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Star Wars Episode 1 3D Review

12 Feb 2012

Rating: ★★★★☆

This one of those movies that is great on its own and would of been fantastic to see in 3D if the 3D was not done so lame. When I say lame I mean it looked like what I get when I use my convert 2D to 3D option on my LG TV with passive glasses (same ones you get in the theaters) which converts High Def or Blu Ray pictures into a quasi 3D . It's really cool but no where like if you put a 3D DVD on and play it. You can tell the difference. The picture is much more vibrant and the 3D effects are extremely sharp and realistic in most cases. That said , I am not saying the 3D experience was a waste of money . I just think that with the pod race and the some of the space scenes they could of done more then do a 2D to 3D conversion on it . They kind of blew it I think if the goal was to to sell more DVD's in the end. I know George Lucas wanted the 3D to be more a background feature instead of an in your face type of experience but like the for mentioned scenes there were opportunities to really exploit the technology to make it a fun like ride experience with out sacrificing other areas of the movie.
That said seeing episode 1 with my kids on the big screen once again was quite enjoyable. It was and still is a solid Star Wars movie to begin with and if you are a geek like I am it is one that you go to see just to enjoy the memory of seeing it on the big screen. I don't know if I would run out and get the 3D version of the DVD when it becomes available they would have to really enhance it with some bonus features to tempt me. Especially when I can hit the 2D to 3D conversion button and get the same results with a Blu Ray version of the movie. So I will give it 4 out of 5 stars . Just because it is a great Sci fi film to start with.

On a side note. Not every theater carries the special 3D glasses which I found out the hard way . Bummer.


New posters for Star Wars Episode 1 3D

17 Jan 2012

There are 5 new posters that were added to the ones already there for promoting the upcoming rerelease of Star Wars Episode 1 "The Phantom Menace" in 3D which is opening February 10th. 3 features Darth Maul a minor charter in the scheme of the Star Wars films but became one of the more popular of the characters in the franchise. One of the posters is of a light saber which has Darth Maul, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Queen Padmé Amidala,Qui-Gon Jinn, and Anakin Skywalker in a red glow. Another has the pod race scene, and another has the ore mentioned characters in a blue light which to me looks like a another light saber. Then there are others that I found one I saw when googling of Yoda in another language and one is the original one I first saw when the announcement of the rerelease.



Transformers Dark of the Moon 3D and Limited Edition Collector’s Trilogy

02 Jan 2012

Transformers Dark of the Moon 3D and Limited Edition Collector's Trilogy will both be out on January 31, 2012. The 3D version will be a combo of Blu-ray 3D + Blu-ray + DVD + UV Digital Copy and will have a total run time of 154 Minutes . Though I can not find any special features on this one from any of the sites that you can pre order it from. On the other hand there will also be a a box set of the Transformers series including a 3D version of Dark of the Moon that will be out on the same date. This one will include all three Transformers movies on DVD and Blu-ray and Transformers: Dark of the Moon on Blu-ray 3D , it will be Loaded with over 10 hours of bonus features and packaged in exclusive trophy display packaging, have a movie plaque signed by director Michael Bay with images from all three films and it will be a limited edition. "This Blu-ray 3D of Dark of the Moon will blow you away.” Michael Bay said at a press release "If you've been waiting for the right time to get a 3D television, this is it. For fans who've been waiting patiently to bring Dark of the Moon home, this Ultimate Edition release delivers the goods.".

Amazon preorder link via the Scifiology store for both the 3D and Box set

Preorder Box Set
Preorder Dark of the Moon 3D


Star Wars News Darth Maul returns and new trailer and poster for Episode 1 3D

25 Oct 2011

It was just a matter of time that George Lucas would take advantage of the 3D technology to enhance his legendary saga of Star Wars. And he did not disappoint. All six films will be released in theater in story order with enhanced 3D effects. The first of course  "Star Wars: The Phantom Menace 3D”  will hit the theater on February 14, 2011.  I am  sure a brand new 3D DVD package will follow soon after the releases . Most likely one at a time as the movies are released with a big box set soon after all have been already in the theaters.  In other worlds like they had done in the past when George enhanced the effects with CGI's of the original 3 movies . As far as the other 5 films are concern no news yet on when they will hit the theaters. Of course I will keep an eye out and post those as soon as they  become available.  

The new poster (above ) and the the theatrical trailer that was attached to the 3 Musketeers film  that premiered October 21st gives a glimpse of what to expect. I love this idea and was talking about it last year to my wife and friends saying I wish they would of made episode 1 and 4 in 3D because of certain scenes that would be a visual feast for the eyes. Of course I am talking about the famous race in episode 1 and the attack on the Death Star in episode 4. Seeing those on the big screen in 3D should be worth the price of admission itself especially if you have the chance to see in iMax 3D.

Other Star Wars news has the second most popular Sith Lord returning to the Star Wars empire. Darth Maul. Yep the one Sith Lord who in the scheme of the Star Wars saga only appeared in episode 1 and only for a half hour or so( give or take) but manage to capture audiences attention to the point that George Lucas green lighted his return to the Star Wars series the Clone Wars.

"The decision to continue Darth Maul's story was something that came directly from George, and we all agreed that his return needed to be unique, unexpected and revenge filled. We don't know what his outcome will be, and as a fan -- that's exciting."

See the official Star Wars News site post DARTH MAUL RETURNS TO THE STAR WARS SAGA THIS SPRING! for more information and updates .

Phantom Menace 3D Trailer

Trailer for the return of Darth Maul


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What sci fi movies are next for 3D

04 Feb 2010

After reading similar articles in SCI FI Wire and Trekmovie.com it became apparent that Avatars 3D production may be in reality the next wave of movie goers entertainment.  The format of having the film in both 3D and 2D seemed to be a huge success. Whether this is a fad or it is something that will be tangible part of the movie experience in the next couple of years only box office sale will tell.  It would be logical to assume that it is here to stay. Especially that big companies like Sony are investing in both 3D TV's and a network just for 3d programming. Also now that movies like  Clash of the Titans and the 2 remaining Harry Potter movies will all have that format as is evident in their press release which I first read in the Sci Fi  Wire article and confirmed when I googled it to see where it led to. And boy were there tons of articles . Just follow that title link below.



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