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Pat Tallman’s Babylon 5 Multimedia Memoir

14 Sep 2011

I just saw this on Fans of J.Michael Straczynski Facebook page and thought I pass it on to all those B5 fans that occasionally grace this blog of mine. Patricia Tallman   who played the character  of "Lyta Alexander" in the series Babylon 5  is releasing a book of her years on the set of Babylon 5 called "Pleasure Thresholds". The title comes from one her quotes on B5 which  Lyta  says to G'kar " Oh, and you mentioned wondering what my pleasure threshold is. I just recently found out ... I don't have one. Have a very, very nice day, G'Kar ". Besides her good looks and acting ability she probably got a boost in popularity  from her fans  with that line.

From what I can see it is truly a must have item of Babylon fans to have. It's a monster of a project it looks like  it is jammed packed with tons of features, photo's personal notes, video clips and more. I have pasted the book summery  below that I found on her site to give you an idea of what it contains. And its a pretty long one. Right now for a limited time there is a 20 dollar discount until September 27th and there is a little notation after that in the books website that states this book will never be discounted again. It is a 362 page book that contains  a disc with 9 videos, 2 audio features an autographed by Pat Tallman and J. Michael Straczynski plus the quote postcard. The book will sell for 69 dollars but if you preorder it by the time stated you can get it for 49 dollars.

Link to book site


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Star Wars Complete Saga on Blu-Ray

12 Sep 2011

This is a featured pack release of all the Star Wars films. For the first time ever you get to watch all those movies without any commercials all in a row at your leisure. Pretty cool. Add some 40 hours of bonus features and you have the most in debt collectors series to date. Since the package has so many extras I just copy pasted the main info from Star Wars. com ( Heck almost every other site has.

To be released beginning on September 12 internationally and on September 16 in North America, the nine-disc collection brings the wonder of the entire Saga direct to your living room, where you can revisit all of your favorite Star Wars moments -- in gorgeous high definition and with pristine, 6.1 DTS Surround Sound. Dive deeper into the universe with an unprecedented 40+ hours of special features, highlighted by never-before-seen content sourced from the Lucasfilm archives.

Feature list from


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Something from the Light Side

06 Sep 2011

Here is something new that I would like to try for a bit . A weekly or monthly posting of humorous videos , ads , or cartoons that deal with what we here at Scifiology are all about.  My first addition to this new category is something I posted in videos and it is pretty immature as am I at times. But I found extremely funny especially that is has to deal with William Shatner as the old Captain Kirk. Considering he has a reputation of somewhat being into himself  this video  seems somewhat poetic in an adolescent way.  Personally I never know whether that is an act or it is real but I do enjoy when he performs. Billy boy will always be the Captain that started it all and he along with the original crew are the reason we celebrate Star Trek the way we do.  I guess he does have a reason to think his stuff does not smell.

If anyone finds something really funny that you think should join the weekly list then either contact me via  email or by posting it here or int he forums or you can actually if its a video from youtube or some other excepted site  post it in the video section yourself. Of course you have to register int eh community section to do that.But that is easy and no big deal just a security protocol .

This video was uploaded by Uploaded by  on Mar 12, 2006 and it is titled

Star Trek - William Shatner : Captain Kirk farts


Star Trek Convention Nashville 2011

01 Aug 2011

Here is a little montage I put together for the brief time I went to the Star Trek Convention on Saturday July 30th 2011 at the Gaylord Opryland resort in TN. I wish I could of heard the Rat Pack perform and seen William Shatner but because of time restraints I could only manage a couple of hours where I got to meet with Jeffery Combs (Enterprise's Commander Shran, Star Trek Deep Space Nine's Weyoun) , see MAX GRODENCHIK  (STAR TREK DEEP SPACE NINE's Rom) signing autographs ,see Vaughn Armstrong (Enterprise's Admiral Maxwell Forrest, Voyager's Alpha-Hirogen, Star Trek Deep Space Nine's Seskai ) talk to the crowd, witness a cool auction and see how special effects make up artist John Paladin made a Klingon out of a Volunteer. Plus all those cool merchandise that I wish I could afford. I did walk out of it with a Vulcan Academy coffee cup and a Dr Who sonic screw Driver.  Next time I a will be prepared with a larger budget.  Hey there is the Nashville comic con coming in a couple of months.


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Comic and Horror Fest. OCT 1 & 2 in Nashville

31 Jul 2011


The Local scene in Nashville is getting another great event to attend the Comic and Horror Fest.
OCT 1 & 2
Sat 10-7 and Sun 11-4
Admission only $5
Film Festival, Trivia Contest, Costume Contest!
Sat. Zombie beauty contest prize (best zombie costume wins special walking dead prize pack)

I am looking forward to this one and this time I am making sure there are no conflicts in my schedule on this one. And for the price this is is incredible . 5 dollars in admissions. That is it.

Guest that will be attending this years Comic Con


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