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Comic-Con Trailer: The Walking Dead: Season 5

25 Jul 2014


The trailer many of us have been waiting for fresh from Comic Con . Answers a bunch of questions and leaves us with some more of what season 5 has in store for us.


Nashville Comic Con 2013 Day 1

18 Oct 2013


Hey its been a long long time since I made one of these videos of an event around here. Sticking with the same type of format of mash ups with videos and stills in a slide show format I did in previous video's that I posted on Youtube . So here is the first day of the Comic Con here in Nashville sponsored by Wizard World in the new Music Center Convention Center.

See Wizard Worlds Nashville page for more info .


Godzilla 2014 Leaked Image

22 Jul 2013


Here is a leaked image of Godzilla from comic con in an Animated GIF form . The creator only asks that it be linked back to his page GODZILLA  a site dedicated to the 2014 release and all I can say is that I am happy to oblige .


Godzilla 2014

Gif from http://www.godzilla-movies.com/ taken from a leaked image at comic con

Godzilla GIF Link Back


Nasvhille Comic Con and Horror Fest 2011 Day 1

01 Oct 2011

The first day of the Nashville Comic Con and Horror Fest at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds was a blast. This was pretty big with over 30,000 square feet of space and all of it being utilized this by no means was a small event. For someone that never ever has been to an event like this it was like being a kid with a sugar lust being able to run through a candy factory. A big surprise to me was the cast of AMC Walking Dead . My son drooled over Addy Miller and Madison Lintz who were pretty much his age from what I could tell. Heh I may have embarrassed him by making a bad joke that they are only interested in men for their brains or something like that. I also may may a comment that they dress like zombie for dates. I can not remember quite what I said. Generally I have that Monty Python type of humor. I think he will forgive me....In time. There was some other great moments at the Comic Con. Among the hidden thrills for me was seeing David Hedison of the classic Sci Fi series Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea signing autographs and then rummaging through rows and rows of comics, videos, toys, and what ever else there was . Heh I even got a Godzilla toy from Japan and a Zombie Warning sign to hang on my wife's office door. Helps to warn the kids not to enter a restricted area. Also met some local business owners that have some unusual business. One is the TN Ghostbusters. I guess they go around for special events like the Ghostbusters. They sure had all the toys and garb that look official enough to pass off as the real deal., You can check them out and what they are about at TN-GB.com. One real unusual set up was the Silver Screen Church. From what I can tell it is a real church of sorts that meet and show vintage movies from time to time (bi-monthly)like Harry Potter, Back to the Future, Gremlins, Ghostbusters, Jurassic Park, Jaws and others to as a way to preach the word. On a personal not I am so curious to check that out. I may drop in one of these day to see what they do. Other groups also included the TN paranormal Society. I did not get any pamphlets or cards from them so for now I will leave the web address blank until I can accurately post it. When I tried to look up them I was surprise to have found that there were more of those type of organizations then I anticipated.

I can't wait till tomorrow. If all goes right I will be back and this time I think there will be the Dr Who panel and other guess.Maybe this time I can gets one Q and A with someone . If so I will post it right here again along with more pics or another video slide of the event. But for now here is a quick video slide show I made of the day.


Comic and Horror Fest. OCT 1 & 2 in Nashville

31 Jul 2011


The Local scene in Nashville is getting another great event to attend the Comic and Horror Fest.
OCT 1 & 2
Sat 10-7 and Sun 11-4
Admission only $5
Film Festival, Trivia Contest, Costume Contest!
Sat. Zombie beauty contest prize (best zombie costume wins special walking dead prize pack)

I am looking forward to this one and this time I am making sure there are no conflicts in my schedule on this one. And for the price this is is incredible . 5 dollars in admissions. That is it.

Guest that will be attending this years Comic Con


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