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Scream Awards Results

16 Oct 2011


I really did not get a chance to watch the show last night but caught some of the highlights and saw some of the reviews and this time I think I was a bit disappointed in the results. I put together the winners and runners up list and I call them runners up because in the most part I thought some of them should of won and for that they are not losers. You can see some of my snide comments here and there about some of the results. Well with out delay here is the list.


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Avatar and District 9 nominated but no Star Trek

02 Feb 2010

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has released its nominations for the 82nd Annual Academy Awards that will be held on Sunday, March 7, 2010 . As expected Avatar was chosen in the best film category. What I did not expect and even stated it in previous post was District 9. I was sure that Star Trek would of been in there and District 9 would of been nominated as an independent. Then again the Academy has its own way of choosing and there are times and this is one of them that we sit there and scratch our heads and say - What were you thinking ?  Not that D9 did not deserve it but I thought and so did many others that Star Trek was the better of the 2 films. Well what do I know. Right.

Out of that list I can not see any other film other then Avatar winning this award, Avatar which  has broken all sorts of records and has crossed a cultural divide to become a success not only domestically but world wide. Not too many films can brag about that. Even if the judges of the awards look at sci fi films as a box office filler that are not worthy of any consideration for the top honors. Avatars innovative approach with 3D coupled with its success should be the obvious choice. That is unless the Oscars want to make a statement of some kind then one of the more artsy ones will get it.


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Avatar the big winner at the Globes

18 Jan 2010

We all knew it and you saw it on the faces of some of the stars. Avatar is a juggernaut not stopping. Last night another award and another top honors for the film Avatar as it took the best Picture drama at the Golden Globes and for the best Director James Cameron  ( complete list of winners at  MSN TV ). If you did not watch it there was some memorable spots that was connected to the Avatar spot . One was the Governor of California  and the Terminator himself Arnold Schwarzenegger joking that half its gross receipts will go to address his state's current budget crisis and the other half to Cameron. Of therewere others like Mel Gibsons introfor the best director. And James speech that followed. 

Here is clip from TV Guide Broadband  on James Cameron reaction to the awards in a one on one interview.


ACE Eddies nominates Avatar, Star Trek, and District 9

12 Jan 2010

Once again Avatar, Star Trek, and District 9 Dominate an award nomination for best in film. This time it's the 59th ACE Eddies Awards (American Cinema Editors) for best edited feature film. If you are wondering what exactly ACE  is all about just like I was. It is just this;

(Info taken from ACE website)

ACE, the AMERICAN CINEMA EDITORS, is an honorary society of motion picture editors founded in 1950.  Film editors are voted into membership on the basis of their professional achievements, their dedication to the education of others and their commitment to the craft of editing.

These awards will be presented on February 14, 2010 at the Beverly Hilton CA. This is the third credible award organization that has awarded these three films top honors for best of film category. You think that there is a theme going here. Especially heading towards the big daddy of them all the Oscars.


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