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ABC Family 13 Days of Halloween Schedule

30 Sep 2013


As you have now notice in previous blogs I am finding out what the popular channels schedules for Halloween specials are and posting them. So in that respect here is yet another listing of spooky fun this time more for the whole family with ABC Family's 13 nights of Halloween schedule.


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Doctor Who the 9th Doctor Revisited

28 Sep 2013


The Doctors Revisited - Ninth Doctor' Trailer

Christopher Eccleston brought a new Doctor into a new century. Watch 'The Doctors Revisited - The Ninth Doctor' Sunday, September 29th at 8/7c, followed by two classic episodes from 2005.


AMC Fearfest Schedule

28 Sep 2013


Here is another fan favorite for horror fans of Halloween . It is AMC's Fearfest and here is the complete schedule for 2013.
(Just click the read more for the whole schedule)


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Google maps tour of the Tardis

14 Aug 2013


If you have not already heard there is a little easter egg for Google maps . Its the Tardis. If you pull up the Google map page and then type into the search box "Police Telephone Box" you will end up staring at a map of a London street where the Tardis had landed . By the way don't try Tardis . I did and came up with couple of other searches of legitimate businesses Go figure. Anyway if you don't want to type that in the search box here is the link for the map page itself (TARDIS LINK) . Which will take you directly outside the Tardis itself. Below I made a quick video which I uploaded to youtube using Quicktime to record the click motions and movements . Its not the greatest work I have done but it was fun doing and it does present you with an idea of what you can do with it.


Doctor Who: The Doctors Revisited – The Fourth Doctor

20 Apr 2013


I should of been posting these updates on the Dr Who Revisited specials all along and I am sorry for not updating and posting frequently. But what is done is done and it is time to get back into it . So since January. The first 3 of the Dr's have been reintroduced to the public with a short special on their character and a classic episode that featured them. Now comes the 4th and arguably the most popular of the Dr's. These are the Tom Baker years which will air on BBC America on Sunday, April 28, 8:00pm ET/PT. Mr Baker played the part the longest (1974–81) and most of what you see in the Dr today comes from his interpretation of the part. I remember as a kid watching these episodes on a PBS channel in NY . Most of my friends use to say why do you watch this stuff its not even American. I use to say yea it was cheesy but really good and watch it you soon like it. It took nearly 20 some what year but now they are all Dr Who fans . Go figure.
The special will be set up like the 3 previous ones . After the brief biography where stars and celebs (including some Drs of the past) chime in on Tom Bakers interpretation of the Dr there will be a classic episode. This one is the Pyramids of Mars which was the third serial of the 13th season of the British science fiction television series Doctor Who, which was first broadcast in four weekly parts from 25 October to 15 November 1975.


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