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South Korea Robot Land

30 Jan 2014



Here is something that I usually don't write about. Something that has to do with the real world . Well sort of . This has a science fiction type of feel to it. South Korea is planning to build a Robot Land theme park that is dedicated to .... Well .... Dedicated to everything robots.  Hmmmm Sort of like Westworld or Futureworld movies of the 70's. But I have no doubt that this park will have nothing like those movies but when I heard its building I could not help but muse offer the similarities. So for those that have no idea what these movies I mentioned are I for the fun of it included the trailers to the pre mentioned movies that reminded me of this project.

 The park that is now in the conceptional phase of the project is going to have according to the developers official website  (Robot Land) several facilities one of which will be an amusement park area. Also included are  and Exhibition Halls ,  Experimental Educational Centers , Laboratories and Sports Center etc.. I wonder wit we will be able to see robotic Taekwondo in the sports center. Now that would be something. I have to hand it to the South Koreans they have a futuristic vision that will fire up the imagination and the spirit of their young much like other Asian countries have done and are developing towards that goal. Something that the west has lost a bit for the moment.

The park itself is  projected to open sometime in 2016 . Now to start saving my pennies for a trip there.

The specifications of this park are as follows in the first image. The other images are concept drawings of what the park is suppose to look like after completion. With the exception of the convention booth pic.

Click images to enlarge.





Trailers of Westworld and Futureworld


SYFY OK’s another reality show

21 Sep 2011


SYFY channel has ordered a new series consisting of 6 shows called Dream Machines. The premise of the series will follow two brothers ( Marc and Shannon Parker ) who build vehicles for Sci-Fi movies and shows such as the iconic
Bat Pod from the Dark Knight and Trons Light Cycle. I found their website Parker Brothers Custom Choppers while trying to find out some info about the show. Poking around the site I saw some truly innovative designs including the before mentioned Light Cycle and Bat Pod.  It does peek my interest a bit since one of the fascination of Sci-Fi  cinema to me is the effort that goes on behind the scenes. So for now I will keep the line "oh no another reality show" to myself.

The About page on their site seems to sum up what they will be about on the first paragraph.

Parker Brothers Choppers was started by brothers Marc and Shanon Parker in an effort to create custom, one of a kind designs that would challenge the everyday thinking surrounding motorcycles and cars alike. Thinking outside the box had always been a part of any business in which the Parker Brothers have been involved. From a very young age they were tinkering with cars and motorcycles which later became a steady hobby for both of them. Shanon was an avid comics fan from a young age and was always interested in movie and TV vehicles as well. They built an "Eleanor" from "Gone in 60 seconds" as well as "KITT" from "Knight Rider" before moving on to motorcycles and choppers. They started out in the back of a paint shop with a space that is remembered as "smaller than a closet" by the brothers. "We had some good times there, but we were anxious to upgrade" says Parker. Once better quarters were located, the brothers set out to build something to showcase their talents


Seems SYFY is going more on the reality TV then original series these days . But if they need to,  a show like this of how Hollywood magic is made and the minds that mold  those concepts into reality is a good way to go.

Along with Dream Machines SYFY has also renewed two other of their reality programs. One Haunted Collector , which is like a Ghost Hunters Type of programing dealing with Haunted artifacts and Hollywood Treasures which deal with artifacts of the Hollywood type. Both will get a second season and both are expected to have 6 shows each.

Statement from Senior VP Tim Krusback

"We are excited to add another new unscripted series to our line-up, 'Dream Machines,' which will showcase how two brothers combine their skills and their imaginations to bring to life dream vehicles from iconic sci-fi films, as well as custom vehicles never-before-imagined," Tim Krubsack, Syfy's senior vice president of alternative programming, said in a statement. "We're seeing great success with our increased unscripted slate, with our viewers embracing shows like 'Hollywood Treasure,' which appeals to the sci-fi collector mindset, and the paranormal series 'Haunted Collector.'"

Read more at:



Star Trek on Wheels

18 Sep 2011

I was poking around on the net just browsing for stuff as usual when I came across a car made just like the shuttle craft. I said to myself holy Spock ears batman that is cool . I wonder if there are any more like that ? Lets find out. Doing several keyword on a google search came up with a handful of great photos that I found just so creative that I had to post them. Some of the photos I will admit are just painted tanks of motorcycles or cars just painted up with either art design or to mimic a shuttle. Also I think one is just a video game cycle in someones room. But I thought hey what the hell. They are just as cool as the vehicles. What do you think ?


Read More

A design that has 2001 Space Odyssey and Star Trek in mind

16 Sep 2011

Atlanta's a13 an interior design and architecture firm designed a futuristic office space for marketing agency the SuperGroup that is straight out of 2001 A Space Odyssey and Star Trek. The main corridor is based on the corridor from Space Odyssey that include the famous monolith at the end of it. Of Course this one has the SuperGroups logo on it. The doors to conference rooms were based of the door designs from Star Trek. The furniture is clearly a future based concept that slants towards the office shown in Space Odyssey among other Sci Fi renditions of futuristic societies. Clearly the design is meant to stimulate imagination , creativity and to give inspiration to think of the box a bit. So much better then the drab office cubicles of most office spaces. I would love just once to visit there just to experience first hand something like that or have employment in a building that has those working conditions.

Photos and source from core77


Sci Fi Air Show

24 Jul 2011

Bill George is a Visual Effects Supervisor at Industrial Light and Magic who worked on 6 Star Trek and 2 Star Wars films and has this wonderful site with Photoshop Photos called The Sci Fi Air Show.  Basically its a site with great and realistically detailed photoshop photos of Sci Fi and Fantasy vehicles or as the sites mission statements says

The SCI-FI AIR SHOW’s purpose is to preserve and promote the rich and varied history of Sci-Fi/fantasy vehicles. Through display and education we seek to celebrate the classic design and beauty of these ships and the rich imaginations that created them. When the cameras stopped rolling, many of these proud old ships were lost and forgotten. Please join us in working to keep these rare and beautiful birds soaring!

The ships are so real when I first saw them I thought . WOW someone made mock up ships and displayed them. Then I realized that it was created photos. I came across this site a couple of months ago but for some reason forgot it existed until I went searching for photos of the spacecraft from Space 1999 and images Eagle 4 came up from this site.  I was amazed once again with the detail of the photos that this time I made it a point to blog about it. I know some have probably seen these photos before but for those that are not aware of the site here is some gorgeous images to relish.

Oh yea if you go to the Sci FI Air Show you can also download some of these for your wallpaper on your computer.


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