Here in America tonight is that last night for David Tennant's reign as Dr Who and the introduction of a new Dr (Matt Smith). But last night the British got to see the second part of the End Of Time and here are are just some of the news from around the webiverse on their reaction to it . Plus a special treat from BBC Youtube with the new Dr's season trailer for spring 2010 and a link that I found on a Sci Fi Wire article of a radio interview with Tennant and Davies on the end of his tour as the Dr.

Millions tune in to see Doctor Who
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More than 10 million people tuned in to watch David Tennant's last episode of Doctor Who, the BBC said.
The 10th Doctor was killed off during Friday's episode The End of Time, regenerating into the latest actor to take the role, Matt Smith.
Smith previously appeared in Party Animals, The Ruby in the Smoke and The Shadow in the North on television and starred alongside Christian Slater in Swimming with Sharks in the West End.

Doctor Who finale watched by 10.4m as Tennant bows out

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David Tennant's final outing as Doctor Who was watched by 10.4m viewers on New Year's Day, according to early overnight figures.

At the climax of the episode, a total of 10.8m tuned in to see the Time Lord regenerate into his 11th incarnation, 27-year-old actor Matt Smith.

Tennant's final words on the show were, "I don't want to go".

Smith, meanwhile, uttered the immortal line, "legs! I've got legs!" as he made his screen debut as The Doctor.

David Tennant says an emotional farewell to Doctor Who as Matt Smith steps into the Tardis

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After five years as The Doctor, David Tennant took his final bow last night and the hugely-popular series welcomed in Matt Smith.

Tennant's Doctor was seen regenerating into the eleventh incarnation after a face-off with The Master and the president of the Time Lords after a series of special episodes.

And while Tennant signed off from the role he had played as a chattering, slightly manic, Doctor, Matt Smith rose to the occasion as a rather goofy follow on.

A different spin on the Dr news is from Sci Fi Wire who taps into a radio interveiw of  Tennant and the master writer of the series till now Russell T Davies.

Goodbye, Doctor Who: David Tennant's exit interview

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What could be better than actor David Tennant, Doctor Who's the Doctor, interviewing the show's master re-imaginer, Russell T Davies? The two sat down and offered up a fascinating interview on BBC Radio 2 called Who on Who? With both Tennant and Davies bowing out of Doctor Who after this Saturday's finale special, "The End of Time: Part Two," it ended up being a very special conversation about all things Who, and some things Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures.

In that article there is even a link (I posted it below) to the radio show that carried the interview. Warning its only up a couple of days. Jan 5th to be exact. And do not get thrown off by the BBC News that proceeds that interview. I was scrolling around seeing if I hit the wrong link. But its only about 1 minute of the beginning of the show.

Teaser trailer of the next Dr Who season