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South Korea Robot Land

30 Jan 2014



Here is something that I usually don't write about. Something that has to do with the real world . Well sort of . This has a science fiction type of feel to it. South Korea is planning to build a Robot Land theme park that is dedicated to .... Well .... Dedicated to everything robots.  Hmmmm Sort of like Westworld or Futureworld movies of the 70's. But I have no doubt that this park will have nothing like those movies but when I heard its building I could not help but muse offer the similarities. So for those that have no idea what these movies I mentioned are I for the fun of it included the trailers to the pre mentioned movies that reminded me of this project.

 The park that is now in the conceptional phase of the project is going to have according to the developers official website  (Robot Land) several facilities one of which will be an amusement park area. Also included are  and Exhibition Halls ,  Experimental Educational Centers , Laboratories and Sports Center etc.. I wonder wit we will be able to see robotic Taekwondo in the sports center. Now that would be something. I have to hand it to the South Koreans they have a futuristic vision that will fire up the imagination and the spirit of their young much like other Asian countries have done and are developing towards that goal. Something that the west has lost a bit for the moment.


Nashville Comic Con 2013 Day 1

18 Oct 2013


Hey its been a long long time since I made one of these videos of an event around here. Sticking with the same type of format of mash ups with videos and stills in a slide show format I did in previous video's that I posted on Youtube . So here is the first day of the Comic Con here in Nashville sponsored by Wizard World in the new Music Center Convention Center.

See Wizard Worlds Nashville page for more info .


The Official STAR TREK Convention Nashville

04 Jun 2012

Once again Creation Entertainment is bringing Star Trek to Nashville's Opryland Resorts this weekend (Saturday & Sunday June 9-10, 2012) with some real big names in the ST universe . John Tenuto , John de Lancie ("Q") , Screenwriter Morgan Gendel, LeVar Burton (Geordi LaForge), Chase Masterson (Leeta of ST:DS9), Jonathan Frakes (Commander Riker), Marina Sirtis (Counselor Troi), George Takei (Sulu of classic Star Trek) , Nichelle Nichols (Uhura of classic Star Trek), and Avery Brooks (Sisko) will be attending this years event .
Last year was a blast and I am hoping to make it this year again. There was so much to do and all the merchants and people involved were fantastic. Plus The Opryland resort is always a treat to visit. Huge is not the word. Anyway I copied the activity list from the schedule listed on Creations site tickets are reasonable especially the general admission .

You can get your tickets here at Creations Web page for the Nashville event

2011 Star Trek Convention video I took last year. I was only there for a short time and I missed seeing William Shatner but still had a fantastic time.


Must Do’s for SCI FI junkies in Orlando

30 Apr 2012


After this vacation and learning that Disney is preparing to build an Avatar Land it dawned on my that there is so much for us SCI FI nuts that you can not avoid around the Orlando area. Most of them are in Universal and there is some in the Disney Parks. Over the years I have traveled with my family a number of times to the area and I have been lucky enough that my family likes the same stuff that I do. So it is real easy to become a kid once again and do all that geeky/nerdy/sci fi/ F-en awesome SH*T without any problems. So without going into to much detail on what is what . I will just list the rides in the parks they belong to and if possible find a Youtube video of them to give you an idea of what they are about via excerpts from the descriptions on Wikipedia. And these days that should be easy. Its like almost everyone post their vids of their experiences up on Youtube and there is always someone writing in Wiki in reliable and exact detail about those attractions these days. Since this is a lengthy one and most likely will have some add ons in the future as I find more and more I have broken this into pages with each of the attractions having their own page. You can go either find the ride your interested in by title or just click the next page. 


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