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Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Trailer 2013 Movie

30 May 2013


August 7, 2013

Percy Jackson, the son of the Greek god Poseidon embarks on a journey with his friends to retrieve the Golden Fleece to save their training ground, Camp Half-Blood. They must travel to the Sea of Monsters, and find the challenges that may await them


  • Logan Lerman as Percy Jackson, the demigod son of Poseidon.
  • Brandon T. Jackson as Grover Underwood, Percy's best friend, a satyr.
  • Alexandra Daddario as Annabeth Chase, the demigod daughter of Athena.
  • Douglas Smith as Tyson, Percy's half brother.
  • Leven Rambin as Clarisse La Rue, the demigod daughter of Ares.

Other half-bloods

  • Jake Abel as Luke Castellan, the demigod son of Hermes.
  • Zoe Aggeliki as Silena Beauregard, daughter of Aphrodite
  • Paloma Kwiatkowski as Thalia Grace, the demigod daughter of Zeus


  • Stanley Tucci as Mr. D (Dionysus), god of wine and director of Camp Half-Blood
  • Nathan Fillion as Hermes, Luke's father, the god of thieves, travelers, and messengers.
  • Sean Bean as Zeus, Lord of the Sky, King of the twelve gods of Mount Olympus and brother of Poseidon and Hades

Mythical creatures

  • Anthony Head as Chiron, the activities director at Camp Half Blood. Chiron is a Centaur.
  • Robert Maillet as Polyphemus, the Cyclops that owns Circeland and is guarding the Golden Fleece
  • Derek Mears as Cyclops.
  • Missi Pyle, Yvette Nicole Brown and Mary Birdsong as the Graeae, owner of the Chariot of Damnation that will be used by Percy and his friends to sneak out of camp.

Plot and Character descriptions from Wikipedia


Star Trek Into Darkness Review

18 May 2013


Rating: ★★★★★

When I go into a movie and sit down and get blown away from the opening scene till the end of the movie and leave with only being disappointed because it ended then I know I have seen something that will be a block buster and go down in the books as one of the greatest films ever. Star Trek Into Darkness was one of these films and without any exaggerations I would dare to say the best in franchise history. Not only was it great it was clever on how they played on the alternate universe both separating this version of Star Trek as distinctly different and at the same time being honest and truthful to the spirit of the original . Honestly I cannot find flaw in this one. Even with the recreation of Khans character which I usually cant stand. But JJ Abrahams and the writers have to be commended on their interpretation. The movie itself was a work of art visually and full of action that would excite even the non-trekies. The story arc was clever and full of poignant moments that brought a soul to the film. Especially the play on Kirks and Spocks characters. All in all this fill got five stars and if I could would give it more. It is so far the must see movie of the year. Other films would be hard press to out do this one.

Plot from Wikipedia . Be warn severe spoiler in this one.


The USS Enterprise is sent to the planet Nibiru to observe a primitive civilization. Captain James T. Kirk violates the Prime Directive when Spock's life is jeopardized, exposing the Enterprise to the planet's civilization during the rescue. Called back to Earth, Kirk is demoted to first officer and Admiral Christopher Pike re-assumes command of the Enterprise. The two attend an emergency meeting at Starfleet Command to discuss the bombing of a secret Section 31 installation in London, perpetrated by former Starfleet agent John Harrison. The meeting is attacked by a small gunship piloted by Harrison, who kills Pike. Kirk neutralizes the gunship, but Harrison flees. With Pike dead, Kirk is reinstated as the Enterprise's captain. Discovering that Harrison has fled to the Klingon homeworld of Kronos, Kirk receives special permission from Admiral Alexander Marcus to hunt down Harrison. The Enterprise is supplied with 72 long-range prototype photon torpedoes, and is ordered to fire them at Harrison's location once he is found, however Scotty, Spock, Bones and Uhura convince Kirk to capture rather than kill Harrison.
Arriving at Kronos, an away team comprised of Kirk, Spock, and Uhura land to find Harrison, but are surrounded by Klingons. Harrison wipes out the Klingons and confronts the away team, but surrenders after learning the precise number of photon torpedoes (Sulu claims to have) aimed at him. Returning to the Enterprise, Harrison reveals his true identity as Khan, a genetically engineered superhuman who was awakened from his 300-year cryosleep by Admiral Marcus to develop advanced weapons for war against the Klingon Empire. The torpedoes are found to contain cryogenic pods with his colleagues inside, held hostage by Marcus.
The Enterprise is soon intercepted by an unmarked Federation drednought, the USS Vengeance, designed by Khan and commanded by Admiral Marcus. Marcus demands Kirk hand over Khan, but Kirk refuses. The Enterprise warps to Earth to have Khan stand trial, but is attacked by the Vengeance mid-warp, exiting 237,000 km from Earth. With the Enterprise severely damaged, Kirk offers to hand over Khan and the 72 pods in exchange for the lives of his crew, but Marcus refuses and orders the Enterprise's destruction. The Vengeance suddenly suffers a power outage caused by Montgomery Scott, who had infiltrated the ship after following coordinates given by Khan to Kirk. Kirk allies himself with Khan and boards the Vengeance, where they take the bridge. Khan betrays Kirk and takes control of the Vengeance, killing Marcus.
Khan negotiates with Spock, beaming Kirk and his boarding party back to the Enterprise in exchange for the 72 torpedoes, planning to destroy the Enterprise. Spock instead beams armed torpedoes to the Vengeance, keeping the cryo-pods on the Enterprise, having learned from Spock Prime of his experience with Khan in his parallel time-frame beforehand and becomes aware that Khan is 'mad' and cannot be trusted. The torpedoes incapacitate the Vengeance, and both damaged ships start descending towards Earth. Kirk re-aligns the Enterprise's warp core, enabling the crew to regain control of the ship, but contracts fatal radiation poisoning in the process. The Vengeance crashes in downtown San Francisco, where Spock pursues Khan on foot. Leonard McCoy experiments on a Tribble discovering that Khan's blood may save Kirk, while Uhura aids an enraged Spock in subduing Khan.
In the aftermath, Kirk is revived and returns to duty as captain of the Enterprise. Khan is sealed into his cryogenic pod and stored away with his colleagues. As the film ends, a restored Enterprise is re-christened and departs for a five-year mission of exploration.


Star Wars , Disney , and New Movies ?

08 Nov 2012

Disney made a major announcement last week that they had purchased Lucasfilms for the amount of 4.05 billion dollars and stock shares. With that Disney now owns Star Wars and all rights there in and it is with out saying that the purchase of the famed production company and the epic franchise came with mixed emotions from many . But the nay sayers and haters have to love the news that came with the purchase that Disney plans to proceed with another trilogy of the Star Wars saga the first of which should be out in 2015. harrison Ford already has been quoted that he is willing to resume his role of Solo and when a reporter asked the question to Carrie Fischer would she resume her role . She replied "Of Course. Wouldn't you"? Mark Hammill had talked to George Lucas about the purchase before hand and said he was told of Disney's plans and also wants to be involved in the new film. This all said the buzz is that they are getting old and what role they could play ?
Well Harrison Ford proved even at his age he could still be a formidable actor and Fischer and Hammill are still of the age where they can fit right into their roles with no problem. Of course newer characters maybe sons /daughters / apprentices would have to be introduced and C3PO, R2D2, and Chewie would also have to be included (and are little easier to cast) to make it an action flick of non stop, heart stopping, comic book goodness that we loved from the original movies.
As far as Disney. They have done right by the acquisition of Marvel and Pixar. Keeping faithful those companies style that made them famous. So there should be no reason why they would not do the same with Star Wars .


Star Trek TNG in theaters July 23rd

02 Jun 2012

Star Trek The Next Generation episodes " Where no man has gone before" and "Datalore" will be in theaters across the nation for one night only in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the series along with a Blu Ray release of season one of TNG. It is said that the Blu Ray release will be so rich and the restoration so perfect that its of theater quality. Both episodes were hand picked by Mike and Denise Okuda who have contributed to Star Trek TNG and the Star Trek universe in so many areas. Mike Okuda is famous for the GUI of the fictional LCARS computer system used throughout the Enterprise-D and other Starfleet starships and also the the Heisenberg compensator as a way to "explain" how Star Trek's fictional transporter might work, despite the limitation of the uncertainty principle. Denise is co-author of the Star Trek Encyclopedia , served as a consultant to CBS on the project to upgrade Star Trek: The Next Generation to high definition and worked on Star Trek: Enterprise, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, and four Star Trek movies.

According to Star fans will be treated to a sneak peak of the second series to be released on Blu-Ray also. For more on this check out

Where No One Has Gone Before



Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Review

19 Feb 2012

Rating: ★★½☆☆

It never makes sense to me when you have a movie that has all the tools to make it a great film but ends up being a dud. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance is one of those. The movie had a solid plot but the rest of the movie except for some bright spots was hard to watch. First of all when will directors learn that some films should not be artsy like in nature. This film tried to hard to be something it should of never been which made it hard to watch at times. It felt like Cloverfeild and the first Hulk movie all wrapped up in one. To many quick zoom in and zoom out shots along with shaky camera tricks for my taste. It did not work for those films why the hell did any one think it would work for this one. Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor should of known better.

The film loosely connected itself with the first but there was to much of the character of the Ghost Rider and Johnny Blaze that was changed that made many in the audience I was in asking WTF am I watching. If they were doing a reboot then they should of actually started in the beginning with a new actor and script. One of the changes that made little sense to me is in the charter himself . In the first Ghost Rider movie released in 2007 the the Devil, Mephistopheles (Peter Fonda), sends his bounty hunter of the damned, the Ghost Rider, to retrieve a contract for a thousand corrupt souls from the town of San Venganza. Because the nature of the contract would give Mephisto the power to bring Hell to Earth, the Rider refuses to give him the contract and goes into hiding. In this version the Ghost Rider is possessed by an angel from God that spent time in Hell and went insane. It kind of negated the premise of the charter that was established already . One that I thought could of been built on to make a great movie. Also the Devil himself is one of those changes made from the first movie . He is called Roarke in this one as played by CiarĂ¡n Hinds. You can almost get away with this one since evil goes by many names but the story arc of the Johnny Blaze/Ghost Riders genesis with the Devil was also fudged a bit to fit this movie.

Another significant change came in the charters profile of Johnny Blaze himself. This movie made him look like a crazed crack/ heroine addict looking for fixes. Granted having a demon in you would drive you a bit mad but there was something endearing about the way Johnny Blaze was portrayed in the first movie. The absent minded coolness and care free spirit . Something that was sorely missed in this film. There should of not been that total departure of the characters core structure.

It was not all bad though . There was some highlights that are worth mentioning. The ending fight sequence was well done. The fact that the Ghost Rider can turn any vehicle into an extension of himself like a huge crane or truck was cool. And then there was the French priest played by Idris Elba which was amazing. His portrayal of the character was one that saved the film from totally tanking out. It was shame they killed him off at the end It would of been something they could of used to salvage the franchise if they chose to do another film.

So bottom line is I tried hard to give this a 3 or 4 star but I could not. This film failed . It was like being given the Hope Diamond and using it for industrial drilling. If you expect a sequel of the first Ghost Rider you will be disappointed. The shot sequences are shaky and there was a huge amount of artsy type of shots however cool some were that were just wrong for this movie. The character was changed just enough to confuse most audience in the theater and to be honest with you it was a weak ass script with a strong plot. So this film gets 2 and half stars out of 5.


Johnny Blaze, still struggling with the curse of being the Ghost Rider, is hiding out in a remote part of Eastern Europe when a secret sect of the church asks him to save a boy from the devil. At first Johnny is reluctant to use his power, but it's the only way to save the boy and possibly rid himself of this curse forever


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