VARIETY reports that David Goyer  maybe writing the script for the new Warner Brothers and Legendary Pictures Superman project tentatively title The Man of Steel before they loose the right of the character in 2013.

Warner Bros., which is starting production on "Green Lantern" with Ryan Rey nolds toplining, is under a timeline to get another film in production by 2011 or risk having to pay the heirs of Superman creator Jerome Siegel considerable coin for the studio's exploitation of the character over the years. The Siegel heirs and the heirs of co-creator Joe Shuster will own the entire Superman copyright in 2013, according to an ongoing court battle over who owns the character.Goyer is still in negotiations for the project but he is the man for the job judging from his credentials on other films like New Lines "Blade", the last Ghost Rider movie, Batman Begins and he also wrote a version for the planned X - Men Magneto movie. He is also is currently co writing the next Batman film with Jonathan Nolan.

Also according to the article Goyer has pitched a different type of Superman movie . More action packed then previous films has been. It has Superman battling against Lex Luthor and Brainiac. Brainiac would be a great choice for a villain and may help restart the franchise. Lets face it most of the Superman movies even though they were enjoyable to watch were sort of campy and had a low budget feel to them. And after the last film " Superman Returns" earned less then the executives expected with a $390 million worldwide total (not to shabby either) you can expect to see this film a bit more energized then all the rest have been. Well that is my opinion anyway.