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Recapping Aliens of DS 9 Live Streaming From Las Vegas

12 Aug 2011

Link to the Star Trek.coms streaming page

Its 9:00 LA time 11 AM here in Nashville when I decide to pluck down 7 dollars on StarTrek.com/Creation Events/TVoop live streaming event of the Aliens of DS 9 which was to start in 15 minutes of my payment at 11:15 Central and 9:15 Western.
The streaming started with a camera shot of one of the big screens that flank each side of the stage which showed a bunch of clips from DS 9 to music. Then the camera panned the stage which showed the empty seats of where the actors would sit. One by one they were introduced . First the lovely Nicole de Boer who play Ezri Dax, then there was the equally lovely  Chase Masterson (Leeta),Jeffery Combs , who played a slew of Star Trek characters but was best know as Weyoun. Casey Biggs (Damar), and  Vaughn Armstrong(Seskai), and finishing off with Armin Shimerman and Max Grodénchik better known as Quark and Rom.The show started with Jeffery combs interrupting for brief moment to announce with a lot of laughter from the audience that he found someones very expensive pass at the bar. Then moved on to questions. One of them being on how did Armin and Max end up in their roles. I wish I could remember the exact words because it was pretty interesting. I guess the next time I will remember to at least plop a recorder next to my computer so I can do some play backs. But the gist of it was that Armin and Max were up for the same role . That role being Quark and the story told was that Max thought he blew his lines when it was announced that he had the second reading for the role at that point he went out to sulk and that is when he met Armin who pointed out that he felt he blew his lines too but felt that it was between them two any way because they were shortest. You know the result of the matter Armin got the role of Quark and Max became Rom.


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Smurfs movie review

03 Aug 2011


Rating: ★★★½☆

As a parent you are sometimes asked to do things you normally would not dream of. Such as going to see the Smurfs in 3D at the local theater. My initial reaction to being asked to see this film was, what kind of mind altering , eye gouging , piece of %^&$ am I getting myself into. But its my son and he gave his best pouty face with those big old eyes. So naturally I swallowed my pride and words and agreed. Hey its in 3D right ? No one will recognize that I closed my eyes with my glasses on . So off to the theater we went with my  own idea of what this experience would be like and it was not pretty.  When we arrived I could feel myself getting nauseous in anticipation of being tortured. So we sat down and  watched some trailers . Ummm many trailers about 20 minutes of trailers then the lights dimmed and the movie started.I  gripped my overly priced coke and lean back to close my eyes. But something happened.
Don't know if the soda was spiked or not but to my shock and amazement I found myself liking the movie. There was just enough humor aimed right at the adults that it made it enjoyable. Watching the kids laugh at computer generated Smurfs and cat was worth the admission . Coming out of the theater without a dribble glass and a wheel chair because I thought the film would of gave me seizures. Priceless.


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Star Trek Convention Nashville 2011

01 Aug 2011

Here is a little montage I put together for the brief time I went to the Star Trek Convention on Saturday July 30th 2011 at the Gaylord Opryland resort in TN. I wish I could of heard the Rat Pack perform and seen William Shatner but because of time restraints I could only manage a couple of hours where I got to meet with Jeffery Combs (Enterprise's Commander Shran, Star Trek Deep Space Nine's Weyoun) , see MAX GRODENCHIK  (STAR TREK DEEP SPACE NINE's Rom) signing autographs ,see Vaughn Armstrong (Enterprise's Admiral Maxwell Forrest, Voyager's Alpha-Hirogen, Star Trek Deep Space Nine's Seskai ) talk to the crowd, witness a cool auction and see how special effects make up artist John Paladin made a Klingon out of a Volunteer. Plus all those cool merchandise that I wish I could afford. I did walk out of it with a Vulcan Academy coffee cup and a Dr Who sonic screw Driver.  Next time I a will be prepared with a larger budget.  Hey there is the Nashville comic con coming in a couple of months.


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Comic and Horror Fest. OCT 1 & 2 in Nashville

31 Jul 2011


The Local scene in Nashville is getting another great event to attend the Comic and Horror Fest.
OCT 1 & 2
Sat 10-7 and Sun 11-4
Admission only $5
Film Festival, Trivia Contest, Costume Contest!
Sat. Zombie beauty contest prize (best zombie costume wins special walking dead prize pack)

I am looking forward to this one and this time I am making sure there are no conflicts in my schedule on this one. And for the price this is is incredible . 5 dollars in admissions. That is it.

Guest that will be attending this years Comic Con


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Captain America: The First Avenger – Review

23 Jul 2011


Rating: ★★★★½

Captain America was probably the best of the comic movies so far. More then a comic movie it touched on some of the modern themes but kept true to the Captain America's roots. This was one of those rare times that you do not have to be a comic book junky to enjoy a film. I say this because this critique is not only based on my reaction to the film but those that were in the drive in movie theater with us. One of the advantages of being in such an atmosphere you can gage the reactions of the people better because on a good night everyone is out of their cars and in full view just sitting in lounge chairs. In this case those in the theater reacted with overwhelming applause at the conclusion to the film , laughed when the comedic lite touches were applied to the film and clenched in anticipation when the action was in full swing. The movie was smart with one exception. And that was when Mr Stark (Tony Starks dad ) was at the NY world fair which happen to be at the time of WW II. The NY Worlds fair picture here happen to be the 1964 fairs set up which is located in Queens by Citi Feild and the one prior to that was in 1939. A small non relavant but historically wrong feature. But something that was I guess important to the plot.

The running theme of the movie was an inspiring one that with the right determination, courage and goodness of heart  you can achieve many things even the imposible . As in this case when a young skinny and small Steve Rogers never say die attitude wins him a chance to take part of the super soldier program. Chris Evens played Captain America better then any of the actors that had attempted in the past. Then again most of those films were campy and dated.Tommy Lee Jones brought his dry humor and acting brilliance to help balance out the films tone .

One of the highlights of the film for my was at the very end after the credits rolled. You got a taste of the Avenger movie when the audience was treated to a teaser trailer of the film . The trailer featured Nick Fury , Thor , Captain America, Iron Man , and glimpses of what I am guessing was Hawkeye and the Bruce Banner . I say that because the trailer concentrated on the more recognizable characters front eh previous marvel film for example it had Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man / Tony Stark)  patting Chris Hemsworth (Thor) on the shoulder and commenting what nice swing he had there.

All in all good family movie. The girls would like it the kids and guys will love it. And best of all it kept with the Marvel tradition of the character. I think what I liked best about it was that it was not over the top like Transformers was . It was just right.


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