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Dr Who Updates and Briefs

28 Oct 2011


Last week I posted that it looks like Matt Smith is leaving Dr Who well that VHS 1 interview may have been a bit more a thought of Matt Smith's then a prophecy because in a recent interview with Whats On TV he stated that it was not so.

"We work very long hours every day for nine months. The schedule is pretty brutal, but I'd never complain about it. I love playing this role, and I don't want to give it up any time soon," he continued.

"I feel very lucky. In the current climate for actors, I'd never say, 'This is too much' - quite the opposite, in fact. I'd say, 'Bring it on.'"

In the same article he admits that the Silence is the scariest monster next to the Weeping Angels. Here is a thought. What if there was an episode  where the Weeping Angels  clash with the Silence much like the Daleks and the Cybermen did back in the David Tennant  days. Would be a eerie episode if not a real dark on that is for sure.

In other Dr Who news it seems that it is highly unlikely that Peter Davidson will revise his role as the Dr in the Anniversary season, In an interview with Bang Showbiz he pretty much said it was unlikely but left the door open that it was not totally ruled out.

“I’d be very surprised if they tried to do anything involving the old Doctors because it always takes a slight stretch of the imagination anyway to figure out why the previous Doctors look older, but I’m sure that can be done.

“But at the same time I’m not sort of longing on it. I’m perfectly happy to have played my part to go back to ‘Time Crash’. I don’t feel like I’m hanging on a phone call from the ‘Doctor Who’ offices saying let’s do something special.”

See Dr Who TV for the rest of that article.


Doctor Who: Where’s the Doctor?

27 Oct 2011

Here is a good book for the kiddies of those fantics of Dr Who and such like me. It is a Where's Waldo type of book except you have to find the Dr by Penguin Books who incidentally has more Dr Who children books that falls under the category of BBC Children Books

Where is the Doctor? The time travelling Time Lord could be anywhere in time and space in these incredibly detailed intergalactic images. Search through the Cybermen, dig through the Daleks and ogle the Ood to find the Doctor and his friends!

The book is not published yet but you can email them If you wish to be contacted when this book is available to order at Penguin Books . Just look on the right side of the web page for email text field to submit your email. The book will run for £8.99 (British Pound) over the pond and that would equate to 14.4502 USD if the currency converter is accurate .Or you can pre order it at Amazon.com. Hmmmm Maybe I have to add a children books category on my store page for Amazon.

Excerpt from the book that was posted on DR Who Official Childrens Book Website


Looks like Matt Smith is leaving Dr Who

22 Oct 2011

Watching Dr who reminds me of dating. You get attached to someone and then they are off with someone else and your back searching for someone new and then getting once again attached them or on some cases not liking them for one reason or another. In this case we have become attached to the actors that portray the Dr until they leave for better opportunities or get let go. Then we have to get use to the next Dr Who brings a new little quirkiness to the table that takes ...well some getting use to. As with the case of the 11th Dr Who Matt Smith who in a recent interview with VH1 a Music Entertainment channel here in America stated that he has a desire to come to America (see video clip to hear for yourself). Matt said in the interview "I've got another year of 'Doctor Who,' but then I'm certainly going to come and give it a shot". Looks like the next year will be the last of Matt Smith as the Dr unless some kind of contracting miracle happens. I guess this time we will have to ask the question that should never be asked (a pun on the last series story arc that is leading into next years Who stories) once again Who will be the next Dr Who ?

See the rest of the story at VH1's FabLife

There is an update on this article . For the latest news on the Dr see







Dr Who’s Season Finale and News of 7th season delayed

25 Sep 2011

Well we know this is not the end of the series because there was a confirmed signing with Matt Smith of a season 7. Sadly it also has been confirmed that the season 7 will be delayed as it is reported at io9.com. According to the article "Wayne Clarke, confirmed via twitter that "Danny Cohen says there won't be a full series of Doctor Who in 2012, but a special run for the anniversary in 2013." Most likely this means that there will be some specials for 2012 or just a handful of episodes . But you can bet that in 2013 when the 50th anniversary celebration of Dr Who arrives there will be some great episodes and hopefully appearances by past Dr.s. Let me go out on a limb and think (more like pray) that maybe the past Dr's save the present Dr ????? That would be a good plot if they hold steady to River killing the Dr off. Yep I am fan and this is just a whimsical speculation of what may be in store.
As for the season finale it looks like (and any one who has ever watched the last two seasons should of guessed) that River Song is the Impossible Astronaut . One thing that I keep thinking of is that she is also the future 1 eyed patch lady. It sounds crazy but being a fan you try to figure out plot arcs and I think a wild one would be that she somehow either hates the Dr in the future enough to have her younger self turn against him or makes sure that a prophecy of some kind happens. Who knows maybe to get the Dr thinking about being peaceful again. Just a thought. Well here are two videos of the upcoming episodes one is the trailer and the other is a short prequel of the season finale.
Plot Synopsis at BBC Dr. Who
Episode 13: The Wedding of River Song
Written by Steven Moffat
The big finale! This one remains shrouded in mystery but Karen Gillan has promised us that the series will contain 'possibly the biggest twist so far'... Is it possible that this is the adventure that delivers it? Steven Moffat penned last year's incredible finale but it's probable that this adventure will conclude the series with a bigger bang than ever!

Full HD Doctor Who Series 6 Episode 13 The Wedding of River Song Next Time Trailer

Full HD Doctor Who Prequel to Episode 13 The Wedding of River Song


Sneak Peek – “The God Complex” (Dr Who)

16 Sep 2011

Here is a quick sneak peak of the upcoming episode of Dr Who's "The God Complex," premiering this Saturday, September 17th at 9/8c only on BBC America here in the states and 7:10pm, Saturday, 17 September on BBC One over on the other side of the pond. Also I included the official trailer of the upcoming episode . I found if you look at both you can get a really good idea how strange and curious this episode may be.

Overview from BBC One. Hey if you get a chance BBC One has a fun time killer puzzle of each episodes just click here for the link.
'There's a room here for everyone, Doctor... even you!'
The God Complex co-stars David Walliams and is one of the Doctor's scarier adventures, featuring eerie ventriloquist dummies, the Weeping Angels and a monstrous presence stalking endless hotel corridors...
The episode is written by Toby Whithouse (School Reunion, The Vampires of Venice) who told us, 'I'm thrilled with it. It's my third Doctor Who and it's the one I love the most, by far. It's beautifully directed by Nick Hurran - a genuinely wonderful piece of work. He's imbued this bland domestic setting with genuine terror and creepiness.'

Video and more at BBC America

Official Trailer


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