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Dr Who watch on the Web

25 Dec 2009


The countdown is still ticking on the end of David Tennants run of the Dr and there is so much chatter on the web that this is becoming a weekly event on Scifiology.

As Doctor Who's David Tennant exits, the Master is reborn

(complete story at Sci Fi Wire )

nd at the end, Tennant regenerates into the 11th Doctor, Matt Smith. Just how remains to be seen, but it's hard to imagine the Master isn't responsible for his demise in some way.

"I'm not one of those actors who would have liked to have played Doctor Who," Simm said in an exclusive interview with SCI FI Wire. "I'm much more attracted to the dark side of characters, so this is perfect for me. The Master is perfect, perfect for me."

The age-old battle between the last two Time Lords has been going on through much of the Doctor Who series (since season eight in 1971, during the first round of Doctor Who). These children of Gallifrey have battled through space and time, the Master seeking to control the universe, the Doctors trying to stop him.

This one I can not wait till to bad my DVR has only 18 hours of recording room .

USA gets 46 hour Who Marathon

(complete story at Dr Who News Page)

Following its ratings success with The Waters of Mars, BBC America is broadcasting nothing but Doctor Who for the first 46 hours of 2010. Almost the entire run of David Tennant episodes will be shown starting with the Christmas Invasion at midnight New Year's Day and going right through to The End of Time Part Two ending at 10pm on 2nd January.

And if you really want ot get some good news of what is happening BBC Dr Who home page is where it is at.

The End of Time

(Complete story at BBC )

The End of Time, Part Two is on BBC One on New Years Day at 6.40pm. Watch an exclusive clip from this amazing episode by visiting the videos section on the right where you'll also find exclusive videos featuring the stars! Or enjoy some of the Tenth Doctor's greatest moments by checking out the Related Content below....

BBC is a week ahead of us in the states. But that is ok. This weekend we get part 1 of the End of Time where the Master returns and is surely the catalyst for the regeneration of the Dr.

(Edited : I realized where the source of this next video came from and made sure it got the proper intro as opposed to the one I had previously written )

Well I found a Youtube preview of the part 1 .This one is sponsored by children in need and hopefully it will be up for a while because it gives a sneak peek into the episode and does it better then a trailer. Plus its a good cause and that is what counts the most.


Day of the Triffids (Trailer)

25 Dec 2009


The British have been doing a lot of good Sci Fi lately and from the trailer and some of the photos of the upcoming mini series Day of the Triffids they may have another one to add to that collection. From what I read there was once a series in 1981 which I never saw  but I have seen the movie of it done in 1962. Which I have embedded at the bottom of the page. Sadly some series never made it to this side of the pond. But I am hoping that BBC America or SYFY will pick it up if it is a success.
BBC one has three clips of the miniseries . Unfortunately they are not available in my area. However Youtube had them and here they are in HD.

As an added treat to those trailers here is the 1962 movie version of  the Day of the Triffids .


Tennants Last hurah as the Dr

21 Dec 2009

David Tennant time as the Dr draws nearer and nearer. The first of the final episodes aired last night on BBC America with the Waters of Mars. An eerie look on what must go through the time lords brain as he is inserted into events in time that are fixed. Knowing the out come and being helpless to change it and when he does defy the laws of time and interferes with fixed points there are serious consequences . This sets up the chain reaction that will ultimately lead to the Drs  death which means his regeneration into a whole new Dr . But that is in the near future and lacking a time machine I can not tell you what will happen. However we can settle on the next best thing and post links to articles that have to do with the Time Lords last outings and behind the scene interviews with the writer and the actor.

Timeout with 'Doctor Who's' David Tennant

(Complete story at the Los Angeles Times )

For another two weeks, David Tennant is still the space-time-traveling Doctor in " Doctor Who," the British sci-fi series that airs here on BBC America. After a year in which the show appeared only sporadically, as a series of "specials," the end of the Tennant tenancy arrives all in a rush: "The Waters of Mars," his penultimate adventure, premieres tonight, with the two-part finale, "The End of Time," beginning Dec. 26. By the end of Part 2, which airs Jan. 2 -- and this is not a spoiler -- he will have died and regenerated into the form of his replacement, Matt Smith.
'Doctor Who’s given me the time of my life' - Russell T Davies on leaving Doctor Who

(Complete story at telegraph.co.uk )

Screenwriter Russell T Davies explains why he leapt at the chance of reinventing Doctor Who – and why, with a Christmas Special imminent, it’s now time to bid him farewell.

Beginning of the end for Doctor Who's David Tennant

(complete story at thestar.com )

It's the beginning of the end for Doctor Who.

Which for science-fiction television's longest-living character (at the time of his debut in 1963, Star Trek was still three years away) always means a new beginning. When The Doctor dies, which he has already done nine times, he simply "regenerates" into a whole new actor

Doctor Who The Waters of Mars Review: Adieu, David Tennant

(Complete story at the HDRoom )

'The Waters of Mars' throws us into the action within its first six minutes. The Doctor arrives on Bowie Base One, humanity's first off-Earth colony, and within moments the monsters are emerging as terror ensues.

The monsters are genuinely creepy and one of the more memorable designs in recent episodes. However to dwell on them is to miss the point of this episode. 'The Waters of Mars' is not about playing with the monster of the week but rather about showing the audience an internal conflict within the Doctor and the ramifications that his decision will have on him and those around him.


Torchwood Planning Fourth Season

09 Dec 2009

TV Guide has confirmed that British hit series Torchwood did not die with the mini series Children of Earth. After almost half the team had died and Jack went off into space to escape the consiquences of his actions to save the Earth ( sacrificing his own flesh and blood  ) and the loss of his lover. It looked like the end of the series with exclimation marks.  But this is TV land and the ratings were such that it demanded a 4th season. This is great news for the faithful.

Torchwood Planning Fourth Season (Source TV Guide)

Torchwood might not have concluded its run at the end of the thrilling miniseries Children of Earth after all - Ianto’s tragic death not withstanding. The new year could bring some “very good news” for fans of the sexy sci-fi series, creator Russell T. Davies tells TV Guide Magazine.

Children of the Earth trailer from BBC


Another Doctor Who special airdate and a sneak peek (video)

09 Dec 2009

Sci Fi Wire and the BBC have posted the dates for the the Dr Who specials that will mark the end of David Tennant's reign of the the Dr.

Read full story at SCI FI WIRE

Another Doctor Who special airdate and a sneak peek (video)

BBC America announced another airdate for the last of David Tennant's Doctor Who specials today: "The End of Time, Part One" airs at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Dec. 26, followed by part two at a date to be announced soon.

Following is a sneak-peek clip from the special, after which you can read the full official announcement.


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