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V stands strong against ratings juggernaut

09 Dec 2009

According to all the rating polls V stood its own against an established ratings winner (NCIS) and did very impressive on all reviews I have read. Which is a good thing . Hmm mybe the ABC affiliate where i live will see that and actually air it when it is suppose to be aired not at 12:05 AM delay like they said they were and did.

V ratings weren't expected to be huge, since V fought for ratings against NCIS and The Biggest Loser. But V ratings are very promising today, as the V reboot held its own against the ratings juggernauts. The V ratings were always going to be strong with .....

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HIghlander franchise gets a reboot.

08 Dec 2009

Sci Fi Wire is reporting that the Highlander franchise is about to get a reboot . Again another movie franchise going for the reimaging or rebooting award . You pick the phrase . Every one loves changing the buzz words on me. Once my stomach settles from one they come up with another . I remember them calling it remakes once upon a time. Well the movie is being made by Summit Entertainment , directed by Justin Lin, director of Fast & Furious , and written by Art Marcum and Matt Holloway the writers of Iron Man. Since this is in the preproduction stage there is very little on it except that it is going ahead.

It was fun reading the responces to the news on this article some really passionate statements of enough with reboots. But lets face it . If done right it will make a lot of money. This will also generate for the old series , movies , books , and so forth , some big sales . Much like the really well done Star Trek reboot has done for that franchise. It will be interesting to see how this film production plays out. I was a huge fan of the original movie and the series and may be willing to give it a chance on who and how it is developed.


UFO (2011)

08 Dec 2009

This is becoming a running theme in movies now. Take an old series and make a movie out of it. Does anyone remember UFO a 1970's sci fi series that had to deal with an organization called SHADO (Supreme Headquarters Alien Defense Organization) that was in charge of dealing with alien enemy threats. DUH... Well here is where I show both my age and my early geekness for all things sci fi. I do remember this series. My father hated it thinking it was nonsense but as a child of things that were sci fi and such , especially the british ones like Tom Bakers role in Dr Who and such , I loved it. Then again probably if I was to watch an episode today I would have to pick my jaw off the floor and give a loud WTF. Then again I still enjoy some of those older shows with the same childhood zest I did back when. I still probably will think the space girls all in tight silver outfits and odd color wigs are still hot.

There is of now not much I can find on this. A lot of the info on it is in the TBA ( to be announced) stage. There is only a couple of tid bits I could find like the special effects guru Matthew Gratzner that did movies like the The Mummy 3, Hancock, Iron Man and Alien: Resurrection will try his hand in directing and the script has already been written by Ryan Gaudet and Joseph Kanarek. Other then that this is on the watch and wait list of movies. Now to go out and rent or search the net for episodes of the series to refresh the memories of what to expect. I bet you that when the release date is close SYFY or BBC will run a marathon of UFO episodes. That will be great but until then here is some things I dug up to enjoy

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