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The Physics of Space Battles

26 Sep 2014

Physics of space battles


Have you ever imagined yourself in a battle in space.  Or injecting yourself into a scene from Star Wars or Star Trek where all those explosions and cool colored flashes of light create a painting of dazzling brilliance in the dark canvas of space.  Well that image that sells all those movie and TV shows maybe a tad on the wrong side.  Hmmmm.  Maybe much more then a tad. This video "The Physics of Space Battles" form It's Okay To Be Smart that I saw on one of my favorite Facebook pages and blog pages From Quark to Quasars explains  a little about how under our current understanding of physics and space what it may actually look like.


NASA physicist unveil warp-speed craft design

13 Jun 2014


I saw this on a couple of blogging sites and on CNN News on how a NASA physicist in visions what a warped ship may look like if we were to ever build one. His influence was of course Star Trek and the artist Mark Rademaker drew this conceptional design of the warped vehicle. If you noticed and how can you not the design is very much like the USS Enterprise . Matter of fact he named his rendered ship the Enterprise in honor of the legendary iconic ship.

In the CNN report Harold White has been working since 2010 to develop a warp drive that will allow spacecraft to travel at speeds faster than light -- 186,000 miles per second.

White, who heads NASA's Advanced Propulsion Team, spoke about his conceptual starship at a conference last fall. But interest in his project reached a new level this week when he unveiled images of what the craft might look like.

In his speech, White described space warps as faraway galaxies that can bend light around them. They work on the principle of bending space both in front of and behind a spacecraft. This would essentially allow for the empty space behind the craft to expand, both pushing and pulling it forward at the same time. The concept is similar to that of an escalator or moving walkway.


South Korea Robot Land

30 Jan 2014



Here is something that I usually don't write about. Something that has to do with the real world . Well sort of . This has a science fiction type of feel to it. South Korea is planning to build a Robot Land theme park that is dedicated to .... Well .... Dedicated to everything robots.  Hmmmm Sort of like Westworld or Futureworld movies of the 70's. But I have no doubt that this park will have nothing like those movies but when I heard its building I could not help but muse offer the similarities. So for those that have no idea what these movies I mentioned are I for the fun of it included the trailers to the pre mentioned movies that reminded me of this project.

 The park that is now in the conceptional phase of the project is going to have according to the developers official website  (Robot Land) several facilities one of which will be an amusement park area. Also included are  and Exhibition Halls ,  Experimental Educational Centers , Laboratories and Sports Center etc.. I wonder wit we will be able to see robotic Taekwondo in the sports center. Now that would be something. I have to hand it to the South Koreans they have a futuristic vision that will fire up the imagination and the spirit of their young much like other Asian countries have done and are developing towards that goal. Something that the west has lost a bit for the moment.


Trek Nation – A Sons Discovery

02 Dec 2011

The other night when flicking through channels on my TV I came across accidentally on a show called Trek Nation that was aired on the Science Channel or Sci (the channels logo) Channel. It is one of those cable/satellite channels that many may not know about but is one of those like the History channel that is fun to watch when your in one of those cerebral moods .


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The Genesis Of Science Fiction In Films

23 Sep 2011

Most people have no idea how science fiction was started in film. The genre itself is one that has been considered for a long time to be something that the serious filmmaker or those of higher taste could not take seriously. A great example of that is the way the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences treats the genre in general. Although if you really take a look at the history of science fiction. It has shown when a film or series was taking seriously or to precise was given serious thought when made, major contributions to society were made. One obvious example that comes to mind is the Star Trek communicator . Look at our cell phones today especially the flip style cell phone that started in the late 90’s (Motorola’s StarTAC, created in 1996) or the iPads, flat screen TV’s etc…. You think that any other of those genres could entice or stimulate the imaginations of so many to come up with such devices. To me that in itself puts this genre ahead of any other. That is why it was fascinating for me to go back to the grass roots of the industry to see where it all began and take a look at the first 20 odd years that these films were made.


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