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Walking Dead 11 or 12 seasons is possible and new companion series is in the works

14 Jun 2014


Good News for Walking Dead Fans. There is plans for the show that will lead it all the way up to 11 or 12 seasons. That is if they are lucky enough to make it that far. And there will also be a companion series that will soon be released. In A PGA panel discussion that had the men that are behind such great series as "The Walking Dead," "True Detective," "Homeland," and "Hannibal" sharing their stories and giving advice to an eager audience. Producer David Alpert was asked about working with existing material . This was his reply.

Source Indiewire

Alpert was asked what it was like working from a pre-existing product.

"I happen to love working from source material, specifically because we have a pretty good idea of what season 10 is gonna be. We know where season 11 and 12...we have benchmarks and milestones for those seasons if we're lucky enough to get there."

If the ratings keep rolling in like they have been, it shouldn't be a problem.


New Star Trek Series maybe heading to Netflix

10 Jun 2014



I caught wind of a rumor that was posted on Geek.com  that indicates that Star Trek for the small screen is not dead but maybe revived by Netflix in a brand new series. According to the article Netflix approached CBS for the rights to produce a new series of Star Trek. In what form it is not clear but from reports it would make sense since one of the most watch streaming series on Netflix and probably other streaming networks are shows from the Star Trek franchise.  As Spock would probably say "Very interesting indeed if it were to be true " . OK  all  Nerd, Geeks , Scifiologist. Get your Spock ears on and start chanting a prayer for this to come to light.  Yea I know a bit much on the corny side of a blog but you got to admit the thought of a small screen series of Trek gets the inner geek in all of us that are fans a bit giddy .


Dr Who Updates and Rumors

10 Jan 2012


So the speculations are building exactly what is going to be happening in the upcoming 7th Season of Dr Who. Sometimes saying 7 seasons sounds so wrong because the series is much much older then that but the powers to be started recounting after the resurrection of the series back in 2005 with Christopher Eccleston as the 9th Dr, so who am I to argue or complain. Anyway Dr Who TV who always has some really good inside stuff has some speculations of whats to come also some facts. For example they know there will be 14 episodes in all . That is 13 regular shows and 1 Christmas special. It is quoted by Moffat that there will be no 2 parters or highly unlikely. Rory and Amy will be in plenty of episodes and there will be with out a doubt an exit of them in what is said to be a heartbreaking way. It is also said that there are going to be some classic monsters returning to the series from the older series of the 60's and 70's. Which will be fun to speculate which ones they may be.  The airtime will be in Autumn of 2012 ( which really sucks because of the wait in-between) which should be the same on both sides of the Atlantic.


Can this be the Legendary Godzilla

13 Oct 2011

This could be or maybe not what Godzilla may look like in the upcoming 2013 or maybe 2014 big screen , big budgeted American Godzilla film. According to Dread Central and infamous kid.com Legendary Pictures may have hired Hector A. Arce, a creature/fantasy sculptor for his work he had done on sculpturing Godzilla a long time ago. It is rumored that this or something really close to it maybe the look of Godzilla. None of this is confirmed it is in the strong rumor column from what I am reading. But truthfully if this is the way they are going it is way better then the Tri Star version . They could loose some of the spikes but at least it looks like Godzilla we all know and love. What do you think ?


There was also another article or rather the video in the article at Dread Central called An Open Letter to Legendary Pictures RE: Godzilla that caught my attention. Since I never saw this clip before I thought to myself is this a coming attraction to a reboot of the Japanese Godzilla. Alas not but it was super cool any way. It turns out it is some sort of dream or something like the sequence in a Japanese movie called ALWAYS- SUNSET ON THIRD STREET- 2 which was a surprise and a hit with the Japanese audience and rightfully so. It is a fantastically full CG'ed sequence. And I hope that those doing Legendary's version has watched that clip.


Dr Who’s Season Finale and News of 7th season delayed

25 Sep 2011

Well we know this is not the end of the series because there was a confirmed signing with Matt Smith of a season 7. Sadly it also has been confirmed that the season 7 will be delayed as it is reported at io9.com. According to the article "Wayne Clarke, confirmed via twitter that "Danny Cohen says there won't be a full series of Doctor Who in 2012, but a special run for the anniversary in 2013." Most likely this means that there will be some specials for 2012 or just a handful of episodes . But you can bet that in 2013 when the 50th anniversary celebration of Dr Who arrives there will be some great episodes and hopefully appearances by past Dr.s. Let me go out on a limb and think (more like pray) that maybe the past Dr's save the present Dr ????? That would be a good plot if they hold steady to River killing the Dr off. Yep I am fan and this is just a whimsical speculation of what may be in store.
As for the season finale it looks like (and any one who has ever watched the last two seasons should of guessed) that River Song is the Impossible Astronaut . One thing that I keep thinking of is that she is also the future 1 eyed patch lady. It sounds crazy but being a fan you try to figure out plot arcs and I think a wild one would be that she somehow either hates the Dr in the future enough to have her younger self turn against him or makes sure that a prophecy of some kind happens. Who knows maybe to get the Dr thinking about being peaceful again. Just a thought. Well here are two videos of the upcoming episodes one is the trailer and the other is a short prequel of the season finale.
Plot Synopsis at BBC Dr. Who
Episode 13: The Wedding of River Song
Written by Steven Moffat
The big finale! This one remains shrouded in mystery but Karen Gillan has promised us that the series will contain 'possibly the biggest twist so far'... Is it possible that this is the adventure that delivers it? Steven Moffat penned last year's incredible finale but it's probable that this adventure will conclude the series with a bigger bang than ever!


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