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Nasvhille Comic Con and Horror Fest 2011 Day 1

01 Oct 2011

The first day of the Nashville Comic Con and Horror Fest at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds was a blast. This was pretty big with over 30,000 square feet of space and all of it being utilized this by no means was a small event. For someone that never ever has been to an event like this it was like being a kid with a sugar lust being able to run through a candy factory. A big surprise to me was the cast of AMC Walking Dead . My son drooled over Addy Miller and Madison Lintz who were pretty much his age from what I could tell. Heh I may have embarrassed him by making a bad joke that they are only interested in men for their brains or something like that. I also may may a comment that they dress like zombie for dates. I can not remember quite what I said. Generally I have that Monty Python type of humor. I think he will forgive me....In time. There was some other great moments at the Comic Con. Among the hidden thrills for me was seeing David Hedison of the classic Sci Fi series Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea signing autographs and then rummaging through rows and rows of comics, videos, toys, and what ever else there was . Heh I even got a Godzilla toy from Japan and a Zombie Warning sign to hang on my wife's office door. Helps to warn the kids not to enter a restricted area. Also met some local business owners that have some unusual business. One is the TN Ghostbusters. I guess they go around for special events like the Ghostbusters. They sure had all the toys and garb that look official enough to pass off as the real deal., You can check them out and what they are about at One real unusual set up was the Silver Screen Church. From what I can tell it is a real church of sorts that meet and show vintage movies from time to time (bi-monthly)like Harry Potter, Back to the Future, Gremlins, Ghostbusters, Jurassic Park, Jaws and others to as a way to preach the word. On a personal not I am so curious to check that out. I may drop in one of these day to see what they do. Other groups also included the TN paranormal Society. I did not get any pamphlets or cards from them so for now I will leave the web address blank until I can accurately post it. When I tried to look up them I was surprise to have found that there were more of those type of organizations then I anticipated.

I can't wait till tomorrow. If all goes right I will be back and this time I think there will be the Dr Who panel and other guess.Maybe this time I can gets one Q and A with someone . If so I will post it right here again along with more pics or another video slide of the event. But for now here is a quick video slide show I made of the day.


AMC Fearfest Schedule for 2011

30 Sep 2011

Here is something that is seasonable that I always look forward to. It's AMC Fearfest . It happens to be one of my favorites because I can either set my DVR or if I am lucky get to see ( that is if the little ones are not roaming around the tv) some of my favorite classic horror and sci fi type movies. This year is no exception and it will have a twist to it as it will be hosted by George Romero who is best known as the Godfather of all Zombies. This year there is an impressive linup of movies and shows . The main schedule for Fearfest is shown below but with some digging I found their entire horror and sci fi schedule list for October and it is huge. And guess what I managed to include the list here below the fearfest schedule. If you have trouble seeing some of the schedule which I placed in a simple table like order. You then can go to AMC website. The links to the particular pages are also listed below on the section titles. I thought that would make it easier for anyone that wants to book mark certain events or get more info on an event. Speaking of their website. AMC has included some fun trivia type of games like the George Romero Trivia
, Scream trivia, Friday the 13th Trivia and of course the Halloween Series Trivia games. So check that out if your into those things.

Well here is the list I compiled it should be all they have for this month ……


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The Genesis Of Science Fiction In Films

23 Sep 2011

Most people have no idea how science fiction was started in film. The genre itself is one that has been considered for a long time to be something that the serious filmmaker or those of higher taste could not take seriously. A great example of that is the way the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences treats the genre in general. Although if you really take a look at the history of science fiction. It has shown when a film or series was taking seriously or to precise was given serious thought when made, major contributions to society were made. One obvious example that comes to mind is the Star Trek communicator . Look at our cell phones today especially the flip style cell phone that started in the late 90’s (Motorola’s StarTAC, created in 1996) or the iPads, flat screen TV’s etc…. You think that any other of those genres could entice or stimulate the imaginations of so many to come up with such devices. To me that in itself puts this genre ahead of any other. That is why it was fascinating for me to go back to the grass roots of the industry to see where it all began and take a look at the first 20 odd years that these films were made.


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Star Trek on Wheels

18 Sep 2011

I was poking around on the net just browsing for stuff as usual when I came across a car made just like the shuttle craft. I said to myself holy Spock ears batman that is cool . I wonder if there are any more like that ? Lets find out. Doing several keyword on a google search came up with a handful of great photos that I found just so creative that I had to post them. Some of the photos I will admit are just painted tanks of motorcycles or cars just painted up with either art design or to mimic a shuttle. Also I think one is just a video game cycle in someones room. But I thought hey what the hell. They are just as cool as the vehicles. What do you think ?


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A design that has 2001 Space Odyssey and Star Trek in mind

16 Sep 2011

Atlanta's a13 an interior design and architecture firm designed a futuristic office space for marketing agency the SuperGroup that is straight out of 2001 A Space Odyssey and Star Trek. The main corridor is based on the corridor from Space Odyssey that include the famous monolith at the end of it. Of Course this one has the SuperGroups logo on it. The doors to conference rooms were based of the door designs from Star Trek. The furniture is clearly a future based concept that slants towards the office shown in Space Odyssey among other Sci Fi renditions of futuristic societies. Clearly the design is meant to stimulate imagination , creativity and to give inspiration to think of the box a bit. So much better then the drab office cubicles of most office spaces. I would love just once to visit there just to experience first hand something like that or have employment in a building that has those working conditions.

Photos and source from core77


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