Back in August of 2009 I came across an articles from Bloody - Disgusting that confirmed  that Legendary Pictures is set to reboot the king of all monsters Godzilla in another attempt to bring the big guy back to America. We all know how the 1998 attempt went. It was a horrid reboot that was not even Godzilla. It was so bad the Japanese renamed it Zilla and there was even a clip in the last Godzilla movie made "Final Wars" where Godzilla fries Zilla. As seen in this video clip. It kind of gives you a clue of what they really thought of that film.

Now is it a bad idea that America will be taking another crack at the Godzilla franchise?  I am not going to say anything. But I will throw some facts into this blog that may have naysayers think twice before opening their mouths about the idea. Legendary Pictures has done real well at keeping to a certain standard with films especially those that have roots in other places such as comics and reboots. Take the Dark Night , Watchmen, 300, and soon to be released Clash of the Titans for examples. All were done extremely well and all with high standards. They also seem to have held true to the nature of those characters . In my opinion you can expect the same  treatment in Godzilla. Another fact that this is not a sequel of the 1998 film (you can sigh a relief) but a reboot and I bet you that Toho will not sign over any rights for film production before making sure that their property is not mutilated as it was with the 1998 version.

So what news has there been since that announcement?  Many many rumors and nothing substantial I am afraid.  However there was one blog I came across at entitled  Legendary Pictures who? (Tarantino?) that confirmed at least that there are talks still on going that everyone involved is now being tight lipped about the project and that a certain director may actually be involved.  After that this is a rumor that is in the discussion stages but they are serious and if there is any news on this you can be sure that it will be posted here as soon as it is announced.  So fans of the big guy can get a little excited but not overaly just yet. As with any film discussions anything can happen even the total abandoning of a project as was the case with Spider Man 4.

News on Godzilla 3D to the Max

On other Godzilla related news while I am on the subject the rumored Godzilla 3D to the Max movie that was do out later this year has some conformation about 2011 or even 2014. There is even a Facebook fan site about it giving at least a sense that the film was not abandoned just really really delayed. The film will be produced and written by the same man that did a previous G film Yoshimitsu Banno (he directed Godzilla vs. Hedorah) .

Who knows when it will be actually be released maybe with this current climate of 3D movies about to burst open to the main stream the film will be forced to forefront . Hmmm who knows maybe the new reboot would be 3D . If you are  the type looking for any news of the movie production you will most likely will see it first on the Facebook fan page or the official wiki (Wikizilla) of the big guy.