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15 Jun 2013


This interview short of the most recent Doctors Matt Smith and David Tennant gives a tantalizing hint of what you can expect from the 50th anniversary special.


Dr Who news and rumors including a message from The Dr and Amy

20 Jul 2010

As the season finale looms just a couple of days away here in the states. With the Dr trapped by every one of his enemies from the beginning of the series to now. And the Tardis about to blow and cause the biggest bang in history that rips the fabric of time and space spelling the end of everything including life the big question is. Will Matt Smith leaving already or is this just sensationalism as usual. Well  following the rabbit hole of tabloid tunnels he may be hanging on for at least one more season or longer. According to a recent BLASTR article British tabloid says Matt Smith plans to leave Doctor Who that quotes a couple of lines from the Sun . Mr Smith is thinking of jumping Tardis for greener pastures of Hollywood. Where all good time lords retire from BBC TV it looks like ( that is just sarcasm for the literal at heart).

The actor is currently filming this year's Christmas special with Karen Gillan, who plays his sidekick Amy Pond, and opera star Katherine Jenkins.

He will then go straight into production on the new series, which will air next year.

But a pal said: "Matt plans to quit after the next series.

"He is eager to try new things and thinks Hollywood beckons."

Read more: The Sun

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Dr Who Watch: The last day for David Tennant

02 Jan 2010


Here in America tonight is that last night for David Tennant's reign as Dr Who and the introduction of a new Dr (Matt Smith). But last night the British got to see the second part of the End Of Time and here are are just some of the news from around the webiverse on their reaction to it . Plus a special treat from BBC Youtube with the new Dr's season trailer for spring 2010 and a link that I found on a Sci Fi Wire article of a radio interview with Tennant and Davies on the end of his tour as the Dr.


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Dr Who End of Time Part 2 Trailer

27 Dec 2009

So the the Master returns and something goes wrong with hid resurrection and he is a raving maniac. He assumes control of a device that converts every human into a copy of him even President Obama ( I thought that was actually quite funny ) and in the dark the Timelords are returning from the dead. If the second part is as good as the first part then next weeks airing of Dr Who should be one of the best ever. Naa you can not tell That I am fan.
Well here they are ...


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Dr Who watch on the Web

25 Dec 2009


The countdown is still ticking on the end of David Tennants run of the Dr and there is so much chatter on the web that this is becoming a weekly event on Scifiology.

As Doctor Who's David Tennant exits, the Master is reborn

(complete story at Sci Fi Wire )

nd at the end, Tennant regenerates into the 11th Doctor, Matt Smith. Just how remains to be seen, but it's hard to imagine the Master isn't responsible for his demise in some way.

"I'm not one of those actors who would have liked to have played Doctor Who," Simm said in an exclusive interview with SCI FI Wire. "I'm much more attracted to the dark side of characters, so this is perfect for me. The Master is perfect, perfect for me."

The age-old battle between the last two Time Lords has been going on through much of the Doctor Who series (since season eight in 1971, during the first round of Doctor Who). These children of Gallifrey have battled through space and time, the Master seeking to control the universe, the Doctors trying to stop him.

This one I can not wait till to bad my DVR has only 18 hours of recording room .

USA gets 46 hour Who Marathon

(complete story at Dr Who News Page)

Following its ratings success with The Waters of Mars, BBC America is broadcasting nothing but Doctor Who for the first 46 hours of 2010. Almost the entire run of David Tennant episodes will be shown starting with the Christmas Invasion at midnight New Year's Day and going right through to The End of Time Part Two ending at 10pm on 2nd January.

And if you really want ot get some good news of what is happening BBC Dr Who home page is where it is at.

The End of Time

(Complete story at BBC )

The End of Time, Part Two is on BBC One on New Years Day at 6.40pm. Watch an exclusive clip from this amazing episode by visiting the videos section on the right where you'll also find exclusive videos featuring the stars! Or enjoy some of the Tenth Doctor's greatest moments by checking out the Related Content below....

BBC is a week ahead of us in the states. But that is ok. This weekend we get part 1 of the End of Time where the Master returns and is surely the catalyst for the regeneration of the Dr.

(Edited : I realized where the source of this next video came from and made sure it got the proper intro as opposed to the one I had previously written )

Well I found a Youtube preview of the part 1 .This one is sponsored by children in need and hopefully it will be up for a while because it gives a sneak peek into the episode and does it better then a trailer. Plus its a good cause and that is what counts the most.


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