Last week I posted that it looks like Matt Smith is leaving Dr Who well that VHS 1 interview may have been a bit more a thought of Matt Smith's then a prophecy because in a recent interview with Whats On TV he stated that it was not so.

"We work very long hours every day for nine months. The schedule is pretty brutal, but I'd never complain about it. I love playing this role, and I don't want to give it up any time soon," he continued.

"I feel very lucky. In the current climate for actors, I'd never say, 'This is too much' - quite the opposite, in fact. I'd say, 'Bring it on.'"

In the same article he admits that the Silence is the scariest monster next to the Weeping Angels. Here is a thought. What if there was an episode  where the Weeping Angels  clash with the Silence much like the Daleks and the Cybermen did back in the David Tennant  days. Would be a eerie episode if not a real dark on that is for sure.

In other Dr Who news it seems that it is highly unlikely that Peter Davidson will revise his role as the Dr in the Anniversary season, In an interview with Bang Showbiz he pretty much said it was unlikely but left the door open that it was not totally ruled out.

“I’d be very surprised if they tried to do anything involving the old Doctors because it always takes a slight stretch of the imagination anyway to figure out why the previous Doctors look older, but I’m sure that can be done.

“But at the same time I’m not sort of longing on it. I’m perfectly happy to have played my part to go back to ‘Time Crash’. I don’t feel like I’m hanging on a phone call from the ‘Doctor Who’ offices saying let’s do something special.”

See Dr Who TV for the rest of that article.