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MGM And WB to reboot Stargate

29 May 2014


One of my favorite shows of all time and one of MGM's biggest hits will be reborn in a trilogy. MGM with WB have announced today (read the press release below) that they will be collaborating on making this a reality.

MGM Press Release News Article

Los Angeles, CA (May 29, 2014) – Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures, together with Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin, are partnering to launch a new feature film trilogy that reimagines the 1994 film Stargate. The announcement was made today by Gary Barber, MGM’s Chairman and CEO. Emmerich, who directed and co-wrote the original film with Devlin, is confirmed to direct and Devlin will produce.

Barber said, “We couldn’t be more excited to once again partner with Roland and Dean, the world-class creators of the original Stargate, to bring their reinvigorated vision of this wildly popular property to audiences of multiple generations.” He added, “Stargate is one of the biggest titles in MGM's vast library, and we look forward to adding this great franchise to our slate."
“The Stargate universe is one that we missed terribly, and we cannot wait to get going on imagining new adventures and situations for the trilogy. This story is very close to our hearts, and getting the chance to revisit this world is in many ways like a long lost child that has found its way back home,” said Emmerich and Devlin.
MGM will be running production on Stargate, with Jonathan Glickman, President, Motion Picture Group overseeing the project on behalf of MGM and Greg Silverman, President, Creative Development and Worldwide Production, overseeing for Warner Bros. Pictures. Worldwide distribution will be handled by Warner Bros. Pictures, with select international territories to be handled by MGM.
Glickman said, “For us at MGM, there was no version of us further developing the Stargate franchise without Roland and Dean at the creative helm. This is their baby, and we cannot wait to bring their reenergized universe to the legions of fans around the world."

Silverman said, “Stargate created an expansive cinematic universe that has engaged fans for two decades.” He added, “Under the guidance of Roland and Dean, these new films will build upon the creativity and popularity of the first film, while delivering an original film-going experience for fans and those new to the franchise.”
The sci-fi film Stargate launched a worldwide phenomenon. At the time of its release, the film set the record for the highest-grossing opening weekend in October and went on to gross nearly $200 million worldwide at the box office.
Emmerich is currently shooting Stonewall, a drama about a young man’s political awakening amid the 1969 Stonewall Riots in New York, which sparked a fight for equality and paved the way for the modern gay rights movement. He is also in pre-production on ID Forever Part I and Part II, back-to-back sequels to his hit film, Independence Day.

Devlin is currently in pre-production on Geostorm, his feature directorial debut, which he co-wrote with Paul Guyot and is producing for Warner Bros. with Skydance Pictures’ David Ellison and Dana Goldberg and his Electric Entertainment team of Marc Roskin and Rachel Olschan.


TOTAL RECALL Trailer 2012 Movie

28 May 2012

August 3, 2012
CastEuroamerica (formerly North America and the European Union) and New Shanghai (formerly China and South East Asia) fight for political power in the near dystopian future in the year 2084. A simple factory worker suffering from violent nightmares (Colin Farrell) begins to suspect that he's a spy whose memory and personality were erased and replaced – though he is unaware which side of the fight he's on and how important his lost memories will be in its outcome.
What matters to him the most is that he must team up with a young female freedom fighter (Jessica Biel) in order for both of them to change the political system in their own country, Euroamerica, which is currently controlled by the ruthless Euroamerican President Vilos Cohaagen (Bryan Cranston) and his government.

  • Colin Farrell as Douglas "Doug" Quaid / Hauser, a simple worker suffering from strange violent dreams
  • Jessica Biel as Melina, a prostitute who may have links to Quaid's past
  • Kate Beckinsale as Lori, Quaid's wife
  • Bill Nighy as Kuato, a Euromerican rebel leader
  • Bryan Cranston as Vilos Cohaagen, a powerful and ruthless corporate leader, President of Euroamerica, and main antagonist
  • John Cho as McClane, a suave rep for Rekall, that offers Quaid the chance to experience an imagined adventure
  • Bokeem Woodbine as Harry, Quaid's best friend
  • Ethan Hawke as a Euromerican scientist
  • Steve Byers as Henry Reed


Visit Official website for more



Wonder Woman is coming to NBC

24 Jan 2011

In an  about face  NBC has given the go ahead on the David E. Kelley's Wonder Woman series that not just last year they had nixed.  Well from what I understand it is the pilot not the entire series . However superhero shows have done well in the past for networks there is no reason that this reboot can not do the same. Him I wonder if there will be another Wonder Woman Pinup craze like Linda Carder did in the 70's


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Sam Raimi will direct Wizard of Oz prequel

20 Jun 2010

Disney is going to do a reboot of the 1939 classic iconic film Wizard of Oz and Sam Raimi will be directing it. Of course it will be done in digital 3D also. Sources say the film will be a prequel to the original dealing with the Wizard himself as a youngster that gets via tornado to Oz. Which to my surprise in one of the comments there was a refference of how the story would not match up to the original stories of Oz . 40 of them to be exact . Most you can read on line for free because its public domain (Project Gutenberg is one of those online Public Domain sites).

I am sure Disney will do a good job with this movie and the children will love it. But I thought it would be fun to do some research and look into the Wizards beginnings mainly out of curiosity but also to see how close the movie plot when it finally comes out would be based off the novels or will Disney and the screen writers just take a totally new direction all together.

Story by Deadline Sam Raimi Hired To Direct 'Oz' (& Downey?)

Let me confirm that Sam Raimi is set to direct Disney's extravagant 'Wizard of Oz' 3D prequel. I understand that talks to hire Raimi for Oz: The Great And Powerful turned into a deal last night finalized by CAA. It's a coup for new studio bosses Rich Ross and Sean Bailey, who are rolling the dice big-time by hoping that this pic will be a global hit like the billion-dollar-grossing Alice In Wonderland. "Robert Downey Jr. isn't set yet.....

Read more at Deadline (See title link)

And here is a little trivia on the original Wizard from wiki I found for all you trivia buffs out there. Like Did you know that the Wizards  real name is Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkel Emmannuel Ambroise Diggs. To which he shortened it to become OZPINHEAD.

The Wizard is one of the characters in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Unseen for most of the novel, he is the ruler of the Land of Oz and highly venerated by his subjects. Believing he is the only man capable of solving their problems, Dorothy Gale and her friends travel to the Emerald City, the capital of Oz, to meet him. Oz is very reluctant to meet them, but eventually they are granted an audience. Every time the Wizard appears in a different form, once as a giant head, once as a beautiful fairy, once as ball of fire, and once as a horrible monster.
Eventually, it is revealed that Oz is actually none of these things, but rather a kind, ordinary, man from Omaha, Nebraska, who has been using a lot of elaborate magic tricks and props to make himself seem "great and powerful." Working as a magician for a circus, he wrote OZ on the side of his hot air balloon for promotional purposes. One day his balloon sailed into the Land of Oz, and found himself worshipped as a great sorcerer. As Oz had no leadership at the time, he became Supreme Ruler of the kingdom, and did his best to sustain the myth.
He leaves Oz at the end of the novel, again in a hot air balloon. After the Wizard's departure, the Scarecrow is briefly enthroned, until the rightful hereditary ruler of Oz, Princess Ozma, is freed from the witch Mombi at the end of The Marvelous Land of Oz.
In Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz, Oz explains that his real name is Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkel Emmannuel Ambroise Diggs. To shorten this name, he used only his initials (O.Z.P.I.N.H.E.A.D.), but since they spell out the word pinhead, he shortened his name further and called himself "Oz".
In The Marvelous Land of Oz, the Wizard is described as having usurped the throne of King Pastoria and handed over the baby princess to Mombi. This did not please the readers, and in Ozma of Oz, although the character did not appear, Baum described Ozma's abduction without including the Wizard as part of it.
The Wizard returns in the novel Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz. With Dorothy and the boy Zeb, he falls through a crack in the earth; in their underground journey, he acts as their guide and protector. When Ozma rescues them from the underground kingdoms, he recounts his story of becoming the ruler of Oz, and Ozma explains that before the witches usurped her grandfather's throne (an occurrence happening long before the wizard arrived), the ruler of Oz had always been known as Oz or (if female) Ozma.Ozma then permits him to live in Oz permanently.He becomes an apprentice to Glinda, the most powerful magic-worker in Oz. Ozma decrees that, besides herself, only The Wizard and Glinda are allowed to use magic.
In later books, he proves himself quite an inventor, providing devices that aid in various characters’ journeys. He introduces to Oz the use of mobile phones in Tik-Tok of Oz. Some of his most elaborate devices are the Ozpril and the Oztober, balloon-powered Ozoplanes in Ozoplaning with the Wizard of Oz, and intelligent taxis called Scal

Is Godzilla returning to America ?

15 Feb 2010

Back in August of 2009 I came across an articles from Bloody - Disgusting that confirmed  that Legendary Pictures is set to reboot the king of all monsters Godzilla in another attempt to bring the big guy back to America. We all know how the 1998 attempt went. It was a horrid reboot that was not even Godzilla. It was so bad the Japanese renamed it Zilla and there was even a clip in the last Godzilla movie made "Final Wars" where Godzilla fries Zilla. As seen in this video clip. It kind of gives you a clue of what they really thought of that film.

Now is it a bad idea that America will be taking another crack at the Godzilla franchise?  I am not going to say anything. But I will throw some facts into this blog that may have naysayers think twice before opening their mouths about the idea. Legendary Pictures has done real well at keeping to a certain standard with films especially those that have roots in other places such as comics and reboots. Take the Dark Night , Watchmen, 300, and soon to be released Clash of the Titans for examples. All were done extremely well and all with high standards. They also seem to have held true to the nature of those characters . In my opinion you can expect the same  treatment in Godzilla. Another fact that this is not a sequel of the 1998 film (you can sigh a relief) but a reboot and I bet you that Toho will not sign over any rights for film production before making sure that their property is not mutilated as it was with the 1998 version.

So what news has there been since that announcement?  Many many rumors and nothing substantial I am afraid.  However there was one blog I came across at DemocraticUnderground.com entitled  Legendary Pictures Godzilla....by who? (Tarantino?) that confirmed at least that there are talks still on going that everyone involved is now being tight lipped about the project and that a certain director may actually be involved.  After that this is a rumor that is in the discussion stages but they are serious and if there is any news on this you can be sure that it will be posted here as soon as it is announced.  So fans of the big guy can get a little excited but not overaly just yet. As with any film discussions anything can happen even the total abandoning of a project as was the case with Spider Man 4.

News on Godzilla 3D to the Max

On other Godzilla related news while I am on the subject the rumored Godzilla 3D to the Max movie that was do out later this year has some conformation about 2011 or even 2014. There is even a Facebook fan site about it giving at least a sense that the film was not abandoned just really really delayed. The film will be produced and written by the same man that did a previous G film Yoshimitsu Banno (he directed Godzilla vs. Hedorah) .

Who knows when it will be actually be released maybe with this current climate of 3D movies about to burst open to the main stream the film will be forced to forefront . Hmmm who knows maybe the new reboot would be 3D . If you are  the type looking for any news of the movie production you will most likely will see it first on the Facebook fan page or the official wiki (Wikizilla) of the big guy.


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