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SYFY had its best year ever but not without some objections

03 Jan 2010

imageSYFY channel had its biggest year ever. It moved from 9th place in cable station rankings to 6th and saw it's demographics with viewers rise and widen. For example Warehouse 13 this year had the most women viewers ever for a Syfy show. It also was the best Syfy show ever with 3.9 million viewers. Eureka a personal favorite brought in 3.15,  Ghost Hunters had 3.05 million ,  Destination Truth’s had 2.2 million,  Stargate Universe’s first 8 episodes had 2.64 million, and Sanctuary had 2.16 million total viewers.

This success is in part of the strategy of David Howe who took over back in 2008, and wanted to expand the networks markets. It was also under his reign that you saw the Sci Fi Channel logo change to SYFY. This is mostly if not all (in my opinion) because Sci Fi is a generic term not really something you can stamp a trademark on and sell. The official spin from the network was much different then my opinion. Officially they wanted to get a name that broaden their show menu and not get locked into just sci fi. I say sci fi covers all those shows anyway so I am not fully buying that explanation. But that is the way they are packaging the new logo which in turn caused some of the die hards of the Sci Fi channel to take arms. Well not so dramatic and radical but it made some upset. There is even an Open Letter to Syfy / Scifi Channel I stumbled on the web at Tribble Ad agency web site. That oppose the re-marketing of the name and the direction of the network has taken.


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Syfy renews Stargate Universe and Sanctuary

15 Dec 2009


Two of many of my favorite shows on SYFY have been renewed . Sanctuary and Stargate Universe will both get another season reports SYFY and Sci Fi Wire.

Syfy renews Stargate Universe and Sanctuary

Syfy announced it was renewing its new series Stargate Universe for a second season and it was also picking up Sanctuary for a third season. Both series were given orders for 20 episodes, which will begin airing in the fall.

Sanctuary is currently in the midst of airing its second season, while Stargate Universe is on hiatus between the first half of season one and the second half, which will air in April. Universe has been controversial with Stargate fans, who've shown a mixed reaction to the franchise's new direction.

"We're dealing with 15 seasons of expectations with a certain fanbase," executive....Source and full story at Sci Fi Wire


Alice SYFY – December

08 Dec 2009

Source: SYFY/Alice

Using the classic Lewis Carroll books Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass as a jumping off point, writer/director Nick Willing has created the modern-day story of Alice Hamilton, a fiercely independent twenty-something who suddenly finds herself on the other side of a looking glass. She is a stranger in an outlandish city of twisted towers and casinos built out of playing cards, all under the rule of a deliciously devilish Queen who's not very happy about Alice's arrival.

SYFY has announced another creation from the ones that brought you the Emmy winning mini series Tin Man that will Air in December called Alice. This time its based off of the classic story of Alice in Wonderland. If it is done anywhere near the excellent and creativity of the Tin Man then this is going to be a great TV event ot watch.

Check out this cast that will be involved in this reimaigination of Alice in Wonderland. Kathy Bates will play the role of the Queen of Hearts ,Caterina Scorsone is Alice ,Tim Curry as Dodo, Colm Meaney as the King of Hearts, Philip Winchester as Jack of Hearts, Matt Frewer as the White Knight, Andrew Lee Potts as Hatter, Alessandro Juliani as 9 of Clubs, Timothy Webber as Carpenter, Alex Diakun as Ratcatcher, Zak Santiago as 10 of Clubs, and Eugene Lipinski as Doctors Dee and Dum. This is a supperstar line up to what will most likely be a real creative , twisted version of the classic.


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