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Navy Test Sci Fi Gun

30 Dec 2009

Sometimes here its not about the movies or genre it is how it influences real life. The Navy has tested a gun that instead of using traditional gun powder it uses an electromagnetic force to propell the projectile to its target in a manner that is much faster and much more accurate then the conventional way.

Navy Tests Incredible Sci-Fi Weapon

(Full Story at Live Science)

The railgun has been a featured weapon in many science fiction universes, such as the new "Battlestar Galactica" series. It has also achieved newfound popularity among the 20-something-and-under generation for its devastating ability to instantaneously shoot a "slug" through walls and through multiple enemies in video games such as the "Quake" series of first person shooters.

The Navy's motivation? Simple destruction.

The railgun's high-velocity projectile will destroy targets with sheer kinetic energy rather than with conventional explosives.

Video of the the gun at work


Star Trek The Motion Pictures 30th Anniverserary

14 Dec 2009

Not for nothing I remember this when it came out. And I fell asleep on it in the theater. It took me a while to appreciate this one because it was one of those that went for a more artistic approach. I remember feeling let down and thinking well there was no way in hell that they were doing a sequel. 11 movies later several series , multiple books , and a kicking remake of the original I could not be more wrong and is one of the rare times I was proud to be wrong. But as for that movie it was Star Trek and I was and still am a huge fan so I went with it.  has  a nice little piece on Star Trek TMP's 30th anniversary with some photos and vids taken from the movie. Looking at this article I was most fascinated with the Youtube video on the production of Star Trek the Motion Picture (below for your convenience) . Looking back at how they built those sets and the models of the Starships it was clearly an art. Not saying that today's is not. But computer graphics compared to hand built models and huge sets can not compare.

TMP@30: Rare Video and Photos From Star Trek: The Motion Picture

(source and complete article at

We are in day six of our week long 30th Anniversary celebration of the first Trek feature film, Robert Wise’s Star Trek The Motion Picture. Today, thanks to one of our community members, we have some rare behind the scenes video from the making of TMP.


2012 real or not ? Some video to watch before the upcoming movie

09 Dec 2009

With the upcoming 2012 movie about to be released in theaters . I suddenly remembered I had posted and seen a unique series that was on YouTube about that Myan prediction .  Interesting to say the least it gives you an idea of what all the fuss is about and our search to understand what may be be or may not be. Like anything you will have two main opposing views and then there is everyone in the middle that do not know what to make of the predications because it something they really never heard of before. And there are those like me that have the attitude well if it is then WTF can I do about it anyway . Right . But I do find the subject morbidly fascinating and the idea of a race of ancients with the power of prediction through some sort of mathematical formula through their calendar equally so. Hmmm I wonder if that is how Isaac Azimov came up with phycohistory in the Foundation series.  Well here are some videos also with their interpreting of what those end time predictions are. One from Google videos of the history channels special and a 2 parter that I found a while back. Speaking of the History Channel they have some online video also that is worth a peak about the subject.  And there is another site that has a countdown clock running if you are one of those that really want to know the precise time to the second that this all this will take place. Heh maybe I should go out to a car dealership and buy that new Camaro I want and see if they will give me 0% financing till December of 2012 .

Google Video . History Channels 2012 documentary

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2012 - 2 parter by by Rhawn Joseph, Ph.D

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