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Day 2 of the Nashville Comic Con and Horror Fest

03 Oct 2011

So the second day at the Nashville Comic Con and Horror Fest was as good as the first. Pretty much the same vendors as the first even the cast of the Walking Dead was still there. This time I got to speak with Mrs Jones (Keisha Tills) for a bit and she thank us for watching the series. Seems like the whole panel of the Walking Dead were very gracious and had an up beat attitude that was contagious. Not bad for a bunch of zombies. The rest of the day I spent getting to know some of the vendors , checking out in brief the Dr Who panel and finally talking to some of the artist. One in particular that was real friendly and was really willing to talk about his work was author Bill Cain. An Iraqi vet that followed his love of writing after retiring from the service . Some of his writing is of his time in the service but he also wrote some tales that were fiction. One was a novel called I Know Why the Dogwoods Blush a supernatural thriller and the other is a comic called Void. I could not help but to notice a comment on the about page by Stan Lee himself.

I dig the title “Void”– it’s compelling, original and has an air of dark mystery to it. The art looks terrific and I suspect your title character will have a whole kaboodle of secrets we’ll be unravelling as the series goes by. It’s a provocative beginning and I’ll be following with great interest to see where the talented Bill Cain and his
oh-so-promising creation Void are gonna take us

Bill Cains

After the insightful talk I had with Bill Cain I meandered a couple of tables up to an artist who also started his own comic book company named Clint Basinger of Cosmic Mustache Comics. Spread out on his table were sketches and paintings of various characters form shows , movies , you name it he did. Which I had to get the one of an Alien form the Alien movies which also came with a comic of my choice ( I chose the comic Tricker ) which were both signed and dated by Clint. Next was the Dr Who Panel. A little disappointing in that I thought there were going to be people associated with the show but it was interesting and enjoyable never the less. In fact it was 4 girls dressed in Dr Whovian type of wears whose names I did not get that were huge fans of the show from what I gathered. If anyone has a any info about them please post a comment. That is what you get when you walk in late and leave early because of an antsy 5 year old that can not sit still for one of those Q and A gatherings. But they seemed to have a good knowledge of the show especially of the last 3 Dr's. After browsing once again and checking out some more stuff , speaking to some more vendors, and buying some Zombie shirts from World of Strange (Zombie Smurf shirt and Zombie Trek) it was time to leave and say to myself . I can not wait till next years Nashville Comic Con and Horror Fest.

Clint Basinger


Dr Who Panel


Top 5 Funniest Zombie Shirts

02 Oct 2011

While I was at the Nashville Comic Con and Horror Fest I ran across a vendor there that had some really hilarious shirts and some really cool ones also. The vendor was called World of Strange (fantastic Apparel). And let me tell you it was hard not to buy some shirts off of them. It got me thinking hmmmmm there are so many wild zombie shirts that are just hilarious let me see how many I could find. Well I rounded the number to 5 that I thought Stood out amongst the rest. The first 2 and I think they are the best are the ones I saw from World of Strange's vending booth at the Comic Con.

1. Smurf Zombies - Oh man did I roll when I saw this one. You got to love the humor in the fact that brainy is being chased by a swarm of Smurf Zombies.

2. Gone With the Dead. Also from World of Strange. A spoof of the classic movie Gone with the Wind.

Another two I found at Shirt Shovel which were pretty hilarious among the 37 they got listed on their site were.

3. Zombies Hate Fast Food. I guess that is for the classic slow zombies not the fast ones that have been in recent movies.

4. Bring Out your Undead. Only because I am a Monty Python fan and loved Monty Python and  the Holy Grail.

And last but not least is one I saw at a site called Think Geek.

5.He's Undead Jim . The last was a tough one because there were a couple of more in the running including some other Zombie Trek shirts. Just the play on the He's Dead Jim phrase is great.

So there you have it my top 5 pick of funny zombie shirts.


Primeval: New World (Pimeval Spinoff)

17 Sep 2011


Primeval: New World is a spinoff of the cult British Sci Fi series Primeval that will be a Canadian ventrure. It will be a co-production between Impossible Pictures and Omni Film Productions for Space. Of course this will have the same plot setting as the original where a team has to investigate and stop animals that travel through time anomalies that pop up. Being one of my favorite of the British Sci FI . I hope it makes it way to BBC America or the SYFY channel. There is not much more that I could find out about this but what is stated on the press release pasted below. This is one of those stories that are now on my watch list for updates and news . So when anything new pops up about it I will post in later blogs.
As for Primeval itself it is unclear if there will be  a series 6 . co-creator Adrian Hodges has indicated according to that the finale of Series 5 will serve as an ending, but if the show does get a sixth series, it is unlikely to air until 2013.

Press Release for Primeval New World also see Space's website


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Site migration and Update News

19 Aug 2011

I generally do not use the blog to announce any site news at all. I leave that to post in the forum but I just migrated the CMS part of the site (home page, gallery, video , community , forums, and games ) to a different directory and had rebuild it using a newer version of the CMS I am using. I don't want to bore any one with the details but it gave me an opportunity to secure and add some sections to this site and still keep it going at the same time. Before I go on the newer addressing is Since the Blog I use is WordPress and is separate from the other section this part has basically stayed the same.The addressing will remain like this until further notice.
Added to the site is a community section. Something I hope fans of Sci Fi like myself will use to get to know each other and share what ever their experience and likes are. You can add your own photo's, video links from youtube, google , and several other streaming site (I will get the list later on and share that with you in the forums). You can create groups and either make them public or private . That is same with photos and videos. Only thing I ask is no porn or anything of that nature. Basically its like a Facebook type setting. Matter of fact I will be adding in t he coming days a Facebook connect to the community so if you belong to that then it will be easy to log into here.
One change I am thinking of is getting rid of the video section I have for the movie and such and just using the community one. I am up in the air on that one. Again any suggestions you can either post here or in the forums. Thanks again.


Transformers : Dark of the Moon Reveiw

15 Jul 2011

Rating: ★★★½☆

So the 3rd Transformers movie is out and it did not dissapoint. It was a great action sci fi flick with all those things you expect from the Transformers franchise. Sadly it has all the little things I also expected from the Transformers series.

The Negatives

Well I guess I will start with the bad stuff of the movie. Like Shia LaBeouf character Sam Witwicky and his lame life story with a woman that none of us in real life that have no money would ever get. In my opinion they should drop that side plot all together or focus much less on the hero saves the girl plot and get on to more meat and potatoes about the autobots. And while I am at it lose the complaining wining of the character all the time. It really was a turn off on what was other wise a good solid movie.

Another negative would be trying to hard to interject ghetto humor into the robots. It just seemed a little off at time like it was forced into the plot an out of place. I have to admit in some parts of the movie it was funny but in other parts it seemed to lose it's appeal and made the scene drag. Another turn off of the plot was for some reason there is always a nitwit in charge of the Autobots as a human commander. This time it was a woman (Frances McDormand as Charlotte Mearing )
that was formally the head of the CIA. Yea I am for the bashing and making fun of the government at times because they sometimes deserve it but hitting that punchline once to often in the series is just tiresome.

The positives:

Hearing Lenord Nemoy once again play the voice of a Transformer. If you did not know this he once played the voice of Galvatron in the 1986 Animated Movie of the Transformers series. This time he played Sentinel Prime  who was Optimus Prime's predecessor who eventually turns against the Autobots for the sake of  saving Cybortron their home planet. A quick game for Nimoy fans. Look for some Star Trek references. I saw two. There may have been more of them that I missed but I am certain of at least 2 of them. One was somewhere in the beginning of the movie where two little Autobots were flicking through channels and came across an old Star Trek episode in which they commented something to the effect and I do not remember the exact words " I remember this one its when Spock loses control" Or "Turns evil" . And the other was his famous line from the Star Trek movies made famous in the Wrath of Khan " The needs of the many out way the needs of the few". This time he referenced the line in justifying his plan to make a slave race out of the humans.


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