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Wolfman (2010) Trailer

08 Dec 2009

Universal is set to reboot the Wolfman movie and from the look of the trailer they are showing why they may still be the king if monster and horror flicks. The movie trailer looks like it is a slick well produced film. Bringing back one of the classics for a new generation is a great idea and the Wolfman was perfect choice .

I remember back in the day when I was a wee little lad I use to look forward to the weekend especially Saturdays when the local channels would air their versions of sci fi / horror movie hours. Usually they were something like Chiller Theater ( I still remember the six finger hand plucking the chiller letters from the muddy oooz ) or Fright Night are the two I can remember at the moment. But most of the time they were the movies all about the Universal monsters . Frankenstein , Invisible Man , Dracula , and of course the Wolfman. To me back then they were all the things of nightmares . I can see for todays audience the films would be dated and to some may be hard to watch what with all the high tech , high budgets , and computer CG films of today. But back then they were the deal and even now I must admit I get a little geeky when they rerun those classics on AMC or one of the Turner channels. The fact that they are applying todays advancements to the classic could go one or the other way. I am betting that it will be a classic film that will be fun to watch and wont hurt the eyes and brain. Unlike some remakes have done in the past.

The official Wolfman Site has posted the date of February 12th 2010 as the theatrical release date along with a HD trailer , a short story summary ( which I pasted below) and other fun stuff. IMDb can fill in some of the other details like actors and producers. Though I notice the release date is set for the 10th and not the 12th on that site.


Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) Trailer

08 Dec 2009

A brand new re-imagining / reboot / remake  of the most famous boogey man of them all. Freddy is back with a new actor behind the burnt face and he is again sneaking into the dreams of teens making them do methamphetamine (speed for those not aware ) , caffeine , and have sex to stay up and not fall asleep. For if they do Freddy always finds a creative way to kill them.  I must admit like the Star Trek reboot I have this apprehension on seeing another actor other then Robert Englund portraying the Wes Craven pshycotic serial killer with that twisted sense of humor. He kind of owned that role for all those years. But that was then and this is now. The new version looks very much like the first version from the trailer . This time Jackie Earle Haley will take over the role of Freddy and Rooney Mara will play the role of Nancy Thompson. The movie will be written by Eric Heisserer and Wesley Strick, directed by Samuel Bayer, and produced by Michael BayAndrew Form, and Brad Fuller. And will be released on April 30th 2010.

Dim lights Embed 


Predators (2010)

08 Dec 2009

The hunt is on again. This time not on Earth.... Predators will be released on July 7th 2010. And expect it to be bloodier and more darker then the other according to Sci fi wire and Latino Review

The draft is a "bloody, violent, Hard-R script" that pits a team of seven kidnapped humans against Predators on the aliens' home planet. Reportedly, the team of seven are:

  • Royce, a Steve McQueen type
  • Cuchillo, a Mexican enforcer for a drug cartel who has twin uzis strapped to his back
  • Nikolai, a bear of a Russian armed with a four-barrel gas-powered rotary machine gun
  • Isabelle, a French woman armed with a sniper rifle
  • Stans, a San Quentin prisoner with a shaved head, armed with a prison-made knife
  • Mombasa, an African member of the Sierra Leone death squad
  • Hanzo, a Yakuza enforcer
  • Edwin, an unassuming man who was formerly on the FBI's most-wanted list.

Robert Rodriguez will produce this reboot of the franchise. Personally I do not see it as a reboot (a phrase if have not read in past post I seem to detest) especially that the Alien vs Preditor series did so well in the theaters and DVD . Anyway they started to film the latest ctreation on Sept 28th and it will be directed by Nimród Antal. Casting has been kept secret so far. But it looks like there will be more to come of this as the PR department starts getting all exited about the release. And I will follow up with it as it does.


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