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Zachery Quinto talks about Star Trek 2

28 Aug 2011

ComicBookMovie.com posted two different Videos of an interview with Zachery Quinto the first having a little more of the interview then the second which runs about a 1 minute 5 in time compared to 2:16.
In the interview he expresses his feelings on the long time between films which is a quite positive feeling that the long gap between films is good thing and it gap will let people breathe a bit and not to have them say "Already ? You know, again ?".
He also brought up some interesting ideas that possibly will be incorporated into the script. Of course this is speculation because he has no idea of what will be the story but hearing his ideas brings a level of curiosity to the project that is both exciting and healthy for the franchise.


Star Trek Convention Nashville 2011

01 Aug 2011

Here is a little montage I put together for the brief time I went to the Star Trek Convention on Saturday July 30th 2011 at the Gaylord Opryland resort in TN. I wish I could of heard the Rat Pack perform and seen William Shatner but because of time restraints I could only manage a couple of hours where I got to meet with Jeffery Combs (Enterprise's Commander Shran, Star Trek Deep Space Nine's Weyoun) , see MAX GRODENCHIK  (STAR TREK DEEP SPACE NINE's Rom) signing autographs ,see Vaughn Armstrong (Enterprise's Admiral Maxwell Forrest, Voyager's Alpha-Hirogen, Star Trek Deep Space Nine's Seskai ) talk to the crowd, witness a cool auction and see how special effects make up artist John Paladin made a Klingon out of a Volunteer. Plus all those cool merchandise that I wish I could afford. I did walk out of it with a Vulcan Academy coffee cup and a Dr Who sonic screw Driver.  Next time I a will be prepared with a larger budget.  Hey there is the Nashville comic con coming in a couple of months.


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Marvel Studios’ The Avengers: The Intros

23 Jul 2011

Very very cool intro to the actors that will be playing in the Avenger movie.

On Saturday, July 24 during San Diego Comic-Con 2010, Marvel assembled on one stage the lineup coming to 2012's super team movie, "Marvel's The Avengers."

More on the Avengers at Marvel.com


Insidious Movie Trailer 4/1/11

31 Mar 2011

A young family discovers that the body of their comatose boy attracts evil entities, while the boy's mind is trapped in a dark realm known as The Further

April 1, 2011


Dr Who Season 6 Teaser

25 Mar 2011

This is actually called a prequel by BBC definitions but what ever the case it is a good one. BBC Has always found a way to keep you hooked into the series even after what seems like forever for the next seasons arrival. The first episode of season 6 will air both in the UK and the US on April 23. That is Easter weekend for those lost in time themselves.

The prequel has former late President Nixon receiving a mysterious phone call from a girl begging him to turn around. There is a monster behind him. Kind of gives you a hint that it's the early 70's and the US that the season opener plot will be in.

So with out any more of my dribble here is the video from BBC One. P.S. the first episode is called "The Impossible Astronaut"


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