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Dr Who Meets Star Trek

16 Feb 2012


What you get when you combine 2 of the most influential, famous , and imaginative Sci Fi franchise of all times ? A comic book that will have most collectors clambering for and all but the disinterested fans drooling for and without a doubt be one for the history books.  IDW Publishing has announced on Monday Feb 13, 2012 that it will put out a comic with that features the characters of Dr Who and Star Trek The Next Generation. The  book will be out in May  2012 with collaborations from BBC Worldwide Consumer Products and CBS Consumer Products, IDW Publishing and is called STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION/DOCTOR WHO: ASSIMILATION2 which like I said will feature the TNG crew and Dr Who and companions but will also feature an alliance of Cybermen and the Borg. It will be an 8 issue series that will have Scott and David Tipton, the authors of Star Trek: Infestation, and steady  Doctor Who writer Tony Lee,with  artwork by J.K. Woodward .

“We are excited about this new adventure for the Doctor and the fact that he will be travelling with Captain Jean-Luc Picard and his iconic crew. This is a perfect partnership for not onlyDoctor Who’s incredible fans, but also for the brand. We have just celebrated our most successful year yet. Doctor Who’s latest season delivered record ratings for BBC AMERICA and it was most downloaded full TV seasons of 2011 in the U.S. on the iTunes Store,” says Soumya Sriraman, executive vice president Home Entertainment and Licensing.

“By joining these two sci-fi powerhouses, fans will be taken on the ultimate adventure through time and space,” said Liz Kalodner, executive vice president and general manager of CBS Consumer Products.

I doubt that this will lead into any more then a comic book crossover but would it not be cool to have members of the TNG on an episode or two Dr Who for the 50th Anniversary ?




Dr Who Updates and Rumors

10 Jan 2012


So the speculations are building exactly what is going to be happening in the upcoming 7th Season of Dr Who. Sometimes saying 7 seasons sounds so wrong because the series is much much older then that but the powers to be started recounting after the resurrection of the series back in 2005 with Christopher Eccleston as the 9th Dr, so who am I to argue or complain. Anyway Dr Who TV who always has some really good inside stuff has some speculations of whats to come also some facts. For example they know there will be 14 episodes in all . That is 13 regular shows and 1 Christmas special. It is quoted by Moffat that there will be no 2 parters or highly unlikely. Rory and Amy will be in plenty of episodes and there will be with out a doubt an exit of them in what is said to be a heartbreaking way. It is also said that there are going to be some classic monsters returning to the series from the older series of the 60's and 70's. Which will be fun to speculate which ones they may be.  The airtime will be in Autumn of 2012 ( which really sucks because of the wait in-between) which should be the same on both sides of the Atlantic.

Now to the rumors. Some of the strongest rumors of to come out are the return of the Yetis and one of the classic monsters and the Master. There is wide hope that John Simm will reprise that role. Honestly I hope so to. After shedding the idea of the Ming version of the Master format he classic series the pseudo phsyco intellectual  reincarnation of the Master was brilliant in more ways then one.  Also strongly rumored is the return of Captain Jack (John Barrowman) It is said the Moffat wants him back so in my mind that is a better the 80% chance that he will return in the 7th series.

Moffat was also quoted in another of the Dr Who TV reports the first episode of series 7 (Episode 701) Will be more Die Hard like. Hmmmm are we going to see a action Dr Who.

" I want slutty titles and movie-poster plots. I want big pictures and straplines. The first episode I’m writing is called [Spoiler] of the [Spoilers]. And it’ll feel a bit like Die Hard, that first episode.

“Everyone is expecting us to do another year like 2011. You’re not going to get that at all. You’re going to get the biggest, maddest set of episodes ever.”

There is also one conflicting rumor on how many episode will actually run in 2012 or will it be split up so it will seem like its 2 seasons . My opinion is if they split it up then you will see some semi big budget made for TV movies for the 50th anniversary or something like that. I think back at the last season of the David Tennant era and come up with maybe they will do something similar to stretch things out a bit.

Well if you have any thoughts or like to interject your ideas of what is to come especially with the classic monsters go right ahead.  I tell you who I would love to see return are the Time Lords themselves. Not just one or two but the who kit and caboodle  lot of them. It would set up some interesting story arcs in my opinion.




The Dr Who Christmas Trailer and Sneak Peeks 2011

20 Dec 2011

Tis that season again when the good old Dr Who Christmas special once again graces our TV's. And what is more fun then getting your appetite going for whats to come. One thing I like about BBC they actually give you nice teasers to advertise the show. it is anise touch and gets the fans wanting more. Well here is the teaser , a sneak peek , and another trailer of a best of Christmas Specials which by the way air on December 24th . Enjoy.

Sneak Peak Clip 2 from the BBC America

Here, the Doctor (Matt Smith) and Lily Arwell (Holly Earl) are in snowy pursuit. And as in the words of The Doctor, whatever Lily's brother Reg (Alexander Armstrong) is following... "it's growing."

Best of the Dr WHo Christmas Special Trailer


Smith, Gillan & Darvill Q&A and BBC Breakfast Vids

22 Nov 2011

Here is two video from Dr Who TV. One is with Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill are taking part in a Q&A session which was streamed live on Youtube (which I missed) and the other is from an interview with Matt Smith on BBC Breakfast which he sets the record straight on being signed for a next season and more.

Doctor Who Q&A November 2011 by doctorwho-tv


Dr Who to hit the Big Screen

15 Nov 2011

David Yates, the director who did the last 4 Harry Potter movies is now turning his attention to creating a movie franchise of Dr Who. In an interview with Variety he acknowledge that he is starting work with "Jane Tranter, head of L.A.-based BBC Worldwide Prods".In this interview he states that this will be a brand new revision of the Dr and he would be starting from scratch and it would be completely fresh. He points to the fact the Russell T. Davies and then Steven Moffat have done their own transformations, which were fantastic, but we have to put that aside and start from scratch. Yates also points out that he is looking for writers that this will be a long process that will take a couple of years at least and he is not limiting the search for writers just to the UK but to both sides of the Atlantic.
"We're looking at writers now. We're going to spend two to three years to get it right," he told Daily Variety, adding "It needs quite a radical transformation to take it into the bigger arena." Words which will sound alarm bells to the die-hard Doctor Who fans.

Opinion Time

Sometimes I think this is not one of my smartest ideas to post an opinion but every time I blog this type of story where there is going to be a re-imaging of an iconic character or of shows I get this why mess with perfection or why mess with a perfectly fine story plot attitude. Sometimes or should I say most of the time the feeling has been proven right but there are the few occasions like Star Trek where that feeling was wrong. So because there is these few times and because there is a quality director making the film I am trying to keep an open mind about the outcome of the productions and reserve a wait and see attitude on it. At the same time I have to ask the whys in respect with Dr Who. There is so many avenues they could go with making a major film without messing up a perfectly fine and accepted story line that has already been created. Even Davies and Moffat with their renditions respected the plot lines from the past. I can think of 2 ways to go right of the top of my head that will both respect the status quo and give some creative licensing. One is an origin story the other would be the Dalek/ Gallifrian war. Pretty much both are virgin territory with respect to the franchise and the film makers and writers can have some liberties.
I am also aware that this is not the first time Dr Who was re-imaged for the big screen. Dr. Who and the Daleks, released in 1965 and Daleks' Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D. in 1966. Both starred Peter Cushing and both were highly enjoyable to watch. But I keep thinking on how the general public both now and then thought of them. Here is an excerpt from wikipedia on the first Dr Who movie and you will see why I get ambivioulous of how Hollywood or big companies look at remaking iconic shows.

Several changes were made to the main characters. Cushing's Dr. Who is portrayed as an Earth-born scientist and inventor (whose surname is actually Who) who built TARDIS (not The TARDIS as in the television show), his time travelling ship. In the film, TARDIS is larger on the inside than on the outside (as with the television TARDIS), but its internals consist of masses of wires and switches, with an abundance of blinking lights, rather than the simpler console room of the series. Cushing plays the Doctor as an amiable and absent-minded inventor, in contrast to William Hartnell's more prickly and mysterious persona, though Cushing's version does show leadership and determination in moments of crisis. Barbara and Susan are now both his granddaughters (and both, as a result, carry the surname Who; in the original series Susan adopts the surname Foreman). Ian Chesterton is now Barbara's bumbling boyfriend, and the entire subplot of them being Susan's teachers is dropped. Ian is the comic relief in the film, rather than the heroic version seen in The Daleks.
Because of this departure from the established continuity of the television series, this film is generally not considered canon, although attempts have been made in various spin-off media to fit it in

The last part I encapsulated in a bold font to make the point that the film was not really considered part of the Dr Who world.

If you want just for the hell of it you can watch it on Youtube. I would of streamed it on this site but the embedding was disabled. Here is the link Dr. Who And The Daleks

I am not totally opposed to the idea of a major film priduction of Dr Who . Like I said I am going to reserve a wait and see attitude. But I do have one piece of advice for Mr. Yates about doing a total recreation of an icon. Remember Godzilla 1998. That all I got to say. So what do you think of a re-imaged Dr Who to the big screen ?

Dr. Who and the Daleks Trailer (American)

Daleks-Invasion Earth 2150 A.D. Trailer HD


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