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Avengers Review

05 May 2012


Rating: ★★★★★


Avengers theatrical trailer

04 May 2012

Tonight is the official opening of the [[Avengers]] movie in 3D/2D and iMax and the reviews from sneak peekers so far are it is what the hype built it up to be. personally I can not wait to see it.


Marvel – The Avengers Super Bowl XLVI Commercial

05 Feb 2012

Here is the 35 second version of the full 1:05 one that you can only view if you like the Facebook page for the Avengers from Super Bowl XLVI .


Avenger Trailer

12 Oct 2011

The Avengers official trailer is now available. Its suppose to be an exclusive on iTunes but I found a Youtube version already up. I hope it does not get pulled because of exclusive rights or some BS like that.But if it does here is the iTunes link . Also you can go the official Avengers site at:http://avengers.marvel.com which will give yo a link back to iTunes orrrrrrr you can go to this page at Marvel that has a story synopsis that I copied and pasted below and also has the trailer.


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Paramount ends Marvel relationship

09 Aug 2011

Paramount is to end their Marvel relationship in 2012. Why? You ask. Well lets look back on some of the older stories. Now this story really broke in 2009 when Disney took over Marvel comics. Second Disney payed Paramount $115 Million for distribution rights for the Avengers and Iron Man 3. Paramount still kept the distribution rights for Captain America and Thor movies but in this deal looks like any films made after that will be of Disney's doing.

In October of 2010 there was a press release that explains the deal and states the following:


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