I don't know. Unless its a trilogy I can not see this working. I remember reading the Stand when I was a teenager and thinking holy crap this is a large book. Not only was it large it had so many characters and so much going on that I can not possibly fantom how in the world they would cram it in a 2 hour or so movie. Even with a huge budget. If you think about it the mini series that so many remembered falls short of the novel in some areas.

Even Stephen King who wrote it and had a hand in the mini series seems like he is of same mind when he was asked about the movie production. In and article in Entertainment Weekly he wrote 10 things he knows about the remake. Some of them where I guess his humor poking fun of the remake others was trying to comprehend how they are going to go about and make a movie of a novel of such epic proportions.

Here are some quotes from that article that punctuate those sentiments .

2. I didn’t know anything about the remake until I read about it on the Internet.

3. You absolutely can’t make it as a two-hour movie. If it was a trilogy of films…maybe.

7. …historically speaking, movie studios blow the budget on things like this, so maybe it’ll be fun to look at. The dough certainly isn’t going to me, although if it is a trilogy, and if it makes a lot of money, I might be able to buy a chicken dinner at Popeye’s. Great slaw!

The movie will be made by CBS and Warner Brothers , CBS will co produce and co develop the movie and WB will distribute it. According to the Hollywood Reporter The Stand will be produced by Mosaic and Roy Lee . Again I can not imagine a movie that does the book any justice that is not to say that they will not cut it shreds and make a movie that is still entertaining. But those films always fall short of the mark. Still it was great book  and there is a lot to draw from. Time will tell how they aproach it and how it all will play out. I am hoping a trilogy so it does not kill itself trying to tell the whole story  in a short time.

For those that have no clue of what the Stand was about here is an excert from wiki with the mini series trailer. Even the Wiki page is really long on this novel

The Stand is a post-apocalyptic horror/fantasy novel by American author Stephen King. It demonstrates the scenario in his earlier short story, Night Surf. The novel was originally published in 1978 and was later re-released in 1990 as The Stand: The Complete & Uncut Edition; King restored some text originally cut for brevity, added and revised sections, changed the setting of the story from 1980 (which in turn was changed to 1985 for the original paperback release in 1980) to 1990, and updated a few pop culture references accordingly. The Stand was nominated for the World Fantasy Award for Best Novel in 1979, and was adapted into both a television miniseries for ABC and a graphic novel published by Marvel Comics.

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