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Age of Dragons Trailer

29 Aug 2010

Source Blastr.com

Official Synapsis

Age of the Dragons is an adaptation of Herman Melville's classic novel Moby Dick. Set in a medieval realm where Captain Ahab and crew hunt dragons for the vitriol that powers their world, Ishmael, a charismatic harpooner joins their quest. Ahab's adopted daughter Rachel, beautiful and tough, runs the hunting vessel. Ahab's obsession is to seek revenge on a great "White Dragon" that slaughtered his family when he was young and left his body scarred and mauled, drives the crew deeper into the heart of darkness. In the White Dragon's lair Ahab's secrets are revealed and Rachel must choose between following him on his dark quest or escaping to a new life with Ishmael.


Sam Raimi will direct Wizard of Oz prequel

20 Jun 2010

Disney is going to do a reboot of the 1939 classic iconic film Wizard of Oz and Sam Raimi will be directing it. Of course it will be done in digital 3D also. Sources say the film will be a prequel to the original dealing with the Wizard himself as a youngster that gets via tornado to Oz. Which to my surprise in one of the comments there was a refference of how the story would not match up to the original stories of Oz . 40 of them to be exact . Most you can read on line for free because its public domain (Project Gutenberg is one of those online Public Domain sites).

I am sure Disney will do a good job with this movie and the children will love it. But I thought it would be fun to do some research and look into the Wizards beginnings mainly out of curiosity but also to see how close the movie plot when it finally comes out would be based off the novels or will Disney and the screen writers just take a totally new direction all together.

Story by Deadline Sam Raimi Hired To Direct 'Oz' (& Downey?)

Let me confirm that Sam Raimi is set to direct Disney's extravagant 'Wizard of Oz' 3D prequel. I understand that talks to hire Raimi for Oz: The Great And Powerful turned into a deal last night finalized by CAA. It's a coup for new studio bosses Rich Ross and Sean Bailey, who are rolling the dice big-time by hoping that this pic will be a global hit like the billion-dollar-grossing Alice In Wonderland. "Robert Downey Jr. isn't set yet.....

Read more at Deadline (See title link)

And here is a little trivia on the original Wizard from wiki I found for all you trivia buffs out there. Like Did you know that the Wizards  real name is Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkel Emmannuel Ambroise Diggs. To which he shortened it to become OZPINHEAD.

The Wizard is one of the characters in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Unseen for most of the novel, he is the ruler of the Land of Oz and highly venerated by his subjects. Believing he is the only man capable of solving their problems, Dorothy Gale and her friends travel to the Emerald City, the capital of Oz, to meet him. Oz is very reluctant to meet them, but eventually they are granted an audience. Every time the Wizard appears in a different form, once as a giant head, once as a beautiful fairy, once as ball of fire, and once as a horrible monster.
Eventually, it is revealed that Oz is actually none of these things, but rather a kind, ordinary, man from Omaha, Nebraska, who has been using a lot of elaborate magic tricks and props to make himself seem "great and powerful." Working as a magician for a circus, he wrote OZ on the side of his hot air balloon for promotional purposes. One day his balloon sailed into the Land of Oz, and found himself worshipped as a great sorcerer. As Oz had no leadership at the time, he became Supreme Ruler of the kingdom, and did his best to sustain the myth.
He leaves Oz at the end of the novel, again in a hot air balloon. After the Wizard's departure, the Scarecrow is briefly enthroned, until the rightful hereditary ruler of Oz, Princess Ozma, is freed from the witch Mombi at the end of The Marvelous Land of Oz.
In Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz, Oz explains that his real name is Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkel Emmannuel Ambroise Diggs. To shorten this name, he used only his initials (O.Z.P.I.N.H.E.A.D.), but since they spell out the word pinhead, he shortened his name further and called himself "Oz".
In The Marvelous Land of Oz, the Wizard is described as having usurped the throne of King Pastoria and handed over the baby princess to Mombi. This did not please the readers, and in Ozma of Oz, although the character did not appear, Baum described Ozma's abduction without including the Wizard as part of it.
The Wizard returns in the novel Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz. With Dorothy and the boy Zeb, he falls through a crack in the earth; in their underground journey, he acts as their guide and protector. When Ozma rescues them from the underground kingdoms, he recounts his story of becoming the ruler of Oz, and Ozma explains that before the witches usurped her grandfather's throne (an occurrence happening long before the wizard arrived), the ruler of Oz had always been known as Oz or (if female) Ozma.Ozma then permits him to live in Oz permanently.He becomes an apprentice to Glinda, the most powerful magic-worker in Oz. Ozma decrees that, besides herself, only The Wizard and Glinda are allowed to use magic.
In later books, he proves himself quite an inventor, providing devices that aid in various characters’ journeys. He introduces to Oz the use of mobile phones in Tik-Tok of Oz. Some of his most elaborate devices are the Ozpril and the Oztober, balloon-powered Ozoplanes in Ozoplaning with the Wizard of Oz, and intelligent taxis called Scal

Doug Liman may direct WB’s “All You Need Is Kill”

16 Jun 2010

Hollywood Reporter has reported that there may be a film version of the graphic novel All You Need Is Kill written by Hiroshi Sakurazaka with illustrations by Yoshitoshi ABe which is published in Japanese by Shueishaunder their Super Dash Bunko imprint and in English by Viz Media under their 'Haikasoru' imprint.

Director Doug Liman ponders sci-fi war saga

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Doug Liman will begin talks later this week to direct the sci-fi action tale "All You Need Is Kill."


The Warner Bros. project, based on Hiroshi Sakurazaka's graphic novel, follows a new recruit in a war against aliens. He finds himself caught in a time loop where he wakes up one day in the past after having been killed on the battlefield. Through the training and battles he experiences in these time loops, he becomes a better soldier.

Read the rest of the story at Reuters


Captain America’s new look

05 Jun 2010

Following the trail of websites that posted the new design of Capt's costume I discovered there was only  a handful of renditions of what the costume will look like. Mostly the best ones coming from the ones listed from the sources below. Though JoBlo's has a couple of postings including a sketch of the costume and some fan art of what the costume will look like Sci Fi Wire reports Aint it cool got their hands on some of the actual design art of the costume. With out saying to much more then that here they are and they are pretty cool looking if you ask me.


Sci Fi WireComicMovie.comAint It CoolJoBlo.com


Planet of the Apes prequel in planning stage

15 Mar 2010

News from Sci Fi Wire, CHUD, and Deadline Hollywood came out that director Rupert Wyatt is given the mon-KEYs (sorry for the bad humor) to the franchise  to direct a prequel of Planet of the Apes. The non official working title of the film is Caesar: Rise of the Apes which ties it directly to the old original series of films itself. If you remembered your Apeology correctly, Caesar was the son of Cornelius and Zira and was born in modern times after the pair traveled back into time in the movie Escape from the Planet of the Apes in 1971 and later was featured in the movies Conquest of the Planet of the Apes as a revolutionary leader and then in Battle for the Planet of the Apes as the ape leader.

Ape fact: He was born as Milo and then later on choosing the name Caesar in defiance of human rule.

CHUD warns that this film for us that have seen the series will not be overly surprised with some of the content but offers some interesting points and hints on the film.

Caesar: Rise of the Apes is centered on genetic research. Will is a doctor trying to cure Alzheimers, a disease that afflicts his father. He's working with monkeys to create a benign virus that can get into brain tissue and restore functionality. After his research is shut down he's left with just one chimp, the child of his most promising subject, and Will raises him at home. Young Caesar is incredibly intelligent for an ape, and over time he continues to mutate and evolve, looking less like a chimp and moving on from sign language to actual speech. Eventually Caesar ends up leading an army of apes in an uprising just as a catastrophe strikes mankind.

Caesar: Rise of the Apes is explicitly a prequel to the real Planet of the Apes. During the course of the script TV newscasts recount the launch of a space craft called the Icarus, led by a Colonel Taylor, which eventually disappears while going around the dark side of Mars. While these aren't the exact same situations from the original film, Planet of the Apes had CharltonHeston playing Colonel Taylor whose ship, the Icarus, crash lands on Earth in the distant future.
- The script opens with poachers capturing apes in the wild. The scene is structured to recall the apes capturing humans at the beginning of Planet of the Apes.
- Caesar's mother is named Bright Eyes, which is what Dr. Zira called Colonel Taylor in the original film.
- There are other name homages. A female scientist is named Stewart, which was the name of the female Icarus crewmember. Dodge and Landon, also Icarus crewmembers in the original film, appear as names, but in very different roles than in Planet of the Apes. Dodge is a bad guy, in fact. There's a chimp named Cornelia, a play on Cornelius from the original film, a chimp named Franklin, a play on Apes director Franklin Schaffner, and an orangutan named Maurice, homaging Maurice Evans, who played Dr. Zaius.
- Dodge actually hoses Caesar down in a scene that recalls the 'It's a madhouse!' scene inPlanet of the Apes.
- At one point Caesar is sent to a wild animal park and lives in a monkey house. There we see that the original film's social structure, where chimps, orangutans and gorillas have their own strata, is in place. Caesar manages to unite them all, though.
- By the end of the script humanity's downfall, which is tied to Caesar's origin, is in place. Caesar is presented as struggling for freedom, but he's unwilling to be violent. This makes the ending confused, as the other apes rampage while Caesar behaves non-violently.
- In the original Conquest of the Planet of the Apes Caesar makes the other apes leap forward evolutionarily just by existing. Here there's a more scientific explanation. Also, Caesar's slow mutation explains why the apes in Planet of the Apes are bigger than and look nothing like modern chimps, orangutans or gorillas.


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