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Transformers : Dark of the Moon Reveiw

15 Jul 2011

Rating: ★★★½☆

So the 3rd Transformers movie is out and it did not dissapoint. It was a great action sci fi flick with all those things you expect from the Transformers franchise. Sadly it has all the little things I also expected from the Transformers series.

The Negatives

Well I guess I will start with the bad stuff of the movie. Like Shia LaBeouf character Sam Witwicky and his lame life story with a woman that none of us in real life that have no money would ever get. In my opinion they should drop that side plot all together or focus much less on the hero saves the girl plot and get on to more meat and potatoes about the autobots. And while I am at it lose the complaining wining of the character all the time. It really was a turn off on what was other wise a good solid movie.

Another negative would be trying to hard to interject ghetto humor into the robots. It just seemed a little off at time like it was forced into the plot an out of place. I have to admit in some parts of the movie it was funny but in other parts it seemed to lose it's appeal and made the scene drag. Another turn off of the plot was for some reason there is always a nitwit in charge of the Autobots as a human commander. This time it was a woman (Frances McDormand as Charlotte Mearing )
that was formally the head of the CIA. Yea I am for the bashing and making fun of the government at times because they sometimes deserve it but hitting that punchline once to often in the series is just tiresome.

The positives:

Hearing Lenord Nemoy once again play the voice of a Transformer. If you did not know this he once played the voice of Galvatron in the 1986 Animated Movie of the Transformers series. This time he played Sentinel Prime  who was Optimus Prime's predecessor who eventually turns against the Autobots for the sake of  saving Cybortron their home planet. A quick game for Nimoy fans. Look for some Star Trek references. I saw two. There may have been more of them that I missed but I am certain of at least 2 of them. One was somewhere in the beginning of the movie where two little Autobots were flicking through channels and came across an old Star Trek episode in which they commented something to the effect and I do not remember the exact words " I remember this one its when Spock loses control" Or "Turns evil" . And the other was his famous line from the Star Trek movies made famous in the Wrath of Khan " The needs of the many out way the needs of the few". This time he referenced the line in justifying his plan to make a slave race out of the humans.


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The Genesis of Doctor Who

15 Jun 2011

In the BBC archives is a interesting  series of documents and articles dealing with the The Genesis of Doctor Who | Creating a science fiction hero . I found it quite revealing on how some of the execs at the time viewed the good doctor and how the audience slowly grew over the years. It seems the series was not an overnight success . Matter of fact you will find that the series first 4 part mini series had a relatively small number but it was the second story with the Daleks that propelled the Dr into fame and fortune.  That bit of trivia came form the Did you Know section of the Audience reaction report.

The first episode of 'Doctor Who' attracted a modest 4.4 million viewers, but the ratings did rise slowly as the four-part serial progressed. It was with the second story, however, that the series began to gain an ardent following. The introduction of those perennial villains the Daleks added over 6 million viewers to the ratings.



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X-Men First Class Review

10 Jun 2011


Rating: ★★★★½

What can I say. It was as good or better then the first X-Men movie. It had that marvel touch to it that showed the conflict of humanity with anything different, solid super hero action , a good story line all be it was embellished a bit, and the actors played their parts as well as you could expect them to. All except James McAvory who played Professor Charles Xavier. At times thought he was a little flat, boring, and pompous . But that was not enough to take away from the total experience and his role. This is a must see for the X-Men fans and must see for action hero fans in general. I can even say people who have no liking of such movies may take a liking to it. Example given my mother who was watching the grand kids even liked it and she is stuck in the 50's and below movies. There is a plug for a movie if I ever heard one.

There was a couple of surprises one was the appearance of Wolverine . Ina small cameo Professor X and Magnioto go on a mission to recruit mutants. Walking into a bar where there is Hugh Jackman hanging out. The second they try to introduce themselves he tells them to go Bleep Off and they walk out. A good bone and chuckle for the loyal . The other was how the Professor ends up in the wheel chair.

So over all assessment

Good script
Rivals the first movie
Characters done right
Action sequences just right
Besides some liberties taking with the comics it at least kept true to Marvels format


Plot Summery from Wikipedia

At a German concentration camp in occupied Poland in 1944, scientist Dr. Schmidt[4] observes young Erik Lensherr bend a metal gate with his mind when the child is separated from his parents. In his office, Schmidt orders Lensherr to similarly move a metal coin on a desk, and kills his mother when the child cannot. Lensherr's out-of-control magnetic power manifests, killing two guards and destroying the room, much to Schmidt's delight. Meanwhile, in a Westchester County, New York mansion, young telepath Charles Xavier meets homeless young shape-shifter Raven. Overjoyed to meet someone else "different" like him, he invites her to live with his family.
In 1962, an adult Lensherr has begun tracking down former Nazis, hoping to find Schmidt and take revenge. Meanwhile, in England, Oxford University graduate Xavier is publishing his thesis on mutation; his foster sister Raven, a waitress, lives with him. In Las Vegas, CIA agent Moira MacTaggert follows U.S. Army Colonel Hendry into the Hellfire Club, where she sees Sebastian Shaw, Emma Frost, and Azazel. After Shaw threatens Hendry, Azazel disappears with the officer; moments later Hendry is in the War Room, advocating that the U.S. install nuclear missiles in Turkey. Shaw later kills Hendry, revealing himself as Schmidt and demonstrating the energy-absorbing mutant power that has de-aged him.
MacTaggert, seeking Xavier's advice on mutation, introduces him and Raven to the CIA, where they convince Director McCone that mutants exist and Shaw is a threat. Though McCone refuses to employ the mutants, they are sponsored by the unnamed "Man in Black Suit", another CIA executive. Xavier tracks Shaw down, arriving in time to stop Lensherr, who had attacked Shaw, from drowning as Shaw escapes. Xavier brings Lensherr to the CIA's secret "Division X" facility. They meet young scientist Hank McCoy, a prehensile-footed mutant whom Xavier inadvertently outs as a mutant. McCoy, developing a bond with Raven, promises her he will find a way to normalize their appearance. Xavier uses a mutant-locating device, Cerebro, to find and recruit mutants for training to stop Shaw. He and Lensherr find stripper Angel Salvadore; taxi driver Armando Muñoz, who takes the code name Darwin; Army prisoner Alex Summers, who calls himself Havok; and Sean Cassidy, who dubs himself Banshee. Raven takes the name Mystique.
When Frost meets with a Soviet general, Xavier and Lensherr capture her. Meanwhile, Azazel, Riptide and Shaw attack Division X, killing everyone but the young mutants and offering them the chance to join him. Angel accepts, and when Darwin tries to rescue her, Shaw kills him. With the facility destroyed, Xavier takes the mutants to train at his family mansion. McCoy devises protective uniforms and a stealth jet.
During the Cuban Missile Crisis, President John F. Kennedy institutes a blockade to stop a Soviet freighter from moving nuclear missiles to Cuba. Shaw, wearing a helmet that foils Xavier's telepathy, accompanies the Soviet fleet to ensure the missiles arrive, trying to trigger World War III and mutant ascendency. Raven tries to seduce Lensherr, but he turns down her advances, and convinces her to embrace her nature as a mutant. McCoy soon offers Raven his cure for her appearance, but she refuses. The cure backfires on McCoy, rendering him a leonine beast. Though ashamed of his new appearance, he pilots the mutants and MacTaggert to the blockade line. In an ensuing battle with Shaw, Lensherr takes the helmet for himself, allowing Xavier to immobilize Shaw. Despite Xavier's objections, Lensherr kills Shaw by forcing the concentration camp coin through his brain.
Fearing the mutants, the fleets fire their missiles at them. In a struggle, Xavier keeps Lensherr from destroying the fleets with the missiles, but when MacTaggert fires at Lensherr, a deflected bullet hits Xavier in the spine. Lensherr, remorseful, leaves with Mystique, Angel, Riptide and Azazel. A wheelchair-bound Xavier and the mutants return to the mansion, where he intends to open a school. MacTaggert promises to never reveal his location and they kiss; at the CIA later, she says she has no clear memory of recent events. Lensherr, in a uniform with the helmet and calling himself Magneto, breaks Frost from confinement.


BBC America adds some new Sci Fi and brings some old ones back to us

31 May 2011

Back in December BBC America made a major announcement that they were committed to enhancing their Sci Fi line up. In a posted letter that states

BBC AMERICA has long showcased the best of British sci-fi with such hit series as Doctor Who, Torchwood, and Being Human. Today it further demonstrates its commitment to the genre with the announcement of a refreshed primetime sci-fi slate for Supernatural Saturdays. In this slot, the channel will roll out three all new co-productions, Primeval, Outcasts,and Bedlam.It will also be home for new seasons of previous co-productions Doctor Who and Being Human. And as previously announced, BBC AMERICA will premiere the highly anticipated Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol on Christmas Day, the same day as its UK broadcast.


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Thor Review

11 May 2011


Rating: ★★★★☆


When seeing the coming attractions I was not expecting anything special. Surprise !!!!!!!!!! Thor was way better then I expected. Way better. There was areas where I thought ok there is going to be a let down and there was not. Chris Hemsworth played Thor as he should have been played and Anthony Hopkins was superb as Oden. Yea there was some scenes that I thought was set up for the girls in the house but those could be excused (the reason for the minusing a star).And there was one scene towards the end when Thors friends came to rescue him from his banishment on Earth. It had sort of a seventies cheese feel to it.  One thing though . When seeing this movie you must stay all the way till the credits end. I convinced this may be a hint of what the Avenger movie may be about. Hint it deals with Loki.


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