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Dr Who BBCA releases premier date

26 Feb 2010

BBCA releases premier date of the 5th season of Dr Who. The series kick off with the new and the 11th Dr (Matt Smith) will be on April 17th. According to Airlock Alpha there is still no date for the UK debut but as pointed out it has been tradition in the last year that it showed at least  week before the Americans got their hands on it.  What I did not know why this was that there is an experiment going on that shows from both countries are being broadcast in a similar fashion to cut down on piracy. Makes sense and is better for us here across the pond . No more waiting months or years for the shows.

This also marks the first Dr Who since its resurrection with the 9th Dr  Christopher Eccleston in 2005 and then with the 10th David Tennant (2005- 2010) that Russell T. Davies (many will say and rightfully so the savior of the franchise bar none) will not be involved in the series. Instead the torch was handed over to Steve Moffat.  Supposedly adding a newer vision to the Dr's Character. I found to tell you the truth the more the Dr Changed the more he stayed the same. Each new Dr had a certain flair and brilliance that claimed him a niche in the series that was likable and exciting to watch. From the William Hartnell first rendition of the Dr back in the early to mid 60's to Tennant's version. Even Paul McGann brief but pinnacle movie role as the 8th Dr in 1996 was inspiring. Speaking of which I think someone should do a mini series or movie of how the 8th to the 9th Dr transformed it would be a fan favorite in my opinion. Just a tossing an idea out there.  The bottom line look for a different flair but always remember the Dr has always been the same no matter what coat, celery, scarf, hat , shoes, jacket he wore. I just can not wait to see Matt Smith interpretation of the Dr.


New Dr Who trailer

21 Feb 2010

BBC  newest promo trailer for Dr Who's next season with Matt Smith as the 11th Dr is here.  The teaser has glimpses of old villains and I am assuming from the previous trailer  (See trailer at the bottom of that post) that showed the return of the Angels from the 2007 episode Blink that the collage of images in  the time vortex are teases of what and who to expect during the 11th Dr's tour of duty. A great way to ease the new face of an old charactic to millions of fans around the world.


Torchwood American Style

19 Jan 2010

Sci Fi Wire is reporting on an article from Hollywood Reporter  that Fox is about to take over and make an American version of the hit TV British series Torchwood.  Which is not a bad deal considering that Fox is repeating the same line of reasoning  that they did when they tried to remake Dr Who  (the 8th Dr to be exact) a while back. In other words keep it like it was. I was one of the few at the time that thought it was a great rendition. But it never got off the ground because I think it was the timing of it all. Dr Who was a cult here in the states and no where as popular as it is now. Torchwood is a good move in my opinion. As long as they stay focused and faithful to the story line and feel. Which according to the Hollywood reporter they are.


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Dr Who Watch: The last day for David Tennant

02 Jan 2010


Here in America tonight is that last night for David Tennant's reign as Dr Who and the introduction of a new Dr (Matt Smith). But last night the British got to see the second part of the End Of Time and here are are just some of the news from around the webiverse on their reaction to it . Plus a special treat from BBC Youtube with the new Dr's season trailer for spring 2010 and a link that I found on a Sci Fi Wire article of a radio interview with Tennant and Davies on the end of his tour as the Dr.


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Dr Who End of Time Part 2 Trailer

27 Dec 2009

So the the Master returns and something goes wrong with hid resurrection and he is a raving maniac. He assumes control of a device that converts every human into a copy of him even President Obama ( I thought that was actually quite funny ) and in the dark the Timelords are returning from the dead. If the second part is as good as the first part then next weeks airing of Dr Who should be one of the best ever. Naa you can not tell That I am fan.
Well here they are ...


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