All I can say is the people involved in this were incredible which included the runners or should I say victims, the people who put this together , the zombies and everyone else that was involved. The costumes were fantastic and some were down right imaginative and awesome. The event itself was really fun to watch. My family and I even though we were not involved walked the entire trail that the runners and zombies used all the while I was snapping away on my camera and videoing the event from each vantage point. The results I put into a video / slideshow mash up set to the song Zombie by Pretty Reckless. The marathon was to have 4 waves of runner starting from amateurs to making it all the way and that was with the help of his zombie body guard buddies. Hey it was all in fun and also for a good cause to . The proceeds went to Nashville Rescue Mission to help clothe, feed, and help those who have fallen upon hard times in the area.