on the show and the 2 youtube videos of the interview that is also posted with Trekmovie .

Shatner: Star Trek Movie “Wonderful” + Talks Star Trek Sequel

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Shatner talks Trek sequel on Kimmel
Last night Bill Shatner appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live (video below). Bill talked about flying, Jimmy’s appearance on Raw Nerve,  and his wax figure at Madame Tussauds, and then ended talking about the Star Trek sequel. Jimmy asked Bill about reading that he and JJ Abrams were going to meet to talk about the Star Trek sequel. Bill said they did meet for lunch, here is the exchange.

Kimmel: What is going on with Star Trek?

Shatner: I don’t know, will you call JJ for me?

Kimmel: I will call him

Shatner: Please, call him and ask him, in a slightly plaintive note, what are you doing?

Kimmel: Just say I am the captain and it is time for the captain to take charge.

Shatner: I said that, but this maître d’ came over and said "I am the captain."

Kimmel: You didn’t really give me an answer

Shatner: I literally don’t know. Star Trek is a wonderful show. They did a wonderful movie. JJ I think of as a buddy, he is a great director. I am sure when the right time comes, he will make the right decisio