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Dr Who’s Season Finale and News of 7th season delayed

25 Sep 2011

Well we know this is not the end of the series because there was a confirmed signing with Matt Smith of a season 7. Sadly it also has been confirmed that the season 7 will be delayed as it is reported at io9.com. According to the article "Wayne Clarke, confirmed via twitter that "Danny Cohen says there won't be a full series of Doctor Who in 2012, but a special run for the anniversary in 2013." Most likely this means that there will be some specials for 2012 or just a handful of episodes . But you can bet that in 2013 when the 50th anniversary celebration of Dr Who arrives there will be some great episodes and hopefully appearances by past Dr.s. Let me go out on a limb and think (more like pray) that maybe the past Dr's save the present Dr ????? That would be a good plot if they hold steady to River killing the Dr off. Yep I am fan and this is just a whimsical speculation of what may be in store.
As for the season finale it looks like (and any one who has ever watched the last two seasons should of guessed) that River Song is the Impossible Astronaut . One thing that I keep thinking of is that she is also the future 1 eyed patch lady. It sounds crazy but being a fan you try to figure out plot arcs and I think a wild one would be that she somehow either hates the Dr in the future enough to have her younger self turn against him or makes sure that a prophecy of some kind happens. Who knows maybe to get the Dr thinking about being peaceful again. Just a thought. Well here are two videos of the upcoming episodes one is the trailer and the other is a short prequel of the season finale.
Plot Synopsis at BBC Dr. Who
Episode 13: The Wedding of River Song
Written by Steven Moffat
The big finale! This one remains shrouded in mystery but Karen Gillan has promised us that the series will contain 'possibly the biggest twist so far'... Is it possible that this is the adventure that delivers it? Steven Moffat penned last year's incredible finale but it's probable that this adventure will conclude the series with a bigger bang than ever!

Full HD Doctor Who Series 6 Episode 13 The Wedding of River Song Next Time Trailer

Full HD Doctor Who Prequel to Episode 13 The Wedding of River Song


Matrix Sequel Update – NOT HAPPENING !

22 Sep 2011

This is a long over due follow up blog on one I wrote a while back entitled MATRIX 4 AND 5 MAY BE ON THE WAY which was based on 2 articles I read . One from the Guardian and the other from Aintitcool.com. After reading many articles on th estates of the film the more legitimate ones have totally debunk the idea of a sequel . Matter of fact the interview and the facts were totally made up it seems. Both Warner Brothers and Keanu Reeves have totally denied that the interview ever took place and Reeves never had a meeting with the Wachowski brothers.
In an article that I found dating back to January 25, 2011 from Underwire.com and one from the Playlist.com that dates back to January 24, 2011 have reported on meeting and interviewing reps for both parties. WB's spokeswoman Jessica Zacholl

told Wired.com by phone, pointing out that a school by that name doesn’t even exist. The studio rep added that the actor made no appearances of any kind in which he discussed Wachowski projects with film students.

Meanwhile Playlists contacted Reeves reps and were told

“none of it is true…he did not speak nor get an award from the from the London International School of Performing Arts.”

So in the end this was one of those rumors that was a hoax to begin with that is now put to rest. I should of did a follow up earlier but totally got caught up in other projects that it slipped my mind to do any research on it until someone asked me if there was any news on those sequels.


NASA new images of landing areas for Apollo

07 Sep 2011

The Apollo missions were a moment in history that caused our imaginations and creativity to burst forth and show the positive side of humanity. It gave rise to many dreams and spurred on creative juices that gave us new toys (technology) that we use every day like the cell phone , iPads , computers etc..... And in many ways gave us a sense of the skys were not the limit that we as humans could do anything when we worked together. And as a nation we proved that we had the right stuff. Many people looked at those missions and wondered . What if ? Are we alone ? How big is the Universe really ? How limited is our knowledge of life and beyond ? Some of those that asked those questions and more became scientist, some became philosophers, and others used those questions to fill the pages of books and create films of wonder.
40 years later after those historic missions were revisited when the NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) took snapshots that were the sharpest images yet of the Apollo 12, 14 and 17 landing sites. Captured are foot prints in the moon soil left behind from Astronauts , vehicles , and scientific experiments that were left behind. Since there is no wind on the surface of the moon the imprints are just as they were when they were when the Astronauts stepped on the lunar surface. Makes you wish that they had continued with the moon missions and had set up bases there instead of these low orbit missions. All be it they are as important to further the understanding of how life in space for humanity can be sustained. The thrill of the final frontier should of always be part of the human experience .
If you go to NASA web page of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter / NASA Spacecraft Images Offer Sharper Views of Apollo Landing Sites there is some pretty cool photos along with a interactive image swipe that lets you compare images taken from 2009 of the same area to the ones just recently taken. You can see the difference in resolution and in the detail. As mentioned in the article the pictures do not exactly line up because of lighting and position but are close enough to get the point across. Look at the screen shot below to for an example. On the left of the dividing line you can see the LRO images compared with the right side which are impressive but not as clear as the LRO's. A good example are the moon buggy tracks . You can see them foggy but the screen shot bellow that one with the split view shows the full clarity of the images taken.

"The new low-altitude Narrow Angle Camera images sharpen our view of the moon's surface," said Arizona State University researcher Mark Robinson, principal investigator for the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera (LROC). "A great example is the sharpness of the rover tracks at the Apollo 17 site. In previous images the rover tracks were visible, but now they are sharp parallel lines on the surface."

Here is a short video that is on youtube of the images captured by the LRO.

I echo the sentiment of Jim Green, director of the Planetary Science Division at NASA Headquarters in Washington when he said "These images remind us of our fantastic Apollo history and beckon us to continue to move forward in exploration of our solar system. " I really hope that this renews our interest in space and that it becomes once again more then the imaginations that are caught on film or in the pages of a book . I hope it does become fact .


Star Trek Online Free to Play Model Coming Soon

05 Sep 2011

After Perfect World  bought out Cryptic Studios back in May 31st, 2011 it looked like that Star Trek Online would continue as usual . But recently Perfect World announced that Star trek Online , a MMORPG ( massively multiplayer online role-playing game ) will sometime in 2011 have a Free To Play Model (a business model in which a product is offered free of charge while a fee is charged for users to access premium features). The announcement is vague on the date but when the date is set I will post it . Finally the final frontier is the way it was suppose to be  FREE.  Which is for all the rest of us on budgets ( me included ) can really enjoy.

Announcement from Star Trek Online

In a recent Perfect World earnings call, CFO Kelvin Lau stated our intention to adopt a free-to-play business model for Star Trek Online this year and we could not be happier to finally share these exciting plans with you.
Incorporating a free-to-play model into Star Trek Online enables any interested captain to explore the galaxy to his or her heart's delight.
We do have a full announcement, more details regarding free-to-play, a breakdown of exactly what's on offer, a FAQ, and a features matrix all queued up for publish next week. Those familiar with our superhero MMO, the free-to-play Champions Online: Free for All, will recall the solid suite of information we published when we announced that game's free-to-play transition. We'll have similarly robust web pages and boards setup next week for STO. (Kind of like this, for example.)
We're committed to Star Trek Online, we're more experienced from launching Champions Online: Free for All, we're supported by a AAA online games publisher dedicated to putting forth quality Western-styled F2P games, and we can't wait to show you more.


UFO the movie update and poster

30 Aug 2011

Does anyone remember the old British TV series about a special force out to protect the Earth from an alien menace. Well yea I know there were thousands of those type of series but I am talking about UFO. Something I remember watching as a child and now has become one of those cults series that for some reason did not fade into oblivion like the others. Its a good thing to because the movie version or reboot (whatever you want to call it) is now throttling up to start production and is slated for release sometime in the summer of 2013. About 2 years ago there was rumor that it was suppose to have been all wrapped up and done for that a release date of 2011 (See UFO 2011 Dec 8, 2009). But as explained on the official site "This is a big film and it takes time to prepare a project of this magnitude. Like you, we are huge fans if the original series and want to do it justice. " Well I hate rushed films and I agree take the time to do it right. As long as the world does not end (A good reason to pray that the Mayan predictions of 2012 are wrong if you ask me) or the film suffers from budget over runs from the delay .
Already there is an OFFICIAL WEB SITE which pretty much means it will be made. You should check out the site. I will admit there is not much there yet except some cool flash effects for the home page , some info including the movie poster, and you can put yourself on the mailing list to keep getting updates on production, time schedules along with some gallery photos and such. Of course that is if your a fan of UFO.

For those that are not fans or never heard of the show here is a little background plot and info from Wikipedia along with some Youtube footage of the intro.


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