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The 11th Doctor

08 Dec 2009

Now introducing the 11th Dr Who ---- Matt Smith

Those that have the privilage to live across the pond learned first hand of it a while back. Those of us in the US have may not be up to speed on the latest news in the Whovian world. I mean it does take a while to get news to reach some of us living in normal space and time especially those of us that do not have access to Gallifreyian technology. But through our primitive communication devices it was fortold that the 2010 season of Doctor Who will be played byMatt Smith. At the age of 26 he will be the younest actor to have adorn the mantle or in this case the Timlords TARDIS of this incredible series. Considering we here on this side of the pond really don't know much about this new Dr it is a wait and see. But over in England there seems to be a buzz both good and bad about the newest Who. For me it is always sad to see one of the actors that played the role move on with his career and leave the role. David Tennantwas brilliant and brought something special to the series. But like all things in life and Gallafreyian all things regenerate and move on.

You can find more details about the new Doctor and much more on these sites;

There are so many more sites dedicated to the Timelords adventures and news that it would be diffacult to list all the good ones and to leave them out seems not right considering I spent the last couple of days browsing and lurking a good many. But until I find away to compress all the demensions of the web into a single page much like the time ship is compressed into a British old police booth this list will have to do.

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Tom Baker returns as Dr. Who

08 Dec 2009


Source: Wired.com

One of the most enduring figures in the Dr Who franchise and the longest run as the Doctor Tom Baker is reprising his role as the man himself. At the age of 75 and after 28 years , Baker agreed to reprise his role in a 5 part audio drama called Hornet's Nest.

  1. Stuff of Nightmares - 3rd September
  2. The Dead Shoes – 8th October
  3. The Circus of Doom – 5th November
  4. A Sting in the Tale – 3rd December
  5. Hive of Horror – 3rd December


In the interview with Wired.com Baker said that.

“The BBC caught me at a good moment,” Baker said. “And part of the bait was dear Nicholas Courtney, who was to play the Brigadier. Unfortunately, he was unwell and had to be replaced before recording. So I carried on and pretended Nick was there.”

When asked about his feelings on the role her replied with this remark which warms the heart.

Playing the role is easier than putting on an old pair of boots. I said that I never stopped being Doctor Who — not when I walked off the set every day in the ’70s and not since I left the show. I said ‘never’ and I mean it.

“How could I stop? The Doctor was just Tom Baker. No acting. So, when it came time to record [Hornet's Nest], I just dropped into the studio and picked up the script and away we went. Just like the old days.”

And he also made a note that he will be willing to return as the Dr in more stories .

“If the fans like them, then there will be more,”

To me Tom Baker was the Dr. he was and still is my favorite out of the 11. Well to be honest I have not seen the 11th yet since the states are a step behind in seeing the series even with SYFY and BBC America. Don't get me wrong all the actors that played them were wonderful especially the ones that filled the revival of the Dr that I have seen. But Baker seem to have that role owned in my opinion. So glad to see him back playing the role that fits so well .


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