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Star Wars Episode 1 3D Review

12 Feb 2012

Rating: ★★★★☆

This one of those movies that is great on its own and would of been fantastic to see in 3D if the 3D was not done so lame. When I say lame I mean it looked like what I get when I use my convert 2D to 3D option on my LG TV with passive glasses (same ones you get in the theaters) which converts High Def or Blu Ray pictures into a quasi 3D . It's really cool but no where like if you put a 3D DVD on and play it. You can tell the difference. The picture is much more vibrant and the 3D effects are extremely sharp and realistic in most cases. That said , I am not saying the 3D experience was a waste of money . I just think that with the pod race and the some of the space scenes they could of done more then do a 2D to 3D conversion on it . They kind of blew it I think if the goal was to to sell more DVD's in the end. I know George Lucas wanted the 3D to be more a background feature instead of an in your face type of experience but like the for mentioned scenes there were opportunities to really exploit the technology to make it a fun like ride experience with out sacrificing other areas of the movie.
That said seeing episode 1 with my kids on the big screen once again was quite enjoyable. It was and still is a solid Star Wars movie to begin with and if you are a geek like I am it is one that you go to see just to enjoy the memory of seeing it on the big screen. I don't know if I would run out and get the 3D version of the DVD when it becomes available they would have to really enhance it with some bonus features to tempt me. Especially when I can hit the 2D to 3D conversion button and get the same results with a Blu Ray version of the movie. So I will give it 4 out of 5 stars . Just because it is a great Sci fi film to start with.

On a side note. Not every theater carries the special 3D glasses which I found out the hard way . Bummer.


Underworld: Awakening Review

22 Jan 2012

Rating: ★★½☆☆ and another star if you liked seeing Kate Beckinsale in that black tight fitting outfit.

This happen to be the more bloodiest one of the Underworld series. And I got to see this in 3D so the blood splatters seem to float right in front of you. FYI as fun as 3Ds are and I am one of those 3D junkies this one could of been seen in 2D with the same effect. The movie itself was a continuation of the Underworld series (see plot below for more on it). Full of fast pace action... strike that the scenes for the most part tried to be fast pace but some were dragged out and so over the top that they seemed to lull you to sleep a bit  and like I said lots of gore and blood. Me.  I am not a big fan of over the top gore but I know there are many that love to go to movies to see that. I thought the effects however was really well done especially some of the horror make up and gore scenes. I will have to admit that. It also sets up an interesting sequel to this plot with the introduction of the humans to the Lycan / Vampire war which most likely would be an all out brawl for the dominance of the planet. The humans are painted more in a negative light as they unite against the Lycans and Vampires and try to exterminate them both from existence.


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Day 2 of the Nashville Comic Con and Horror Fest

03 Oct 2011

So the second day at the Nashville Comic Con and Horror Fest was as good as the first. Pretty much the same vendors as the first even the cast of the Walking Dead was still there. This time I got to speak with Mrs Jones (Keisha Tills) for a bit and she thank us for watching the series. Seems like the whole panel of the Walking Dead were very gracious and had an up beat attitude that was contagious. Not bad for a bunch of zombies. The rest of the day I spent getting to know some of the vendors , checking out in brief the Dr Who panel and finally talking to some of the artist. One in particular that was real friendly and was really willing to talk about his work was author Bill Cain. An Iraqi vet that followed his love of writing after retiring from the service . Some of his writing is of his time in the service but he also wrote some tales that were fiction. One was a novel called I Know Why the Dogwoods Blush a supernatural thriller and the other is a comic called Void. I could not help but to notice a comment on the about page by Stan Lee himself.

I dig the title “Void”– it’s compelling, original and has an air of dark mystery to it. The art looks terrific and I suspect your title character will have a whole kaboodle of secrets we’ll be unravelling as the series goes by. It’s a provocative beginning and I’ll be following with great interest to see where the talented Bill Cain and his
oh-so-promising creation Void are gonna take us

Bill Cains

After the insightful talk I had with Bill Cain I meandered a couple of tables up to an artist who also started his own comic book company named Clint Basinger of Cosmic Mustache Comics. Spread out on his table were sketches and paintings of various characters form shows , movies , you name it he did. Which I had to get the one of an Alien form the Alien movies which also came with a comic of my choice ( I chose the comic Tricker ) which were both signed and dated by Clint. Next was the Dr Who Panel. A little disappointing in that I thought there were going to be people associated with the show but it was interesting and enjoyable never the less. In fact it was 4 girls dressed in Dr Whovian type of wears whose names I did not get that were huge fans of the show from what I gathered. If anyone has a any info about them please post a comment. That is what you get when you walk in late and leave early because of an antsy 5 year old that can not sit still for one of those Q and A gatherings. But they seemed to have a good knowledge of the show especially of the last 3 Dr's. After browsing once again and checking out some more stuff , speaking to some more vendors, and buying some Zombie shirts from World of Strange (Zombie Smurf shirt and Zombie Trek) it was time to leave and say to myself . I can not wait till next years Nashville Comic Con and Horror Fest.

Clint Basinger


Dr Who Panel


SYFY cancels 6th season of Eureka

27 Aug 2011

Eureka has been a huge hit for the network dedicated to Sci Fi and like shows. The SYFY network which is now currently running Season 4.5 (I guess that is what they are calling these abbreviated seasons these days) said they will not stay with the show and won't sign a season 6 despite plans to originally go ahead with at least 6 more episodes. At first there was a flurry of news that there would be at least 6 episodes for season 6 but for some odd reason and it can not be for ratings sake since it is one of the more hotter of the shows on SYFY they decided to decline any more seasons.

SYFY's official response to this is as follows ;


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Recapping Lenord Nemoy Live Streaming From Las Vegas 2011

14 Aug 2011

What a wonderful treat this one was. And what a wonderful actor and human being Leonard Nimoy is. This being his last Las Vegas Star trek Convention for reasons he only knows and we as fans should respect and not speculate was one of those magical moments that I wished I would have been there in person.
The show started with an film intro of Leonard Nimoy in a bath robe in a comical theatric short music video set to the music by Bruno Mars “The Lazy Song”(Video embedded below). Actually its the official alternate song if you want to get technical in which Leonard Nimoy goes about his life in his robe without a care in the world and looking more like Walter Matthau in the old Odd Couple movie then what we think of when we think of Leonard Nimoy. A great humorous way to start the event and a great way to let people know that he has a lighter side.

Bruno Mars Video starring Leonard Nimoy


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