Watching Dr who reminds me of dating. You get attached to someone and then they are off with someone else and your back searching for someone new and then getting once again attached them or on some cases not liking them for one reason or another. In this case we have become attached to the actors that portray the Dr until they leave for better opportunities or get let go. Then we have to get use to the next Dr Who brings a new little quirkiness to the table that takes ...well some getting use to. As with the case of the 11th Dr Who Matt Smith who in a recent interview with VH1 a Music Entertainment channel here in America stated that he has a desire to come to America (see video clip to hear for yourself). Matt said in the interview "I've got another year of 'Doctor Who,' but then I'm certainly going to come and give it a shot". Looks like the next year will be the last of Matt Smith as the Dr unless some kind of contracting miracle happens. I guess this time we will have to ask the question that should never be asked (a pun on the last series story arc that is leading into next years Who stories) once again Who will be the next Dr Who ?

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