image reported and SCI FI Wire followed the report that Spiderman movie was under threat of cancellation

Sony Updates: SPIDER-MAN 4 Production on Indefinite Hold

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Looks like everyone's friendly neighborhood web slinger has been been placed on indefinite hold said an inside source exclusively to the IESB today.

Apparently, several department heads working on the SPIDER-M4N production were notified of the halt last Thursday. Spidey and friends have some issues that need to be dealt with before production can move forward once again. Oh, and the film is known as SPIDER-M4N within the production offices so take note! Who wants to be the first to start the trending topic on Twitter #SPIDER-M4N?

Rumor: Spider-Man 4 has been shut down!

( See Sci Fi Wire For Full Story )

Is the upcoming fourth Spider-Man in trouble?

First, there was the negative reaction to rumors about the film's new villains (Vulture? Vulturess??).

Now comes a rumor that preproduction on the Sam Raimi movie has been suspended indefinitely, according to

But these stories turned out to be premature and like Sci Fi Wire posted a RUMOR. Turns out that was contacted about the rumor and updated their site with this posting on the article.

UPDATE: Sony has contacted us this morning and they are denying the story. The production is on their expected holiday hiatus, but will ramp up again early next year.

Yes, the filmmakers are working on the script, but there is nothing unusual about that at all, productions always are working and tweaking scripts right up until principal photography begins and that is still a few months away.

End of update.

That is how the old rumor mill goes. Sometimes they are right and other times they are not. Now that everything is right in the Spideyverse we can go on with the debate who should be the villain. I think the Vulture is an alright character of choice knowing there are tons of other really cool one like the Lizard would make for a grand story if done right. Marvel always had him as the hard luck human / beast saga .