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David Tennant’s last Who specials in the US

09 Dec 2009

Finally! U.S. airdates for Tennant's last Who specials

Sci Fi Wire has posted among many the last episodes to be released in the US. Being one my favorites since Tom Baker it is going to be hard and exciting to watch those last ones. Also the curiosity of how the new Dr will make it after having a charismatic actor playing him for such a long time . But maybe that is why they are giving this a years breather between shoots and airing. Who knows.

According to the report

The next special, Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars airs on BBC AMERICA, Saturday December 19, 9:00pm ET/PT. It stars Tennant and British stage and screen actress Lindsay Duncan (Rome, Langford) as Adelaide, his cleverest and most strong-minded companion.

The episodes names is the "WATERS OF MARS" and is being touted as one of the most scariest Dr episodes yet.

See the Mail online article  " David Tennant: New Doctor Who special is 'one of the scariest " for more info on that episode.

The last episode after that will be split into two and that will be the end of Davids run as the Dr. Those episodes dates are yet to be announced and will air over the holiday season. On that day I will raise a glass of wine and toast the end of a fun and fantastic run as the Dr and wish the actor well on his other projects and look forward to the new episodes and the new look with an open mind. I know maybe a little to dramatic but hey it is always a wee bit sad to see the familiar face and style you grow accustom to change. But that is what kept that franchise vibrant and fresh all those years and is the reason why it is the longest SCI FI show in the history of the world.

The BBC also announced the DVD collection release of those final shows including the one that already has been released the Planet of the Dead

The BBC will release The Waters of Mars and the two-part finale on DVD and Blu-ray, Tuesday, February 2, 2010. Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead is already available on DVD and Blu-ray. Releasing on February 2 are:

* Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars - DVD SRP: $14.98/BD SRP: $19.89

* Two-part special (2-disc release) - DVD SRP: $24.98 / BD SRP: $29.99

* Doctor Who: Specials Collection (5-disc release) - DVD SRP: $49.98 / BD SRP: $59.99 - contains The Next Doctor, Planet of the Dead, Waters of Mars and the two-part finale


K9 returns in his own series.

08 Dec 2009

Why can't they let a sleeping dog lie? The long-rumored Doctor Who spinoff series K9—The Series has finished production and is slated to debut in Australia and Europe early next year, according to Park Entertainment.

Says Sci fi Wire about the new Dr Who spin off series aimed at children. I say WTF are they smoking. K9 is perfect for children and not only that it has to be one of the most lovable creations that came out of that series. But I do have one gripe. I did like the ragged old school look that it had in the original Dr Who series. The original k9 first appeared in theDr Who Episode ; The Invisible Enemy where -

Source - Wikia

Professor Marius was a scientist who worked at the Bi-Al Foundation in the year 5000 as a specialist in extraterrestrial pathological endomorphisms. While on Earth he also wanted a dog so he constructed K-9 to accompany and assist him in his work. He helped the Doctordefeat the Swarm, although he himself was briefly infected by it and so freed the nucleus and made it grow in size. Afterwards, Marius gave K-9 to the Doctor to take with him on his journeys.

Later on there were other incarnations of K9 named by Marks 1 - 4 . I think the most famous was Mark 2 with Tom Bakers Dr. But he has appeared with other Drs and as recently on the Sarah Jane Smith series. If you are going to check out the full history of K9  it would be best to review the history written in Wikia.com about  K9 or Wikipediasversion. Both are detailed and give a great abbreviated timeline.

Anyway Park has a promo of the series and it is described by them as so.

K9 - FIRST K9 - The Series The long-awaited television series K9, featuring everyone's favourite robot dog, is nearly with us!

Originally created for the 1970s DOCTOR WHO series by Bob Baker and Dave Martin, K9 has long been an iconic television character. Now a brand new series of K9 is several weeks into production.. K9 is a children's sci-fi/adventure series combining comedy, action and suspense - "X Files" meets "Men in Black" with a zany dash of "Ghostbusters". K9 mixes live action characters with stunning visual-effects.

K9 and his three teenage companions become the earth's front line defence against dangers threatening from anywhere and anytime in the galaxy. They will have a lot of fun, action, adventure, and some scares along the way, saving the earth from alien creatures, monsters and more than a few human threats.
Production commenced in early December 2008 on a specially built set just outside Brisbane, Australia. Shooting continues on this 26 part series until the end of April and the series is expected to begin broadcast on Ten Network and Jetix Europe early in 2010.

I Know the show will air over seas before we even get a glimpse of it but if anyone reading this sees it. I would love to hear an honest critique on it from a fans point of view.

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Primeval returns with another 13 episodes

08 Dec 2009

Sometimes you find in searchs articles in the darnest places like the New York Times ArtsBeat about the British seriesPrimeval. The Times has reported that the series which was cancelled has been given a second life in 2011 with another 13 episodes. It also helps that the series has a big following here in the states.

Reflecting the current economics of television production, the 13 new episodes, scheduled for release in 2011, will be a joint venture of ITV, the show’s British network; BBC Worldwide, which exports the show to other countries; and the production company Impossible Possible Limited, along with several other financial partners.

If you never have seen it is a great series in my opinion and a real treat. Clever plot and a well written story lines. I never really found any of the episodes boring or too absurd. The series is produced for ITV by Impossible Pictures. Created by Adrian Hodges and Tim Haines, who previously created the Walking with... documentary series which gives it a certain scientific perspective which makes it intersting to watch at times. The premise of the series is a team of scientist and specialist that have to find these temporal anomalies popping up across Great Britain that are like doorways to the past and the future. Usually letting in creatures like prehistoric beast or man eating insects from the future. Their job is to contain the creatures and close the abnomally before it causes havoc and the population finds out about them. There are also villians ( of course what self respecting sci fi story is with out them ) that want to use them for their own purpose , And lots of twist and turns that makes the series something that is not repetitive ,

You will find episodes on BBC ( of course ) , BBC America here in the states. For a while the series appeared on SYFY but I have not seen any news that they intend to carry the program or show any of them in those mini marathons that they are famous for.


The 11th Doctor

08 Dec 2009

Now introducing the 11th Dr Who ---- Matt Smith

Those that have the privilage to live across the pond learned first hand of it a while back. Those of us in the US have may not be up to speed on the latest news in the Whovian world. I mean it does take a while to get news to reach some of us living in normal space and time especially those of us that do not have access to Gallifreyian technology. But through our primitive communication devices it was fortold that the 2010 season of Doctor Who will be played byMatt Smith. At the age of 26 he will be the younest actor to have adorn the mantle or in this case the Timlords TARDIS of this incredible series. Considering we here on this side of the pond really don't know much about this new Dr it is a wait and see. But over in England there seems to be a buzz both good and bad about the newest Who. For me it is always sad to see one of the actors that played the role move on with his career and leave the role. David Tennantwas brilliant and brought something special to the series. But like all things in life and Gallafreyian all things regenerate and move on.

You can find more details about the new Doctor and much more on these sites;

There are so many more sites dedicated to the Timelords adventures and news that it would be diffacult to list all the good ones and to leave them out seems not right considering I spent the last couple of days browsing and lurking a good many. But until I find away to compress all the demensions of the web into a single page much like the time ship is compressed into a British old police booth this list will have to do.

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Tom Baker returns as Dr. Who

08 Dec 2009


Source: Wired.com

One of the most enduring figures in the Dr Who franchise and the longest run as the Doctor Tom Baker is reprising his role as the man himself. At the age of 75 and after 28 years , Baker agreed to reprise his role in a 5 part audio drama called Hornet's Nest.

  1. Stuff of Nightmares - 3rd September
  2. The Dead Shoes – 8th October
  3. The Circus of Doom – 5th November
  4. A Sting in the Tale – 3rd December
  5. Hive of Horror – 3rd December


In the interview with Wired.com Baker said that.

“The BBC caught me at a good moment,” Baker said. “And part of the bait was dear Nicholas Courtney, who was to play the Brigadier. Unfortunately, he was unwell and had to be replaced before recording. So I carried on and pretended Nick was there.”

When asked about his feelings on the role her replied with this remark which warms the heart.

Playing the role is easier than putting on an old pair of boots. I said that I never stopped being Doctor Who — not when I walked off the set every day in the ’70s and not since I left the show. I said ‘never’ and I mean it.

“How could I stop? The Doctor was just Tom Baker. No acting. So, when it came time to record [Hornet's Nest], I just dropped into the studio and picked up the script and away we went. Just like the old days.”

And he also made a note that he will be willing to return as the Dr in more stories .

“If the fans like them, then there will be more,”

To me Tom Baker was the Dr. he was and still is my favorite out of the 11. Well to be honest I have not seen the 11th yet since the states are a step behind in seeing the series even with SYFY and BBC America. Don't get me wrong all the actors that played them were wonderful especially the ones that filled the revival of the Dr that I have seen. But Baker seem to have that role owned in my opinion. So glad to see him back playing the role that fits so well .


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