Ghostbusters 3 (2012)

08 Dec 2009

Ghostbusters III is a go and will be out sometime 2012. IMDb has already posted the actors that will appear in the movie . Of course Bill Murray . Dan Aykaroyd , Harold Ramis , Ernie Hudson are back for their original roles and it is rumored that also Rick Moranis is also in on it. Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis will be the executive producers along with Lee Eisenberg , Ivan Reitman, Gene Stupnitsky as producers. Lee Eisenberg, Gene Stupnitsky are also in on the as writers of the screen play. The rest of this story I got from Wiki which is a better detailed description of the movie and some interesting background and history of the making of Ghostbusters 3.

Story and history of Ghostbusters 3 from Wikipedea

During the 1990s, Dan Aykroyd's concept for Ghostbusters III, under various working titles, revolved around "Ghostbusters in Hell", the idea being the characters could switch to a negative version of Manhattan called Manhellton. "We go to the hell side of Manhattan, downtown, Foley Square. It's all where the cops are--they are all blue minotaurs. Central Park is this huge peat mine with green demons there, surrounded by black onyx thousand-foot high apartment buildings with classic red devils, very wealthy. We go and visit a Donald Trump-like character who is Mr. Sifler. Luke Sifler. Lu-cifer. So we meet the devil inside." IGN described the script as being "too technical", with a new team of Ghostbusters that were not clearly delineated and had no group conflict or leading personalities. In 2002, Aykroyd said the film would be animated. Bill Murray has been thought to have held up the making of a third Ghostbusters movie, despite Aykroyd's enthusiasm, due to his preference that the movie be animated and his dislike of sequels. Harold Ramis mentioned in 2005 that he wanted Ben Stiller to join the cast, and the plot was to follow the three Ghostbusters attempting to find a replacement for Venkman while dealing with ghosts rejected from hell.

On September 4, 2008, Columbia Pictures signed on Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky (writers for the U.S. version of The Office) to script a third film. The story will feature old and new Ghostbusters.Ramis had collaborated with Eisenberg and Stupnitsky on Year One. Aykroyd revealed Murray, Weaver and Ernie Hudson will reprise their roles. Murray agreed to reprise the part if Hudson's was expanded to equal the other three leads. Ramis said in June 2009, "I know all the guys want to come back except for [Rick] Moranis, who's disappeared. Not disappeared physically. But he's not too interested in entertainment at this time". Filming may begin in late 2009. Aykroyd also revealed there would be numerous Ghostbuster cadets in the sequel, and suggested Eliza Dushku (a friend of his who has "great comedy chops" and "might be a good villainess") for a role, or Alyssa Milano (who plays Dr. Ilyssa Selwyn in the 2009 video game). Ramis added that Milano would not be the only aspect of the game that may be in the film, telling an interviewer his idea for where Egon would be in the 21st century: "He's been working in the International Institute for Imaginary Science in Geneva, [having] evolved a post-rational non-conclusive logic for dealing with problems of chaos .. He's gone so abstract, even he doesn't know what he's been doing!" Aykroyd has said that Ghostbusters: The Video Game could be the closest thing to the third Ghostbusters movie but still plans on making the third film. He was also interviewed in the June 2009 issue of UK Official Xbox Magazine in which he revealed that "Because we’re talking about a third Ghostbusters film and the script is being written, I have very clear ideas about where Egon is. The only hint I’ll give you is that he’s moved past the physical plane of reality – he’s almost entirely on the ethereal plane."

In June 2009, Sigourney Weaver stated that she doesn't expect to be in the third Ghostbusters movie. Speaking to, the actress said "No, I don't expect to have anything to do with it, although I wish them well. I hope my character's son, Oscar is one of the ghostbusters in the new film, though".


HIghlander franchise gets a reboot.

08 Dec 2009

Sci Fi Wire is reporting that the Highlander franchise is about to get a reboot . Again another movie franchise going for the reimaging or rebooting award . You pick the phrase . Every one loves changing the buzz words on me. Once my stomach settles from one they come up with another . I remember them calling it remakes once upon a time. Well the movie is being made by Summit Entertainment , directed by Justin Lin, director of Fast & Furious , and written by Art Marcum and Matt Holloway the writers of Iron Man. Since this is in the preproduction stage there is very little on it except that it is going ahead.

It was fun reading the responces to the news on this article some really passionate statements of enough with reboots. But lets face it . If done right it will make a lot of money. This will also generate for the old series , movies , books , and so forth , some big sales . Much like the really well done Star Trek reboot has done for that franchise. It will be interesting to see how this film production plays out. I was a huge fan of the original movie and the series and may be willing to give it a chance on who and how it is developed.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I and Part II ( 2010 -2011 )

08 Dec 2009

The next installment of the Harry Potter movies was suppose to be the last but it has been split into to feature films . Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 will premeir in 2010 and Part 2 will come out the following year 2011. The reasons for the 2 part movie was puzzling so I searched around and found out from Wiki and other sources that ;

The film is to be split in two, with David Yates, who directed the preceding two films, directing both parts. Part 1 will be released in November 2010, and Part 2 in July 2011. The splitting came from the original declined proposal to split Goblet of Fire back in 2004. Deathly Hallows will be shot back to back,and treated as if it were one film.The idea to split the films had been around since the middle of 2007, but only really came into serious consideration after producer David Heyman was able to talk to writer Steve Kloves when the 2007–2008 Writers Guild of America strike ended and Heyman had Rowling's approval. As of April 2009, Kloves is working on the script of second part.

"Years ago, we briefly — and seriously — considered doing Goblet of Fire as two films. So this concept is not altogether new. As for Deathly Hallows, I intuited — almost from the first moments I began reading it and certainly once I'd finished — that to realize the story in a single film was going to be a tall order. Others in 'the group' felt similarly. So the idea of two films began to get kicked around as early as late summer of 2007. We didn't take it lightly. But ultimately everyone felt that despite the challenges it would present, it was the most sound creative decision.

I'm sure some will think we're crazy. My wife looked at me cross-eyed when I first mentioned it. But I'm really excited about it because it should allow us to stretch a bit with the characters and give them the proper send-off. The story is highly emotional and those moments deserve time to breathe. And, personally, I feel we owe it to Jo — in order to preserve the integrity of the work — and the fans — for their loyalty all these years — to give them the best and most complete experience possible." — Steve Kloves on the decision to split the film.

According to Warner Bros. executive Alan F. Horn it will allow "an extra hour and a half to celebrate what this franchise has been and do justice to all the words and ideas in the amazing story." Heyman described the workings behind the split: "Deathly Hallows is so rich, the story so dense and there is so much that is resolved that, after discussing it with [Rowling], we came to the conclusion that two parts were needed."Kloves was not able to start work on the script until the WGA strike ended.

The story will hold true to the book and Part 1 will cover the story lines dealing with arcording to Imbd synopsis

Harry with the help of his friends Ron and Hermione go on the ques that Dumbledore sent them on to find all the lost Horcruxes and destroy them . It also turns out that they are wanted criminials and the dark lord has put a 10,000 galleon price on their heads for anyone who captures them and turns in harry to the Death Eaters. The Dark one gave the orders to the Death eaters not to kill Harry . Taht pleaser is to be for him and him only to do.

Meanwhile on their trip Harry keeps getting glimpses into the mind of Voldemorts and discovers that the dark lord is on a quest to find a wand that Harry has never heard of and its there where the Harry learns about the "Deathy Hallow".

Part 2 is the end game one and finish off the story as in the book.

(story plot from wikipedia)The book culminates in the Battle of Hogwarts. Harry, Ron, and Hermione, in conjunction with students and members of the wizarding world opposed to the rise of Voldemort, defend Hogwarts from Voldemort, his Death Eaters, and various magical creatures. Several major characters are killed in the first wave of the battle. Harry discovers that Voldemort inadvertently made Harry a Horcrux when he attacked him as a baby, and that he would have to die in order to destroy Voldemort. Harry surrenders himself to Voldemort, who attacks Harry with the Killing Curse, sending Harry to a sort of Limbo between life and death. There, Harry meets Dumbledore who explains that because Voldemort used Harry's blood to regain his full strength, Harry is protected from any harm that Voldemort could commit, meaning that the Horcrux inside of Harry is destroyed but that he can return to his body despite being hit by the Killing Curse. Harry then returns to his body, the battle resumes, and after the last remaining Horcrux destroyed, Harry is able to defeat Voldemort.


Harry Potter theme park

08 Dec 2009

One of the Universal theme park (Islands of Adventures) in Orlando Florida will have a Harry Potter section added to it in the spring 2010. The 20 acre section of the park named Wizarding World of Harry Potter will feature a realistic view of the Hogsmeade village complete with the Hogwarts express , castle and other attractions .

So being curious and also excited to see the new theme park for myself ( hopefully it will be open by March ) I went straight to the Univeral park web site that was set up for the new section. There I found a neat type of navigation and went right to the F&Q section and map part of the site to get a feel of what is in store for guest. It is a mouth watering tease I can assure you that. And have visited Universal on many occasions I can tell you that they do not make to many mistakes on their attractions. The first look video is also a nice idea of what is instore for you (check at the bottom of the post to get the link for the Universal/Harry Potter site) Here is the results that I found from them and other sources.

When will the park open?

Spring 2010.

Where will it be located?

Islands of Adventure in Orlando Florida

How big will it be?

According to some sites 20 acres. The official sites clains it will be comparable to the other islands in the park.

What will be the key elements of the park ?

Guest will be able to visit their favorite laces from the books, complete with shops , attractions and restaurants. Including Hogsmeade station , Hogwarts Express , the Owlery , the Owl post , Ollivanders , Dervish and bangs m Zonko's , Honeydusks.

What rides and attractions will there be ?

The rides I have seen being floated are these three.

Dragon Challenge - based on the Triwizard Tournament. Hippogriff - a coaster based on Rowlings' magical creature with the head, wings and front legs of a giant eagle and body, hind legs and tail of a horse. Forbidden Journey - billed as a never before seen ride that will take place int he Hogwarts castle.

How true to J.K. Rowlings' seven-books will the park be ?

Mark Woodbury, head of Universal Creative, said Wizarding World scenery, attractions and souvenirs were faithful to British author J.K. Rowlings' seven-book Harry Potter series.

Woodbury said visitors would be able to sample butter beer and pumpkin juice at the Three Broomsticks Restaurant, relax in the Owlery and be fitted for a magical wand in Ollivander's Wand Shop, all of which are familiar to Potter fans.

Source: Reuters and the official Harry Potter/Universal site;


Rambo going Sci fi

08 Dec 2009

There has been a rumor now confirmed that Rambo 5 has a tinge of Sci Fi in it with a genetically engineered monster (actually a super soldier that was a black ops project) as the next victim of Rambos rage. Sly has taken some heat on this premise and the direction he has chosen on this project but feels strong about the films story and defends it by saying ;

"I don't want to keep repeating myself and just doing films about war. This is a very psychological film about sophisticated man fighting primitive man." He continued: "It's actually possible today, with all the cloning and stem cell research, to actually have some experiments that don't work very well and get out of control."


Captain America 2011

08 Dec 2009

The First Avenger: Captain America is do out in 2011. This is one of those lynch pin movies that is critical to the Avenger movie in the works that stars most of the actors you have seen in the previous Marvel movies like the Hulk and Iron Man.

The Captain America movies is based off of the original marvel comic about Steve Rogers who has through a secret US program enhanced abilities. Called a super soldier Rogers becomes Captain America and since 1941 until 2007 (when Steve Rogers was killed off in Captain America Vol 5), Captain America has been doing battle. After 2007 , Captain America continued with Buckey the Caps sidekick taken over as Captain America . But that was not the end because everything comics has a way of being reborn . It turned out that Rogers was not dead after all . He was just placed in a fixed position in time and space and in the 2009 Marvel comic book series called " Reborn " , Rogers retook his rightful place as Captain America.

The movie summories I have seen are generic and not much more then the good Captain America is a World War 2 etc ..... much of what I had said in the openning paragraph. There has been little news on it except that the director is Joe Johnson . The writers are (in alphabetical order) Jack Kirby , Christopher Markus , Stephen McFeely , and Joe Simon. I have seen some trailers on youtube of the movie but don't know much about their legitamicy since I can not find out much more on the film from legit sources like IMDB and ithe movie websites. So this blog post will have a couple of follow ups in the coming months and years. But one thing is for sure that it will tie into the Iron Man , Hulk and the upcoming Thor movies . Since the Avenger movie is also a go and in preproduction also.


The 11th Doctor

08 Dec 2009

Now introducing the 11th Dr Who ---- Matt Smith

Those that have the privilage to live across the pond learned first hand of it a while back. Those of us in the US have may not be up to speed on the latest news in the Whovian world. I mean it does take a while to get news to reach some of us living in normal space and time especially those of us that do not have access to Gallifreyian technology. But through our primitive communication devices it was fortold that the 2010 season of Doctor Who will be played byMatt Smith. At the age of 26 he will be the younest actor to have adorn the mantle or in this case the Timlords TARDIS of this incredible series. Considering we here on this side of the pond really don't know much about this new Dr it is a wait and see. But over in England there seems to be a buzz both good and bad about the newest Who. For me it is always sad to see one of the actors that played the role move on with his career and leave the role. David Tennantwas brilliant and brought something special to the series. But like all things in life and Gallafreyian all things regenerate and move on.

You can find more details about the new Doctor and much more on these sites;

There are so many more sites dedicated to the Timelords adventures and news that it would be diffacult to list all the good ones and to leave them out seems not right considering I spent the last couple of days browsing and lurking a good many. But until I find away to compress all the demensions of the web into a single page much like the time ship is compressed into a British old police booth this list will have to do.

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