This is one of those odd ones that you can not help but post. Locally here in Nashville there will be a Marathon for a good cause that will feature Zombies and Runners . This sounds insane and fun all at the same time. The Object of the race is the runners have to survive the the Zombies running after them. I posted the rules below if anyone is curious about that. The Buffet will be held on October 29 , 2011 and will take place in the area of Nashville's river front. See map for path. They say there is more to the route then meets the eye. My curiosity is now piqued.
When you enter the contest you are either a zombie or a runner. To win the race as a runner all you have to do is cross the finish line with a health flag. For the Zombies to win means you have to have the most runners health flags. I guess it better then runners limbs and organs. Sounds like fun and I am hoping to get down there either participate or video the event or both.

Zombie Buffet Website

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Rules of the Road

As you will frequently hear us mention, ZB5k is a first of its kind event. As such, it is very important to understand how it all works and what to prepare yourself for. Here we go, bullet point style!

ZB5k Is An 18 and Up Event
It's nothing against teenagers, in fact according to our mothers we at one point were teenagers and may have had a horrendous mustache, but for this first running of the Zombie Buffet 5k we are keeping this an 18 and up event. Now dry those tears kids, we may be adding in a leg of the race next year just for you so stay tuned.

It's About Time
The first runners for the ZB5k will be departing at 1pm with new waves being released every half hour. The easiest waves will be the first waves released with the harder waves being released later. On race day the registration desk will be opened at 11am.

ZB5k Is a Costumed Race
This does not mean you are required to where a costume. However,, it does mean you are welcome to, and encouraged to do so. Things to keep in mind when choosing your costume: we have to put a race bib on you, and this is generally done with safety pins. So, be sure your costume isn't made from your grandmother's baby blanket, or something of tremendous value. Second, we have to get a flag belt around you, so while dressing like a globe may be humorous, it will probably be impractical.

Zombies Do Not Have Freedom of Choice
If you are selected as a zombie, then you are required to come dressed as a zombie. I know, unreasonable, right? That said, you can come dressed as any kind of zombie you want, i.e: hair band zombie, military zombie, politician courtesy though...if you are diabolical enough to come dressed as a clown zombie, drop me a line so that I know to bring a change of pants.

How It All Goes Down
Runners and zombies are not released in a pack together, or even from the same point on the course. Once the race begins, a timer starts, and once that time hits zero, the undead hordes will be released onto the course to pursue you, and attempt to turn you into one of them. This transformation is accomplished by pulling your flags from your belt.

What Do The Zombies Want With Us?
Well, as zombies, naturally they wish to eat you. However, for insurance purposes we are not allowing that...yet. While your goal as a runner is to complete the race with a flag intact, the goal of the zombies is to snatch as many flags as possible. As a runner, if you lose both flags then you will become a zombie as well.

What Happens When I Become A Zombie?
If you become a zombie, again by losing both of your flags, then you will have to stop at a designated area on the course known as a "Transformation Station". These will be clearly marked and fully staffed. Important side note: until you reach the "Transformation Station" to officially become a zombie, you are not permitted to commit random acts of zombie mayhem. Once at the "Transformation Station" you will put on a zombie bib over top of your prior running bib. This is done to assure that runners are now readily identifiable as zombies, instead of simply runners. Once you have put on the zombie bib (this should take one minute or less), you are free to rejoin the race, only now as a blood thirsty zombie. You will then be free to pursue the remaining runners and try to snatch their flags.

Everybody Is A Winner! This is the real world, not some kid's soccer league. There will be winners and there will be dinners. Each leg of the race will have three winners and their prize will be determined by the difficulty level they are running on, or how many legs they still have at the race's end.

UUUGH FREFGH DOOGR.. (Translation: Can Zombies Win?)
Aside from the plethora of mobile meals that our undead friends will be consuming, zombies can in fact be crowned as winners. The catch here though is, since there are less zombies than runners, only one zombie per leg will win and that will be determined by which zombie has the most flags at the finish line.

And Now Painfully Obvious Rules
The ZB5k is meant to be a fun run, and as such we are strictly prohibiting certain activities, such as the following:

Tying your flag onto you so it cannot be pulled off or hiding your flag.
Restraining or stiff-arming runners or zombies.
Running with weapons, riot shields, or anything on fire.
Tackling runners or zombies.
Riding any sort of animal or driving a vehicle onto the course... I don't care if you came as a race car driver and the car is part of your costume, it is still prohibited.
Any form of physical contact outside of going for flags, such as: punching, biting (almost ironic), tripping, dragon kicking, choke slamming, and yes, even delivering the People's Elbow is also prohibited.

If you are around the Nashville area and you want to join in here is the Zombie Buffet 5K website